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  • Patriot of the Month: Greenville, SC Club Leader Steve Cremedy
  • The Patriot Interview: Steve Cremedy, with Kris
  • Featured Product: Kuglin Transcript
  • Tax Resistance Increasing Slightly, says IRS. Billion$ Not Being Paid -- the "Tax Gap"
  • Humor: "Political Correctness" of Liberal Jargon and Government Bureaucracy
  • VOIP is Now! PN Leadership Offers You Great New Opportunity to Ditch BellSouth and Save Money
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    Patriot of the Month: Greenville Club Leader Steve Cremedy

    We honor Steve Cremedy is our club leader in South Carolina's largest city, the "capitol" of the SC upcountry -- beautiful Greenville. He has been with us for some years, in season and out -- regardless of whether he was being hounded by the or not at a given time. Yes, Steve is also the IRS's intended victim, but has never succumbed to either IRS pressure and intimidation or the "service's" desire to gulp him down. They've tried to do it for years but he is still enjoying receiving a full paycheck every week as his own case is guided by Dr. Robert Clarkson toward victory.

    We salute Steve for his genial hosting of first Saturday meetings in Greenville, loyal participation in local protests against homeland tyranny, and hanging tough against the Instant Robbery Service. In all this, Steve is supported by his beautiful and charming wife Loretta. The Cremedysare the parents of two grown sons.

    IN PHOTO: Steve Cremedy(left) and PN stalwart LT (right), pose cheerfully with Dr. Clarkson before entering the torture chamber to run a fellow memberís conference.


    The Patriot Interview: Steve Cremedy

    PN secretary Kris: Hi, Steve -- thanks for taking time to speak with us today. Tell us what your connection is with Dr. Clarkson and the Patriot Network.

    I met Dr. Clarkson when he was holding meetings in Chick Springs around 1998-1999.  I went to a couple of meetings, but I wasnít involved in the PN at that time. It was a couple years later before I actually went to more assemblies, at which time they had moved to Prime Sirloin.

    Among all the freedom organizations out there, what in particular do you like about the Patriot Network?

    I like Dr. Clarksonís philosophy against factionalism. One of the things Iíve learned from the government bureaucrats is that they look like they are fighting each other, but they are still working toward one common goal. Dr. Clarkson tries to get people not to battle amongst themselves. Warfare helps to keep things divided and that is what the bureaucrats want so that we wonít pay attention to what theyíre really doing.

    If I had more time, I would like to examine other Patriot organizations and find out what their strong points and weak points are and try to address all that. We really need a movement that will go full force against government oppression with everything. We need to get the establishment to obey the laws that it is forcing on the people.

    When did you first become active in the freedom movement?
    I first became active around 2000 when I started learning more about income taxes. I had tried Irwin Schiff's zero income filing and had received a few letters from the IRS. For the first three years we did get money back but they kept hounding us.

    Tell us your story from the beginning.

    I got started by studying the Bible and reviewing how things were done in the Old Testament I was especially interested what the Scriptures had to say about Christians and government.

    I also researched American history and learned things they didnít teach us in school. Three or four years after I started filing the zero returns, I started learning more about what the administration was doing. I researched case history to find out how things have occurred in the past. There is lengthy record behind everything the government is doing.

    Are you having any current problems with the IRS and where does your situation stand today?

    Iím still waiting on an appointment for an audit, but I havenít heard anything in a while. Iíve replied to letters in reference to CDPH hearings corresponding to the zero returns that I filed and also to some returns that the IRS has filed on my behalf. One thing Iíve learned is, due to our ignorance of the law and listening to what officials tell us with out checking it out, is that the internal revenue code is for government employees and workers and not the citizens of the states, unless you live in federal territory.

    How do you anticipate this situation turning out?

    Iím looking for it to turn out positive, just like it does every time we have a rally. And of the course the GREAT ONE will be involved. He is very beneficial to have at rallies and hearings. We are usually victorious when he is in attendance.

    What does this tell you about the way the government works in regards to the taxpayers it serves?

    The government is supposed to work for the people, not the taxpayers. The people who are required to pay taxes are those who work for the federal government. The law identifies them as taxpayers as opposed to the citizens who are the ones to be served. Because of indoctrination by the media and the public school system, people have been dumbed down into accepting whatever the government officials tell us. They say the President is supposed to be our leader, when in actuality, it is the other way around. The people are supposed to be the leaders for the President. He is in office because of us and to serve us. Those in Washington are supposed to be beckoning to our call and not vice versa and we should not follow everything they say without question. They are leading this country into a path of destruction through high taxes on industry and by taxing individuals' labor and wages. This is destroying the work force and many companies are moving out of this region because it is more economical to pay slave labor. Now the quality of products is deteriorating due to all this. Additionally, we are actually in a police state, which has been slowly implemented so that the people would not take notice and form large protests and riots.

