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  1. Comments from Patriots
    1. BA
    2. John B in CA
    3. Gary in TX
    4. Michael in NY
    5. Bill G
    6. Patriot Steven D in TX
    7. Janet Patriot
    8. E-mail from Jim G.
    9. Motion of Appreciation by Harry B.
    10. Stacy C.
    11. From Randy E.
    12. E-mail from Glenn and Yolanda L.
    13. E-mail from Fred in HI
    14. E-mail from Rick D.
    15. From Larry P
    16. From Kathy in ME
    17. From Ron M
    18. From Larry
    19. From John W
    20. From Jim
  2. Robert's Colleagues Speak Out!
    1. Peymon Mottahedeh
    2. Professor John Tomaski
    3. Steven Yates, Ph.D.
    4. Dean Allen
    5. Bob Hurt
  3. Reports from the Staff
    1. From Nelson, RBC's General Assistant
    2. From the Senior Administrative Secretary
    3. From the Assistant Secretary
  4. Praise for the Staff
    1. From Jackie
    2. From Enoch
    3. From a Cohort
    4. From Susie
    5. From Neil

Dear Kris Anne
I was a friend of Bob's in earlier days. I was disappointed to learn that Bob had passed.
I managed for 18 years underground. Bob's suggestions were bery helpful in making those 18 years pleasant ones.

Thank you so much for your help and follow through. I believe Dr. Clarkson is smiling from above, knowing that the network is in good hands via your excellent and efficient care!

My cases have been closed for quite some time and all liens released by 2011. I certainly commend Patriot Network for their assistance.
John B. in CA

Hi, Kris:
I am sure thankful for the relationship with Patriot Network. Your help has been terrific.
Gary in TX

Kris Anne,
I thank you and your staff for the job of holding back the tide of the enemy. If you guys have not helped, I and many others would still be in FEAR, thank you for giving us FAITH to stand.
Michael in NY

I never met him [Dr. Clarkson] face to face, but he was always there for me. May he be at rest in the love of Christ.

—Bill G

I am very sorry to have lost such a great patriot I had met with him before and I know we will all miss his faithfulness to his country and wish his family our condolences.

—Patriot Steven D in TX

Robert Clarkson is great teacher and a good leader.

—Janet Patriot, Law Course Student

The following was text sent in an email by a patriot, with RBC seminar flyers attached.:

Friends, Associates and Family,

He is a very important and extraordinary man saved me from our corrupt government's clutches several years ago. Actually, I believe it was God's divine intervention that sent him into my life the night before I was to go into federal court against the IRS.

Since that event in which he gave me some very important legal information, I've had the occasion to refer about a dozen of you to him. He came here several years ago and taught us to use the law library at William and Mary. He has a three day course where he personally teaches how to protect yourself, legally... and in my opinion, better than most lawyers ever will.

Robert Clarkson, a Viet Nam Veteran and graduate of the Clemson Law School, is a true Patriot. This is the highest praise I can give him, as he respects the Constitution as I do.

In this period of our history where "war on terrorism" has replaced the Soviet Union as the enemy or "evil empire," our politicians in Washington, the "District of Criminals," are rapidly erasing our citizens' perspective of personal freedom and responsibility. The two Patriot Acts, money laundering laws (a created crime), and the "War on Drugs" (another created criminal activity) are clearly in violation of The Fourth, Fifth and Tenth Amendments.

Attached is information about two Seminars here locally that Robert Clarkson will do here in Hampton. The first is August 2nd at the Golden Corral on Mercury Blvd in Hampton. I'll be there. If you are the least concerned about the abuse of power by our federal government you should be there. If you are not concerned, then God help you because you are a citizen asleep! When the Republic is dead you'll continue as a slave of Our Great Democracy!

—Jim G.

Motion of Appreciation

United States District Court

Harry C. Baxter


Robert B. Clarkson
CIVIL# 10:48-mi-01-HCB


Petitioner Harry C. Baxter hereby files this Motion, dated July 29, 2006 pertaining to any and all other Advice, whether verbal or written of Respondent.

