Our Purpose

Learn effective, proven methods for fending off the lying, thieving, tax-collecting bureaucrats!

The Patriot Network

The purpose of The Patriot Network is THE RETURN TO CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT.

Our mission is to Protect, Preserve and Defend the US Constitution.

This is a POLITICAL Purpose and we are a POLITICAL organization. The Return to Constitutional Government means that the people in power are required to obey the law, i.e. the US Constitution.... and that means every word, exactly as it was written.

So many people, both our enemies and even our dedicated members, often do not realize the reason for our existence. The Network is a political organization, not a "tax group." H&R Block is a tax organization -- the IRS is a tax group. We are not a legal organization - the ACLU and Department of Justice are legal groups.

The goal of our association and our local affiliates is to return the US Constitution to its rightful place in our nation's legal-governmental structure...not just to stop paying the taxes that we do not owe. Not submitting to IRS tyranny is one of our many programs; not a final objective or an end in itself. Our goals are explained in more detail in the Clarkson video, "The Return To Constitutional Government."

The Network has many programs: demonstrations, not paying illegal taxes, our newsletter, primary meetings, membership education, etc. These are all programs, and all are means to accomplish the end and the goal of our organization.

So many detractors and supporters misunderstand our real purpose; they see our outspoken programs and mistakenly assume that these are ends in themselvse. Not paying illegal taxes does draw a tremendous amount of attention, and this is good. We planned it that way, but that is not the purpose of our association.

Keeping what is rightfully ours is no more than a means to accomplish an important goal. In fact, many of our members pay much more in fighting the tax thieves than they would ever pay in illegal taxes. Not surrendering our property is not the end purpose of our organization, just a widely-exposed program.

The end and the final goal is this: if the well of vast wealth garnered by the collection of illegal taxes begins to dry up, the politicians can then no longer deliver on their promises of more food stamps, more "free" housing, more free medicine, et cetera, ad nauseum. The 'free lunch crowd', convinced that they have a RIGHT to the productivity of others, demands more and more 'freebies' at each election. Their support to the vote-buying politicians is contingent upon an increase in their welfare benefits, not maintenance at the same level.

The tax dollars we deny the thieves not only prevents them from increasing their numbers but also prevents them from increasing their vote-buying power.

Many people have many methods or plans to return to lawful government. However, the most practical one is the simplest one: Deny the spendaholic politicians our hard-earned tax dollars. Hurt the enemy where it hurts the most: Deny them a cut of our hard-earned productivity.

Secondly, deny the enemy the willing compliance and cooperation of a subdued population, i.e. bureaucratic expediency. For any government program to work, it must have the cooperation of the people. If the American people, or even a small percentage of the American people, would simply refuse to cooperate, the hated IRS would collapse. Or, if a number of people would offer active resistance, the Instant Robbery Squad would be unable to function.

The quickest and easiest path to Constitutional Restoration is a good, old-fashioned TAX REVOLT, a massive refusal of the productive sector of the population to support the unConstitutional taxing and spending programs of the national government.

Coupled with that, the road to economic freedom includes planned and organized obstruction. We must drive up the cost of administrating the corrupt tax system, to fight the taxacrats every inch of the way. This involves well-planned, active resistance, not merely non-cooperation.

The Network has programs in place to throw the proverbial monkey-wrench into the wheels of the evil machinery.

Our purpose is to win the war for freedom, not to win the fringe skirmishes. General George Washington did not win many battles, but he won a war of freedom. The American armed forces in Vietnam won every single battle but the politicians lacked the will to win the war.

Our true Patriots are not dismayed by small defeats here and there. Our eyes are focused on the ultimate objective—enforcing the United States Constitution, forcing the national government to obey every word and c1ause in the Law of the Land, and to respect the citizens' inalienable right to life, liberty and property.

We can win the battle of freedom in America by reaching out to our friends and neighbors and informing them of the good news of tax freedom. By enlisting more people to The Cause of Liberty, we can gather enough people together to force those in power to obey the law.

The politicians are only concerned about preserving their position of power, privilege and prestige. They will not obey the law unless forced to. The politicians and bureaucrats hate the Constitution because it limits their power. Power is defined as control over the lives and activities of others. The power-hungry lust to have more of this than is lawful.

We, on the other hand, only want to be left alone. We want to be free to pursue our own activities and happiness, to spend our earnings for the benefit and well-being of our families, and to live in peace and harmony with our neighbors.

