Don's Mighty Conquest

Long time patriot-activist in Boston beats mighty, mighty Dept of Justice in his summons case.

Last year the evil wicked tax collectors served an administrative agency demand for documents on a patriot who knew what his rights were. Patriot Don also knew how to represent himself in court. With the help of the knowledgeable. Robert Clarkson of the Patriot Network, this experienced litigator stood up for his rights and prevailed.

Dr Clarkson has assisted Patriots in fighting thousands of IRS summons and won almost all of the pocket summons. Those who persist, who learn the procedures and behave themselves in the courtroom, generally win against the powerful DOJ.

Don took the time and made the effort to learn the rules of the court, stood up for his rights and did not back down from the onslaught of two overwhelming agencies. On April 21, 2008, the experienced DOJ lawyer from the tax division, moved the District court to dismiss the IRS case and the judge agreed.

You can see Don's pleadings on the Patriot Network site under Sue the IRS.