Circuit Court Rebukes District Court and DOJ in Atlanta


Patriot David T, an active member of the Atlanta Patriot, just won a smashing victory on a CDPH appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.


The appellant court judges chastised the federal judge, the US Attorney and the clerks/staff in the lower court.The clerk of court repeatedly misfiled or lost Davidís pleadings and the court orders. Then, they refused to correct their many errors when he brought the mistakes to their attention.


The Assistant USA made even more mistakes. The entire case was a mess. Dr Clarkson never could figure out what happened in this case, as it was so confusing.


Chief paralegal for the Patriot Network Robert Clarkson was quoted: ď David worked hard on his case, did his homework and never gave up eventho this mess was very confusing. He attend the PN law course, learned legal research and followed procedure.Ē


Davidís case, Appellant brief, Reply brief are on the PN website under CDPH. Go to the bottom to the appeals section. The complete decision will be posted soon.