Robert Clarkson	                                )	Docket # 8:09-928-HMH-BHH
Plaintiff					)  	
Vs						)   	Request for 
Commission of Internal Revenue			)	Production of Documents
Defendant					) 	By Plaintiff      
To: The Commissioner and his attorney:

Requester, pursuant to Rule 34 FRCivP, requests that you allow the inspection and copying of the following documents and other items at your office at 10:00 A.M. on the thirtieth (30th) day after service of this upon you:

  1. Each and every document, record and material that you have or can obtain about requester and his party.
  2. Each and every document, record and material that you have or can obtain about this action, this case or pertaining to it.
  3. Each and every document, record and material about or pertaining to this requester and this action held or obtainable by your attorney and the agency for which he works especially pertaining to this tax shelter business or any activity covered by IRC 6700.
  4. The documents of yours and your attorney are pertaining to the witnesses in this case or potential witnesses.
  5. A copy of all documents, records and material pertaining to plaintiff held by the IRS or the Department of Justice, in particular pertaining to this action.
  6. Copies of all investigation reports or any reports prepared by the CID or the IRS pertaining to Clarkson’s activities pertaining to tax shelters or activity covered by IRC 6700.
  7. A copy of all records, manuals or policies of the Bureau of Prisons allowing Clarkson or any inmate to conduct a business while incarcerated , in particular a tax shelter business
  8. Copies of records of the BOP, DOJ, & the US Probation Office showing the dates of Clarkson’s incarceration, probation, supervised release, from 1994 to present.

This request is continuing in nature and applies to documents as described above that hereafter are obtained by you.
Certificate of Service: I do hereby certify on this date I sent properly a copy of this pleading to opposing counsel.

Robert Clarkson					June 30, 2009
515 Concord Ave
Anderson, SC 29621
(864) 225-3061