Another Victory in Tax Court!

Patriot Beverly has been fighting the many-headed IRS beast both administratively with the agents and also in tax court. The tax "Service" makes many mistakes but will not admit their errors nor correct them, much less apologize to the many people to whom they do grievous harm.

Brave Beverly made them admit that they were wrong and made them withdraw their erroneous default assessment against her. The IRS issued a 90-day letter stating that she worked for an unknown employer for the tax year 1993, when she was actually a stay-at-home Mom. She did not work outside the house, nor did she have any “income” even by the "Service's" dimwitted definition.

Round 1

The notice of deficiency was all lies as usual, but Beverly did not exercise her administrative rights by seeking adjudication in tax court; she did not have anyone to help her who understood the rules and procedures of the tax collectors. Therefore an incorrect assessment was issued against her.

Round 2
Then the IRS attempted to collect the unowed taxes. Under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights II, our brave patriot friend was entitled to a Collection/Due Process Hearing (CDPH). She contacted renowned Patriot Paralegal Dr. Robert Clarkson who assisted her in filing her CDPH request. Now the tax collectors had to justify their assessment against her.

After the case in tax court on the CDPH started, she wrote the IRS District Counsel with Dr. Clarkson’s help. She told them she had not worked for pay during the year in question and demanded that they give her the name of the alleged employer and produce documentation.

District Counsel promptly withdrew the final assessment. Then the parties signed a Consent Order so the judge could dismiss the case in Beverly’s favor. However, even though the tax collectors were dead wrong, the IRS attorney did not apologize or even make a firm admission of wrongdoing.

Beverly was forced to spend a lot of time on this case, including petitioning the tax court due to an IRS mistake. The Service owes her an apology if not about $5 million in damages for the trouble and stress they caused her. Since there's a pattern of IRS hounding people for money they clearly do not owe, it may qualify as extortion.

Click the following to see the District Counsel's Letter and the Judge's Order of Abatement.