Greatest victory of them all!
TC rules:
"IRS start over."

10 out of 10!!

Finally after years of struggle, the Tax Court has agreed with the Patriot Network! Pursuant to a consent order by District Counsel, the US Tax Court has remanded an entire CDPH case on appeal back to the IRS audit department. The Court revoked the entire proceedings and told the tax service to start over.

Vidya, assisted by her husband, Vilas, has been fighting the IRS on the CDPH for years. She already won one decision in Tax Court on this same case. However that ruling was too complex to post on the PN website. Dr. Clarkson assisted this patriot couple a great deal. Both are refugees from the communist Hungry and know what the New World Order has planned for this great and good country.

In this case, as in so many others, the tax thieves neglected to send them a Notice of Deficiency—the 90 day letter. The evil tax collectors filed a substitute for return (SFR) for these freedom fighters and then proceeded with collections. Congress has passed laws mandating the issuance of the Statutory Notice of Deficiency (SNOD) and a law requiring the IRS to furnish proof that the tax victims received it.

Very few people have the resources and the fortitude to contest this law breaking. With the resources of Patriot Network and courage gained from escaping a totalitarian society, these brave patriots fought back. They were right—they persisted—they won!

Dr. Clarkson has observed thousands of cases where the IRS has ignored the law. So few are willing to fight back—even outspoken patriot leaders. And those few that fight back ignore the well established rules of procedure. The Due Process Clause of the Constitution is our greatest weapon, but it is a double edged sword. Only pro se litigants who follow the rules of civil procedure win.

Vidya and Vilias learned the rules and applied them with devastating effect to the Service. This is the first case in history that the tax appeal boys have rejected an entire case and ordered the IRS to start over at the beginning. Dr. Clarkson’s persistence paid off. This makes 10 out of 10 victories for the Patriot Network in Tax Court on CDPH.

A copy of the final order can be found here; Lawsuits Won. For more information, call the clerk of the Tax Court at 202-521-0700.