Faithful Patriot wins Bank Summons case

South GA Freedom fighter, Larry D. beat DOJ & IRS in his case of protecting his privacy and bank records from invasion. A domestic terrorist tax collector served a third party summons on Larry's bank records, but our friend fought back. He filed suit in federal court, pro se.

In early May, the Magistrate granted Larry's Motion to Vacate and overturned the previous order against a true patriot.

PN Student, Larry, wrote his own winning brief using samples from the PN website, in particular another winning brief on the same issue by Sherri, our longtime associate.

Months earlier, the Magistrate Judge (who is not a real judge) issued an order granting the tax thieves Larry's personal records that were in storage at the traitor banks. Magistrates are appointed for 10 years, not for life and are not judges under Article III of our blessed Constitution.

This was the third illegal order issued by the same Magistrate and this time he had to admit his wrongdoing and cancel his wrongful action. This is a very unusual step by a haughty judiciary member to admit a mistake and correct his wrongdoing.

Our patriot friend hung in for the fight, stood tall for justice and did not back down. The PN Advisory Service was with him every step of the way, but in all actuality this was his fight, his battle and his victory.

You can view the motions filed in this case under our Members Only Banks section of the Patriot Network website. RBC May09