Join The Patriot Network

Table of Contents

  1. Steps to PN Membership:
    1. IRS Bugging You? How we help you!
    2. Why Join The Patriot Network?
    3. Individual Member Plan Benefits
    4. Basic Membership Agreement
    5. Basic Membership Application
  2. Patriot Advisory Service
    1. Effective Use of the Patriot Advisory Service
    2. What Dr. Clarkson Actually Does
  3. Executive Service Plan (For Busy Professionals)
    1. Simple Freedom Package
    2. Royal Freedom Package

Why Join The Patriot Network?

You can join a rapidly going, political organization that can and will fight for the rights and liberties of the American people. We need your support in order to accomplish our goal of protecting the freedom and rights of the American people.

You can join our association and work for a better America by filling out the membership application below. Members are accepted to read, understand, and agree to the membership agreement. Members are required to take an oath (or affirm, or agree to) to support and defend the United States Constitution. At the time you join, members are asked to donate to the organization so it can keep functioning.

New members are required to watch or listen to the Patriot Network primary meeting The Introduction To The United States Constitution and Income tax, which is available at the Patriot Bookstore in Video, audio, DVD, CD and Booklet.

The Patriot Network has dozens of independent patriot clubs in various locations in the country. You can join anyone of these local clubs, attend their meetings, and participate in their programs. You can join in any of the local clubs by giving your membership application to the club leader or sending it to the national organization.

You can also join a national association directly, which is called our Individual Member Plan. Members in this plan can still attend all the local club events.

To join, the member must agree and study and agree to the principle embodied in the Declaration of Independence. Members also asked to make a financial donation to the good of the organization. The suggested amount is available from the local club leader or the national office.

Summary of Benefits

The patriot network provides members a numbers of services, included:

Dr. Clarkson
Robert Clarkson
(864) 225-3061
  1. The Patriot Advisory Service
  2. The Patriot Cannon E-zine
  3. An e-group for members
  4. Conventions, Law Courses
  5. Local monthly meetings
  6. E-group for local clubs
  7. This web site with an encoded member's only section
  8. Silver and Gold purchase program
  9. And many other services

Individual Member Plan Benefits—Basic

IRS bothering you? Need help? Now, or anytime in the future? Need a knowledgeable authority on call? Wonder if the benefits of The Patriot Network are available to an individual member?

If your answer is yes, the The Patriot Network has a program of assistance, training and continuing education for you, a program designed for the Patriot who lives far from a local patriot network club who realizes he cannot beat Big Brother by himself.

While most of our supporters axe members of an affiliated group, now we have an educational and protection service for individuals, directly from Network Headquarters.

The Patriot Network, directed by Dr. Robert Clarkson of Anderson, SC has the "How-To" materials for you to use with any problem that the tax bureaucrats might toss at you. These packets and tapes, generally referred to as "Patriot Protection Procedure," will be made available to you on a priority basis at special discounts.

  1. Services available to you from your National Fellowship
    1. The Patriot Advisory Service: The call-in program where a tested and proven expert is only a phone call or e-mail away. Quick access to Information when you need it, This service managed by Dr. Clarkson (864-225-3061), has a number of qualified paralegals, procedure experts on file. An explanation sheet, Effective Use of the Patriot Advisory Service is posted below.
    2. Patriot Network Website Great information, updates and notices of membership plan changes. Members have the responsibility to read the notices!
    3. The Patriot Cannon: The official news magazine of the Network informs you monthly with news and happenings in the Freedom Involvement; pictures and stories of the front-line troops and their activities; detailed explanation on particular subjects, updates on The Clarkson Packets, notices, inserts, forms and so much more.
    4. Clarkson's Law Course: The detailed explanation of technical subjects that active Freedom Fighters will need and find useful. The Clarkson Law Courses have changed the direction of The Freedom Movement.
    5. Clarkson Video Series: From audit procedure to protecting yourself, these informative and interesting videos spell out the "how's and why's" of Steps to Successful Tax Patriotism.
    6. The W-4 Program: Dr, Clarkson has developed the only successful program to halt piracy and beat the IRS where it is so vulnerable, This is a priority project. Let us know quickly if you have a problem here. Members of the solitary member plan may be unable to attend local club meetings, but can still receive vital messages and important information via the Patriot Network Web Site.
    7. The Patriot Bookstore: The National Association has an extensive stock of books and literature on subjects you need, Our listing includes popular Constitutional books, legal and procedural titles, and specialty books often not available elsewhere. (See the books and video section of web site.)
    8. The Clarkson Materials: Your membership entitles you to the forms, packets and materials you need when you need it - free or at discount prices
    9. The Lawyers: The Patriot Network has a stable of qualified and able attorneys on retainer, We train then to use the correct methods in fighting a ruthless and immoral agency. We know which legal counsel is best qualified in particular areas.
    10. Conventions & Seminars: The Network sponsors impressive conventions, information services and The Clarkson Patriot Protection Procedure Course including the Legal Research Workshop at discount prices for members.
    11. Local Clubs: Advanced members can easily become club leaders in their own protection association, Call or write now for the booklet Primary Network Explained.
  2. How To Join:

The Patriot Network Membership Agreement—Basic

To join the National Association and the local affiliate, member agrees to the following:

  1. Member to keep dues current or lose all privileges, rights and securities provided by the Association after 30 days in arrears. The club can change any program at will, and without notice, cause or compensation.
  2. Association and Legal Aid Fund are not responsible for problems arising from activities prior to joining nor for any problems incurred when donation 30 days in arrears.
  3. Members have no ownership or rights to the club or its funds. Members responsible for sending in renewal donation, even without club notice or reminder. All monies given to the Association are a donation only.
  4. Patriot is to take courses and classes on various procedural methods, letter writing, and conferences, Classes are free to members but books, packets and materials are extra.
  5. Members are to keep abreast of any changes, to study and learn, to help others, and do own work, Patriot understands that this is a self-help organization; the club leadership cannot do all the work but may furnish assistance, guidance and back-up.
  6. Disclaimer: Robert B. Clarkson is not a lawyer. He is not licensed to practice law in south Carolina or in any other state or jurisdiction.

  7. Members are not to cooperate with evil, illegal and unconstitutional government agencies, nor furnish information to them.
  8. When contacted by agents or employees of IRS or State Tax collectors, members are to:
    1. Inform local advisor
    2. Not furnish any information at all to the agencies without permission of local advisor
    3. Not to communicate with tax-rats except in writing, or taped conversations
    4. Furnish local advisor copies of communications, when necessary
  9. Members are to avoid, whenever possible, supporting directly or indirectly the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System by maintaining and using an account of any kind in a banking institution affiliated with that dangerous corporation. Also, members are to avoid the unnecessary loss of privacy and personal sovereignty by using and signing checks in controlled banks.
  10. The Rule Against Factionalism: All members agree not to engage in backbiting, mudslinging and gossiping against other members, our leaders or other Patriots or their groups. Factionalism is cause for expulsion and members are not allowed to aid factionalists or defend against FACTIONALISM by bad-mouthing in return.
  11. Members can join the Liberty Silver Investment Club and prepare for the collapse of the Federal Reserve Note with the default on the National Debt. You can protect your assets by placing them in precious metals.

Membership Application—Basic