Nine out of nine!!

John & Trudy win !

John and Trudy Patriot have been battling the IRS for a few years on their own and were successful at keeping the dirty buzzards at bay for a while. When John and Trudy became engulfed in paperwork, they turned to Dr. Clarkson for assistance.

The Patriots were forced to appear for a CDP hearing at an early date in 2006 (due to alleged IRS office remodeling) and they did not have much time to prepare. The Patriots received the notice requiring their attendance at that set time, just five days earlier and did not have time to search for their records and receipts.

The Patriots were then forced into tax court because IRS officials would not cooperate during the CDP Hearing. Patriots received rough treatment when they met with the agency and the officials persecuted the Patriots' witness --The Great One, himself.

District Counsel J.C. Young was assigned to the Patriots' case. We have dealt with District Counsel Young previously. (See Henry Fights the Tax Thieves on our PN website.)

The Patriots received threatening and unprofessional messages from D.C. Young, which were providentially recorded on their voice mail.

When the Patriots arrived in Tax Court with all their records and receipts, D.C. Young began to shake and sweat almost as if he was about to have a stroke. Mr. Patriot was concerned for D.C.’s health and suggested that he should calm down before entering the court room. Mr. Young was not the least bit thankful for this kind regard of his health and told Mr. Patriot to leave the personal issues alone.

When the Judge saw the box of reciepts , a continuance was granted and the Patriots won! District Counsel J.C. Young must go through all the receipts and records and give the Patriots credit for their business expenses, deductions, telephone excise tax etc…

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