By Robert B. Clarkson - This article is an insert to the Patriot Cannon Spring 1989 issue

We will have The Return To Constitutional Government when we Organize and reach out to out fellow Americans. The enemies of freedom are legion. They are organized effectively and therefore exercise power greatly out of proportion to their numbers.

To defeat those who seek to enslave us, we must form groups. This was explained in the last edition of The Patriot Cannon in the "The Path To Victory, Part I . Organizations are essential for us to accomplish our purpose and for associations to exist, certain rules must be obeyed.

The most important rule in Patriot organizations deal with the largest problem, our greatest handicap, which is, Factionalism. This is the tendency of the Tax Patriot leaders to continually bad-mouth, belittle each other and to avoid cooperation with the other Patriot groups at all cost.

To succeed, we must work together, form large organizations, even cooperate. Yet across the country, the various groups will not cooperate, and the growing organizations are continually split by the leaders infighting and back-biting each other. We can never succeed with fractious, jealous, irritable, petty activist.

Therefore, the Patriot Network has faced our toughest obstacle head on; we prohibit membership and association to the Factionist, those who let petty jealousness and spite overcome the Cause of Liberty. The Patriot Network is open to all who take an oath to Support and Defend the U.S. Constitution. However, those leaders and members who engage in Factionalism, back-biting and unnecessary criticism are expelled and not allowed to enjoy any benefit from our association until they petition for rehabilitation. This is the:

Rules Against Factionalism

We do not allow our groups to squabble and bicker with other Patriot groups or denounce other clubs or leaders from our podiums or newsletter. As the other Patriot and anti-statist organizations fight with one another, we do not become involved in any way.

Also, as others sling mud with their dirty hands in our direction, we do not fight back. If others criticize us, we can deny false statements but we cannot bad-mouth them back - that is a form of Factionalism and also a cause for expulsion from the Patriot Network. Any form of mudslinging is destructive, harmful for the movement even if the other side is a vicious backbiter.

All members of our National Association of Independent Patriot Clubs must support the Rule Against  Factionalism and not support or aid anyone who is a factionist, engages in rumor mongering, gossips or attacks against other Patriots or who has been expelled from our association for Factionalism.

Our goal is to drive the socialist, unAmerican vote- buyers out of our country's capital. In order to do that we must educate millions of Americans and that means we must be organized. To form and operate a group of people, we must have leaders. For clubs and leaders to be effective, they must have the support of members and not be subject to a continual barrage of negative criticism.

Factionalism destroys to exist, our clubs must combat it. The infighting is the largest problem  facing the Freedom Movement; not the IRS. Therefore, we must face the most damaging enemy, our disgruntled and misguided fellows and drive them away. Factionists cannot be tolerated. Those who practice it must be expelled. 

Our nation, our freedom, our families are threatened by the powerful enemy who controls our government. Now lets get busy and solve the problem, not fight among ourselves.

When you put a group of left-wingers, pinks and liberals in a room together, they immediately find areas with which they agree and then proceed to form alliances and work together. When you put a bunch of hard-headed Patriots, Conservatives, anti-statist in a room together, they immediately find which idea they disagree about, then proceed to fight one another.

We must learn to bury our differences, forgive and forget. We must give a little to gain a lot. Our leaders must overlook rumors, slights, criticism, and jealousies, and our members, must learn not to repeat hard comments, rumors and bad-mouthing.

In conclusion, we must focus our energies against our enemies, not one another and we must expel and punish our people who engage in Factionalism. We must ignore the differences among ourselves and concentrate on the real objective.

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