    Did you have any illusions about what the government was up to before all your trouble started?

    I did believe at one time that the government was doing everything it could to help people, but now I understand it is really enslaving people. I believe the best way to do things is to work within the system that they have created and get them to obey their own laws that they have written.

    How specifically do Robert and the Patriot Network help people in situations like this?

    What I like best is Robertís course on the Constitution. He shows what the Constitution says about taxes. His organization is a self-help organization but you are able to receive help when you need it from Robert and other members. One of the first meetings I went to I heard a speaker say, ďDonít take my word for it, find out for yourself.Ē That inspired me to learn more. I have my certificate from attending Dr. Clarksonís Law Course and I am able to research anything I need to and I am able to produce any legal documents that I require.

    Tell us where you are from.

    I have lived in Greenville since 1972, I met my wife in 1989 and we were married three years later. We have two boys ages 27 and 21.

    How did you become acquainted with Robert Clarkson?

    A friend had loaned me a book entitled Wake up America. Inside the front cover was Dr. Clarksonís address and phone number of the Patriot Network. When I received my own copy, I called Dr. Clarkson and he invited me to a meeting. I attended one meeting but had too many other things going on at the time. A few years later someone my wife met got us hooked back into it. There arenít too many blacks in this area that are into this. They are doing some things in the Patriot Movement in their own ways, but we donít know how far they are willing to go to get involved.

    What do you say to them to get them more involved?

    I talk to them and try to get them talking about their problems and I invite them to a meeting. They are usually skeptical at first. I try to keep in touch with them. Godís providence usually intercedes. After people have inquired but have not attended a meeting, Iíve run into them again and I ask them why they did not come to the meeting, or if they did come, I ask them what they thought about it. I just talk to them and tell them some things that I have learned.

    Tell us how your wife and your children feel about your activities.

    My wife agrees with everything Iím doing in the patriot movement. We have met some people who are doing a lot for the cause and working peacefully and we strongly believe in the Scriptures and what God says. (John 1:1 ďIn the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.Ē) We cannot serve Christ under a corrupt form of government. Jesus told Satan in Matthew 4:10 ďThou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.Ē

    Our younger son is involved somewhat. He has talked with Robert and learned some things. We havenít really spent a lot of time talking with the older one about this.

    I understand your wife has started her own daycare. Tell us a little about that and how she is able to operate that without government interference?

    She has started a daycare in Piedmont, which has early childhood growth programs that prepare children for Kindergarten and first grade.

    We donít fear government, because we know our Constitutional rights from attending seminars and by studying on our own. We feel comfortable enough to have a business because of what we have learned from Dr. Clarkson and his law course and other materials. She also makes sure that she keeps abreast of the laws as far as day care centers are concerned so that she can act in accordance with them.

    Do you have any further comments on Dr. Clarkson's freedom techniques?

    Robert is very knowledgeable and we hope he is around forever. I donít see anyone that would push people to work together like he does. I see his name in circles of other organizations and he has had his hand in many associations from the east coast to the west coast. Sometimes he has just given advice and other groups he was instrumental in getting started. He is definitely trustworthy and provides valuable information.

    Weíve had more success by following Robertís recommendation and not filing any returns as opposed to filing the zero returns. He is able to back up everything he says. Patriots always seem to succeed in their situations when they receive assistance from him. You just have to be sure to do your own homework. It is wonderful knowing him and working with him.

    Thanks so much, Steve, for taking time to be active in the Patriot Network and for your time today.


    Featured Product: Kuglin Transcript

    One of the most unexpected, high-profile wins of the past few years is the August 2002 victory of FedEx pilot Vernice Kuglin, pictured at left and below. It's not every day that a lovely all-American lady is found behind the controls of a commercial airplane, or that anyone in such a well-paying job stands up the the IRS, or that she wins -- but that is exactly what happened in her case!
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    Here is how your Patriot Cannon editor put it in his Dixie Diary newspaper feature:

    "As you may have heard, our main anti-IRS thesis comes out in the national media today as never before. In a Memphis federal court, Vernice B. (Vernie) Kuglin beats the IRS as the jury ruled the income tax illegal, and is found not guilty of six counts of tax evasion and willful failure to file. She has spent years writing the IRS demanding to know what law makes her liable for income taxes
    "After the jury is excused, the U.S. Attorney demands that the judge order the defendant to `file her forms, pay her taxes and obey the law.' The judge replies `Sir, I don't work for the IRS.' It is a distinctly Southern moment -- donít doubt it."
    Suddenly, there she was -- in a few headlines (e.g. Fox News) across the nation, and her landmark ruling is mentioned in a pitiful 1,000 webpages today. But we are going to make sure history remembers her. By buying this product, you can tell your grandchildren you were there when freedom hung in the balance and the IRS was finally put out of business by ordinary folks like you and your fellow Patriot Network members! Order for $20 postpaid from Patriot Bookstore, below.


