Larry Patriot
 Blackshear, GA 31516

Date: April 27, 2009

Internal Revenue Service
Attn: James Farley
5990 West Creek Road
Independence , OH 44131

Re: Tax Years 2004, 2005, 2006

Dear Agent Farley,
You sent me a 950(DO) letter dated April 17, 2009 claiming I owe taxes.

Naturally, since the letter is vague, the numbers enclosed are arbitrary Board of Labor statistics (Using Board of Labor statistics to figure income was outlawed by Congress several years ago), and my “returns” have been created and prepared by you, I dispute the computations.  I disagree with the content of the letter and deny any tax liability.

I would like to schedule a day for me so I might show you my books and records for the years in question.  I had many business expenses for those years and I am entitled to claim them.  Your Income Tax examination changes did not give me credit for my withholding as well as deductions, expenses, illegal telephone tax credit of $30, etc.  I will need at least 60 days to prepare for our meeting.

Sincerely,, Larry Patriot