Henry wins in tax court

Long time PN member wins CDPH on appeal to the tax court.

Patriot Henry filed his CDPH Request timely in October, 2007. The Appeals Division refused him an in-person conference which is mandated by IRC §6330. Our brave freedom fighter appealed this injustice to the tax tribunal.

At tax court in Columbia, SC on Feb 2, 2009, the tax court judge said that Henry was entitled to a face-to-face hearing and granted Henry's request.

This victory follows about 20 others on the same issue. The tax hearing board always rules that the Congressional enactment must be followed. Patriots who obey the rules (which we must) when the tax thieves do not obey the rules (which they seldom do) will generally win.

Copies of the motions and pleadings in this case can be viewed on the PN sight in the CDPH section under Henry Patriot. The winning court order will be posted there soon and also under the Cases We've Won section.

Henry was assisted by the valiant, steadfast, knowledgeable PN Secretary. Henry was persistent, obeyed instructions and therefore he prevailed.