  1. That Petitioner was invited to attend Respondent’s seminar entitled Church Law and Procedure on July 21, 2006 at >515 Concord Avenue, Anderson, South Carolina and to make video of same.
  2. That Respondent opened his home to receive Petitioner and approximately twenty other men and women with a hearty welcome.
  3. That Petitioner suffered from meeting so many people of extremely high character, independent spirit, and having extreme attacks of good taste.
  4. That Petitioner suffered from eating so much good food that was forced upon Petitioner by Respondent.
  5. That Petitioner learned valuable information from Respondent that Petitioner would never learn anywhere else, packaged in an effective format that made the learning process easy.
  6. That Petitioner's association with Respondent and other people of like mind has revitalized his confidence of winning over a common Enemy in any circumstances.
  7. Petitioner Baxter accuses Respondent Clarkson of subjecting Petitioner to a weekend of fun, fellowship and education that Petitioner will never forget and will always appreciate.
  8. The remedy that Petitioner seeks from Respondent is for Respondent to have many more Seminars, Workshops and Gatherings of the same nature. Petitioner prays the Court will grant request with a smile.

CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE: I hereby certify that on or about this date, I emailed properly a copy of this pleading to the Respondent at his proper email addresses.

Date: July 29, 2006
Harry Baxter
Petitioner, pro se

You're a great patriot Robert. Keep up the good work!!!! Stacy C, Patriot

Dr. Clarkson; got your new video on due process and common law and it's the most professional video I've seen yet! I watched the whole thing the day I got it—Couldn't shut off the TV till I watched the whole thing—Tremendous! Jim got a DOR assessment from not filing 5 years ago, and I think he denied the assessment, although I know he resorted to some patriot mythology?! Then they resdponded by saying he was using "frivoulous arguments" and he now has a lien on his house after about 6 months from first contact!! I see your frustration by people not following your recommendations!



E-mail from Glenn and Yolanda L.. Glenn and I don't normally work on weekends but sometimes we have to. Tomorrow is one of those times so we won't be at the meeting tomorrow. See you in December. The Law Course was fantastic! Your class was entertaining and informative. I learned a lot. Glenn and I appreciate you and all you do for the cause of freedom and liberty. You really are "The Great One".

Aloha Dr. C.,

Robert, this is very difficult for me. My fight with the IRS has gone on for 20+ years…they have illegally and unlawfully taken 1000's of dollars from me. I must tell you that any and all dealings that I have with or that pertains to the IRS is extremely depressing and debilitating for me.

The PN is my only hope at this time. My finding the Patriot Network is about the only bright spot in my life at this point and time. I have absolutely nothing to loose so…they better BEWARE!!!!!!! With the help of the PN and YOU…if I live long enough I will defeat them!!!!

Kindest regards,



My hat is off to you! After knowing you since around '97, I have to say thank you for your effort over the years, and to say that you have had as such to do with the Tea Parties today as any patriot. May God bless you and allow you to stay on the front lines to use your dirty sneaky lawyer tricks.

—Rick D


Thank you for posting my court win on the PN web site. We scored a magnificent victory against the IRS in their invasion of privacy case against me.

Robert, what a great write-up! I thank God for the victory that comes with perseverance. There were times I wanted to just give in because the evil people just don't play by the rules. But every time I called you, you just kept pushing me to do more. I just want you to know, Robert, I couldn't have done this without your help. It is so good to know that a person can really win when we are right anyway.

I haven't heard any more from IRS on this case, maybe this beating taught them a lesson. Thanks again Robert for all your help and the great write-up on PN web site and newsletter.

June 10, 2009

Dear PN Paralegals,

I wanted to personally thank you for all the effort that went into the seminar. It was great meeting all of you and I look forward to working with you through this process. My thoughts and prayers are with you as work tirelessly for liberty and the calling which the LORD has obviously led you.

Always by His grace,
—Ron M
Jan 2011

Robert is the glue that holds the patriot network together in the entire Southeast—one of the largest in the country. He is the reason—because of his dedication, discipline and attention to monthly meetings—that "The Cause" for liberty is kept alive in the minds of those of us who are a little less disciplined. Also, he needs to be commended for his willingness to open the meetings to other liberty minded individuals with their respective fields of expertise. This allows all of us to benefit.

—Larry Patriot

I could have never done this WITHOUT YOU!!!!!! I do plan to continue sending you some money! I do not forget theses things and I know you depend on the money for your living too. I hope I never have another run in with the IRS EVER AGAIN but I know who to turn to if I do!

I am going to keep you in my prayers and want to see others with results like mine, and will tell everyone to follow your instructions to the word for it to happen!

Anyway, I love you guys more than you will ever know and as I said before I am going to keep you in my prayer and will stay in touch too! As soon as I receive the LAST COMPLETED / SIGNED papers from Scott I will send them to you. I am keeping a hard copy of everything in a notebook packed in a tote and will keep it for seven to ten years to be on the safe side. God Bless You!!!!

