Another win in Tax Court on CDPH

Face-to-face hearing is mandatory

Dedicated Patriot Enoch, in WA State, stands firm on his rights and beats the mighty commissioner before the tax court. On Feb 3 the Judge in the tax tribunal granted a motion to remand and the IRS office of appeals must conduct a face-to-face hearing.

Enoch did not back down from the lies and threats of the IRS Appeal's Division and the highly paid attorneys. Congress passed a law providing for an in-person conference on collections. IRC §6330 mandates a real hearing with the appeals division. As usual the highly-paid tax collectors refused. The Judge of the tax tribunal had to set the agents straight.

This is the 15th case that the Patriot Network has won on the same issue. Enoch's pleadings and letters are located on the Patriot Network Website under CDPH part II. Enoch was assisted our newest paralegal and PN founder, Robert Clarkson.

Again, our association is showing that patriots who learn and follow the rules can win even before the tax board of appeals.