    Tax Resistance Increasing Slightly, says IRS...
    Billion$ not being Paid -- the "Tax Gap"

    (reported in the Orange County Register and other journals)

    The initial tax gap findings came from a three-year study called the National Research Program (NRP), which audited 46,000 individual income tax returns for 2001. The preliminary results determined a range for the tax gap, which will be refined into final, more detailed estimates by the end of this year. The NRP study includes updated research only on individuals, not corporations.

    What comprises the tax gap. The tax gap has three components: underreporting of income, underpayment of taxes and non-filing of returns. The new study shows modest deterioration in tax compliance among individual taxpayers since the last study was conducted in '88.

    Preliminary findings of the study include the following:

    --Underreporting accounts for more then 80% of the total tax gap, with non-filing and underpayment at about 10% each.

    --Individual income tax is the single largest source of the annual tax gap, accounting for about two-thirds of the total.

    --More than 80% of individual underreporting comes from understated income, not overstated deductions.

    --Most of the understated income comes from business activities, not wages or investment income.

    --Compliance is highest where there is third-party reporting or withholding.

    (((Clarkson comments: These figures grossly underestimate the number of non-filers, who did not fill out their questionnaire. Also, the official irs position is that all illegal immigrants fill out all tax forms and file them on time.)))†



    We would like to explain certain changes in the terms of the Citizenship Agreement for your U.S. citizenship ("Agreement"). Some of the terms in this notice may already be in effect on your account and will not change. Any terms on your account not changed here remain in effect until such time as we ("We") decide they do not.

    To help you understand the changes in the terms of your Agreement, We explain the most important changes in the Summary of New Terms below. The changes described will take effect for citizenship cycles beginning Jan. 20, 2005, and will apply to all existing and future balances on your account.



    The Freedom of Speech section of the Agreement is amended to distinguish between Regular Preferred Speech and Non-Preferred Speech. The Non-Preferred Speech rate applies to all speech which is not in good standing as defined under the "Preferred Citizen Rate Eligibility" section of your Agreement. Both the rate and your freedom of speech may vary based on changes in the National Terror Alert Level.


    levies,...The Rates and Fees Table, including rates for personal and corporate income tax, estate tax, Social Security tax, and all other Federal taxes, levies, duties, and surcharges, remains unchanged, except that it is to be read while being held up to a mirror.

    SECTION 11

    The Rule of Law section of the Agreement remains in effect, except that it no longer applies to Us. It may also, from time to time, cease to apply to Contributors above a certain level (see Schedule G, attached).

    SECTION 13

    The Cruel and Unusual Punishment section of the Agreement is unchanged, except that "unusual" is amended to read "unusual in Texas"

    SECTION 16

    This amendment affects the Right to Privacy section of your agreement. Under the new terms, the Right to Privacy must be applied for on an individual basis. To apply for your Right to Privacy, you must send your full credit history, a copy of your party registration and church membership, a complete set of fingerprints, a DNA sample, and two (2) passport-size photographs of your bedroom to: National Privacy Registry, Washington, DC, 20012-3006, att: Doris.

    SECTION 26

    This amendment affects the Unreasonable Search and Seizure section of the Agreement. Under the new terms of this section, the right to unreasonable search and seizure shall not be abridged.

    SECTION 43

    In the section on Transaction Fees, the sentence "All drafts, including convenience checks, cash advances, and balance transfers, on citizenship accounts with a balance of less than $50,000 shall be subject to a transaction fee of $50 or 3%, whichever is greater" is amended to read "All citizens with an income of less than $50,000 shall be subject to a draft."

    SECTION 47

    The Social Security section of the Agreement is unchanged, except that the program described will no longer be (a) social or (b) secure.

    SECTION 53

    The Right to Vote section of the Agreement is unchanged, since it works perfectly fine as is.

    SECTION 53a

    On second thought, the Right to Vote section of the Agreement is amended as follows: The voting cycle begins on Dec. 1 of the previous year and continues through the last Wednesday in November of the current year. Each vote cast will accrue finance charges beginning on the date cast and compounded daily. Finance charges will equal the highest Prime Rate published in the "Money Rates" table of the Wall Street Journal on the last business day of each calendar month, plus 15.99%.


    The changes described above in this Notice that you can choose not to accept will not become effective if you send Us a written letter stating that you choose not to accept them, in which case your Citizenship Agreement will be terminated and your Account will be closed (if it is not already closed). Your letter must be received by June 1, 2005, at the following address: Customer Service Center, J. Edgar Hoover Building, 935 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington DC 25035-0001. You will be required to pay your debt to society under the previous terms of your Agreement.



    James Madison (1751-1836) - "Democracy is the most vile form of government... democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention: have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property: and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths."


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