Legal Research

Table of Contents

  1. Free legal research
    1. Find Law
    2. Cornell University Law School
    3. Nolo Press: Free Legal Information
    4. U.S. Circuit Court Opinionss
    5. Congressional Research Reports for the people
    6. US Code: Federal Statutes Codified into Code of Laws
    7. US Code Searchable Cornell Law
    8. Newest US code search: Office of the Law Revision Counsel
    9. US Tax Code Online
    10. Code of Federal Regulations
      1. Caviet
      2. Code of Federal Regulations
    11. Tax and Accounting Industry Website
      (Sponsored by Research Institute of America)
    12. Case Clerk (this one is not free)
    13. Litigation Group of Public Citizen
    14. An eclectic resource for various legal matters
    15. Alvin Brown and Associates Tax Lawyer Help
    16. Research Tool—US Supreme Court Decisions
      [Full text of 7,407 U.S. Supreme Court Decisions 1937-1975]
    17. Public Law Library with various resources
    18. Legal Resources referenced by Harvard's SHLEP website.
      See "Self Help Gateways" on Harvard's page here
    19. State Open Records Law Research Centerr
      (Student Press Law Center)
    20. How to File Complaints Against FBI and Federal Agents
    21. Sunlight Foundation
      (Website on Transparency in Government)
    22. JD Supra—Contents of this site not verified by RBC
    23. RECAP: Better Access to Court Records
    24. Google Scholar to find cases
  2. Free Legal Dictionaries
    1. Index of Most Free Legal Dictionaries
    2. Links to Several Free Legal Dictionaries
  3. Think Tanks on Tax Policy
    1. TRAC, Syracuse University
      (Complete statistics for DOJ enforcement and IRS Persecution)
    2. Tax Foundation (Tax Policy and Tax History)
    3. Uncle Fed's Tax Board
    4. Legal Foundations and Private Law Firms
    5. Electronic Frontier Foundation
  4. What is Taxed—Full volumes of the Statutes at Large
    (DISCLAIMER: This site has statutes, regulations and official government documents. We do not recommend some of the people and information listed on this website. Use additional information at your own risk.)
  5. IRS Publications
    1. IRS FOIA Guide
    2. IRS Codes and Deadlines
      (Requires Adobe Reader—2.54MB-HUGE FILE! May take a moment to load.)
    3. Taxpayer Bill of Rights II
    4. Article and Link on Frivolous Arguements
  6. State Court Systems, Rules and Forms
    1. Forms for all states and pro se instructions
    2. South Carolina
  7. Common Law
    1. Common Law: Is it the new Patriot Religion?
    2. Using Common Law to estabish your rights against illegal Search & Seizure.
    3. Treatise on the Common Law
  8. Research Sources, Books and Manuals
    1. Modern Application of Divine Law
      (This list shows application of Biblical laws in today's society.)
    2. Scripture References on Legal Issues (Requires Adobe Reader)
    3. Biblical quotes on lawyers
    4. Manual for Administrative Procedure Law Judgess
    5. Good Information From a Tax Attorney and Former IRS Agent
    6. Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
      (Yale Law School's Avalon Project)
    7. Case Law for the Pro Se Litigant
    8. County Regulation Standards (Regulation Theroy explained)
  9. U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates
  10. Law Libraries
    1. Charlotte Law Library Moves