Affidavit of Poverty

(Note: use at own risk.)

Affidavit of Poverty

_______________________ in my own proper person, make the following statements:

1.That I go by _____________________ as stated above, that I am ____ years of age, and that my legal address is _____________________________________________________________.

2.That by virtue of the injunction and requirement of Article 1 Section 10, Paragraph 1 clause 5, of the Constitution of the united States as relates to States and tender in payment of debt. The Coinage Acts of April 2, 1792 and February 28, 1878 and the International Monetary Acts of July 31, 1944 and that of the 73rd Congress, house Joint Resolution 192, dated June 5, 1933, later codified and now 31 U.S.C. Sec 463, the Affiant along with all fellow American citizens, have been reduced to peonage (involuntary servitude) in violation of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the united States.

3. That by virtue of said HJR 192, Congress effectively placed a Moratorium on Debt, and by said Act forced every citizen into perpetual credit slavery, and precluded every citizen from paying his or her debts, for the simple reason that there is no money, identifiable as such , in circulation in the united States today.

4. That it should be elementary to everyone that “tender for all debts” and “tender in payment of debts” are two distinctly different propositions.

5.That being thus unable to possess substance at the Common Law commonly referred to as “Standard Dollars Lawful Money,” and having none in my pockets or any possessions of the Affiant at the time of making this affidavit, and without waiving or abandoning the Bill of Rights or any of the Affiants objections to quitable jurisdictions, that with respect to “Standard Dollars Lawful Money,” the affiant , _______________________ must declare to one and all, to the public at large, that __________________________ is a pauper.

6. This declaration is made in accordance with the Affiant’s sincerely held religious, moral and conscientious beliefs, that the Affiant cannot and will not accept or condone mere “Choices in Action” which is nothing more than paper “Evidence of debt” as a lawful substitute for “Standard Dollars Lawful Money”, notwithstanding the expediencies of certain merchantile interests.

7. The purpose of this Affidavit is to wave fees and costs that would otherwise be taxed to the respondent.

Respectfully submitted without prejudice
on this _____ day of__________ 2006
pursuant to 28 USC 1746(1).


Order and Demand for the courts, and executed on
__________ day of _________________________, 2006
A.D. in the year of my/our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Author of Peace... Isaiah 9:6, et al

X _________________ ,
Notary (signature)

I am a Notary Public in _____________ county,
the State of ___________________, and
my Commission expires: _______________________