—John W

Kris Anne,

I shall remember you in my prayers for health, happiness and prosperity.

I am pleased that Patriot Network has you at the helm.

—Jim in PA


Robert's Colleagues Speak Out!

From: Peymon Mottahedeh — President, Freedom Law School

In response to condolences sent by RBC to Peymon on the loss of his father, Peymon writes:

Thank you Robert

You have a lot of my father's characteristics. That is one of the reasons why I admire and respect you so much. You are full of love, strength and genuine caring for others, while willing to put others first, with a great inherent sense of fairness and justice. I hope you will take good care of yourself, so that I can have my great friend Robert Clarkson around as long as possible.

Yours in freedom and justice,
Peymon Mottahedeh
Freedom Law School

From: John Tomaski; Professor of Financial Economics

Dr. Robert Barnwell Clarkson, wounded as a US Army officer in Viet Nam and jailed for upholding the Rule of Constitutional Law in the face of corrupt federal officials, is a selfless and committed patriot of great knowledge and courage.

It is a great privilege for me to be able to call him a colleague and, more so, a friend.

That he continues to be persecuted by anti-Constitutionalist forces proves both that he fights on the side of Righteousness and that he is effective.

May God bless and protect Dr. Robert Clarkson, a great American Patriot.

John Tomaski; Professor of Financial Economics,
Econometrics, and Political Economy

Robert Clarkson has been a tremendous asset to South Carolina and to the freedom/patriot movement in this country generally. He has worked tirelessly for years in defense of Constitutional government, educating all who would listen about their actual rights under the rule of law, often in the face of the immense hostility to limited government ideals by those who want a government based on unrestrained power.

Steven Yates, Ph.D.

Robert has been totally dedicated to advancing freedom and securing individual rights over the last thirty years; knowing him for those thirty years has been interesting and rewarding.

Dean Allen

VFW State Chaplain for S. Carolina
(Honor Degree)

From what I can tell, Clarkson's a good man. There is NOTHING wrong in charging for education and from what I can tell of Robert, his fee is reasonable and not outlandish. Take a look at his website and you'll find a great resource of freebies and education. This should tell you something…it's a good sign. A lot of this material I have not found elsewhere. In fact he has a great source of response letters posted for free. And to boot, he wants people to start their own groups. I understand his law course is very good too.

Bob Hurt
Lawmen group


Reports from the PN Staff

From Nelson Waller, RBC's General Assistant

Robert Clarkson offers something most unique: tax freedom strategies that work, based on an encyclopedic personal knowledge of law, rules and procedure.

Hopefully, someday the world will realize what it owes him -- and take better advantage of the full range of his expertise.

RBC wears it all incredibly lightly, the cause of truth being synonymous with his phenomenally selfless, convivial, unpretentious, humorous, hospitable, brilliant and ingenious way of life.

He is the "king of the hill" in the freedom movement, having worked in it full time for the better part of the last 30 years helping thousands and thousands of oppressed working people.

Nelson Waller
Editor the e-Patriot Cannon, and General Assistant to Dr. Clarkson

From the Senior Administrative Secretary:

Robert is great to work with. He does a lot of valuable work for others and he always puts Patriots' needs ahead of his own health and welfare. He is very animated in the office and lives each day to its fullest as he celebrates, triumphs and victories over the 'wicked IRS buzzards'.

From the Assistant Secretary:

Dr. Clarkson's zeal for the ideals of the Founders, his example of visionary leadership, his willingness to sacrifice, and his passion to help ordinary people make him a Patriot of the first order.


Praise for the Staff

From Jackie:

Kris, you and your co-workers are very kind, good hearted souls.

From Enoch:

You gals function like a seamless team.

From a co-worker:

The Senior Administrative Executive is absolutely the woman behind the curtain, the quiet genius that keeps it all together. She is the reason clients get their share of Robert's attention, and the other staff members get paid. She is the reason that anyone here knows their head from a hole in the ground. Without her, the PN as we know it would cease to exist. Props to Robert for his charisma; if an operation of this magnitude could run on charm, Robert would have enough to run two. Because it does not, however, we have this very humble, capable, unassuming woman to thank. And we do thank her, but not nearly enough.

From Susie:

I'm glad Kris was able to help you, she is a great lady and I think very highly of her.

From Neil:

You did a really great job with the complaint and exhibits. When I filed it, the clerk at the district court complimented me on the neatness of the complaint and exhibits.
—Neil in CA