If you would like more information on how you can be a part of returning this country to the principles of liberty and freedom that it was founded upon.

I Can Not Serve The Anti Christ!

I cannot, in all conscience, pay federal income taxes because I cannot serve the Antichrist!

Our federal government is spending millions of your hard-earned taxpayer dollars to develop tracking chips (see DigitalAngelCorp.com) and tracking software. First, in the name of homeland security ostensibly to protect our food supply, our government will require these to be embedded into farm animals, increasing the cost for farm produce. (Southern Mercury, February 2007.) Next, these will be used to track you and me! (See SpyChips.com.)

In the first stages (by mid-2008), these chips will only be embedded into our licenses as required by the REAL ID act. (See Epic.org/privacy/id_cards) Guaranteed, this will continue only as long as it takes for the public to become comfortable with the concept. In the later stages, our government will discover that its citizens are not that much different than animals. It will not be long thereafter before stolen licenses/stolen identities reach such crises proportions that the government is forced to respond with stronger security measures, all in the name of public safety.

This is costing our federal government (and state governments in the form of unfunded mandates) an unimaginable amount of money. And to what end? To guard us from terrorists? If this was a our government's true motive, then our government would be chipping all illegal aliens instead, just prior to deporting them. The cost justification does not add up. We are spending a lot of money to gain only a little temporary safety. (And as Ben Franklin noted two centuries ago, we deserve neither.)

Does our government believe that its own citizens are the terrorists? Regardless of their ostensible intentions, the effect is the same: control! By the time government is done implementing all of its plans, it will have an unprecedented amount of control over its citizens (us) in a way never thought possible in all of human history until now.

And while these measures are being put into place to control us, what measures are being put into place to control government? None! In fact the trend has been in the last 50 years for government to declare itself to be above the law, unaccountable and unreproachable through its own judicial fiat called immunity. This immunity applies to, in varying degrees, to all government officials and employees.

(Thomas Jefferson is credited with these words, "Where the people fear the government you have tyranny; Where the government fears the people you have liberty." What did he understand that we obviously do not today?)

All of these occurrences is entirely to close for comfort to the prophesied "Mark of the Beast" spoken of in Revelation. We are seeing Biblical prophecy unfold before our eyes.

And that is not all. Currently our tax dollars support atrocities like abortion. Millions of hard earned tax payer dollars are funneled into agencies like Planned Parenthood, all in the name of population control.

And this is only the beginning of the evils that our current government aids and abets. There is the welfare system designed to keep people in poverty. There is the Social Security system where only the innocent and sheltered believe that this money is distributed equitably based on formulas, not politics And there is unemployment compensation, which serves to reward the most slothful among us.

Then there is our criminal justice system that is far more criminal than just. Drug dealers are being set free on technicalities while men, firm in their convictions and innocent of wrongdoing, are sent to prison. (See GrassFire.com)

Even where there is a chance to prove our government guilty of wrongdoing, individuals pursuing such justice soon discover that this same government has the will and the resources to fend off any civil suit, all thanks to the "unlimited" resources supplied by the taxpayer. The statement "Less is more" is certainly true when applied to government. Our own hard-earned resources are being used against us.

If you feel that it is your God-given duty to pay your taxes, then by all means continue to do so. As for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord. We know that one day we will all be required to stand before the Lord and give account for our actions.

Brother Larry

Pork in a Military Spending Bill

On Monday March 26, Fred Thompson sitting in for Paul Harvey had this to say about the emergency war funding bill from the House...

I was really surprised to find in the bill what looked like 25 billion in PURE PORK! Now since a lot of people who voted for the bill campaigned against pork, I was puzzled. I'm puzzled that there was 283 million for dairy farmers in an emergency war funding bill. But there is also 74 million for peanut farmers. So I figured our soldiers are eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches and then just need more milk to wash them down with. Hey! I am trying to keep an open mind here! Ok?

But I also wondered why the bill gives 25 million to spinach producers. Our troops should certainly be eating their vegetables, but unless there turns out that there is scientific basis for that Popeye thing, I just don't get it!

There is a lot in this bill that I just don't understand, but this sort of makes sense. There is 50 million dollars to repair the plant to supply electricity to the capitol where congress works. To fight and win this war, Congress does need electricity, at least to do its job.

I get it. This bill is not just about funding the war and funding democracy in Iraq, it is a political statement. It is about buying enough votes with pork in order to make that statement. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if Congress did have its power cut off once in a while!