Another Bounty Hunter victory!

IRS Returns Stolen $1800

A Patriot and old time friend of Dr. Clarkson in FL merely threatened the IRS with an illegal collections lawsuit, and shortly thereafter a full refund was mailed. Using the preliminary letter found under Statutory Bounty Hunter on Dr. Clarkson’s website, Sheryl Patriot modified it to her circumstances and filed a request for return of illegal collections with a threat of a §7433 lawsuit.

The IRS returned all of the stolen money in about eight weeks but did not pay interest. The return of the illegal levy was an admission that the levy was wrong. This will be an easy victory in federal court.

Our friends have received help from true and dedicated patriots outside the PN for years. However those grand and good patriot paralegals did not follow procedure, the key to effective action and the PN’s trademark, and Patriot Cheryl soon lost on everything.

The wicked tax collectors levied her paycheck and she contacted the hero of victories, Dr. Robert Clarkson, who advised her to file a fake bankruptcy. As usual the IRS ignored the injunction from federal court and continued this now illegal levy for months.

Upset by the IRS ignoring the federal law, Sheryl retained an expensive tax lawyer who did absolutely nothing. Finally some agent in authority read the letters that Dr. Clarkson had her send in. The illegal levy was immediately stopped.

In September 2007 she began sending in her preliminary letters slightly modified from samples on the website. To examine her preliminary letter, click here.

The tax collectors may hate us, our legal system and the Constitution, but when we follow the rules they always lose. Knowing that they had no chance of winning against Dr. Clarkson’s work, the tax thieves caved in and returned the money.

However they did not pay the interest or damages for the year-long loss of her money. The administrative claims will be filed soon. The unauthorized tax collections suit will follow in six months.

Marilyn Sues Tax Thieves!

In the District Court for D.C.

Using a standard Patriot Network lawsuit, our famed Patriot attorney is representing Marilyn in her case against the tax criminals. This is one of many Statutory Bounty Hunter cases drafted by the great Dr. Clarkson.

The IRS is very careless in filing their liens and levies against honest citizens. However, tax victims who know their rights can fight back by filing the Illegal Tax Collection Lawsuits. Samples of litigation and administrative relief can be found on the PN website under Statutory Bounty Hunters.

The Patriot Network is leading the battle against the tax collectors. We have several of these bounty hunter statutes in various stages. Using Dr. Clarkson’s ready-to-use pleadings, the average citizen can stop illegal government activities and even receive monetary damages from the IRS.


Marilyn, a retired school teacher in Wyoming was beset by the over zealous revenue agents. They levied her retirement checks for a small tax debt, but they never got around to releasing the levy. While she and her penniless husband were near starvation, the tax thieves were feasting by robbing her of $50,000. That’s the problem!


The solution is that she contacted Dr. Robert Clarkson who has 30 years of experience in matters like this. Dr. Clarkson prepared the proper paperwork and then scheduled a meeting with the overbearing agent. Dr. Clarkson was unable to attend, but sent one of his members who had been trained for this especially important task.

At the meeting in Billings Montana, the two patriots (along with Dr. Clarkson’s assistance over the cell phone) explained the illegalities of the levy to the agent. The agent released the levy on the spot! Furthermore (and unknown to the agent) he had committed an admission of a horrible error on behalf of the entire federal government.

After administrative claims were prepared by the famed PN Secretary (who is one of Dr. Clarkson’s top students), the agency sent Marilyn $11,000. See a copy of the checks and Marilyn's story below. Once again the mighty, mighty tax boys admitted an error!

With two admissions of wrongdoing and an exhaustion of administrative remedies, Dr Clarkson brought a bull-dog attorney on the team. Using the ready-to-use lawsuits on the website, the lawyer filed suit in the District Court for the District of Columbia.

With the specialized composition skills of Nelson Waller and the brilliant record management of the PN secretary, Dr. Clarkson is confident that victory will soon be ours.