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1. Another Winning Day in Atlanta Tax Court

2. Your Tax Dollars at Work

3. Jesus on Taxes

4. Instructions for Pocket Summons Case

5. Another Successful Clarkson Law Course

6. Condolences to Henry Patriot of Greenville


1. Tax Court in Atlanta

Above: The Russell Building in Atlanta.

From Patriot John R: Richard Clark (a young black truck driver) had his day in 'court', and it was very interesting. The hearing was at the Richard Russell Federal Building on Spring Street in Atlanta.

       Richard had never been to the Administrative Court before, but we his buddies filled him in on our experiences, what could happen, some possible responses he needed to consider, and what he should watch out for. Even then, we didn't know what bag of dirty lawyer tricks the IRS lawyer could pull out of her bag. The government attorney recognized me since she is handling my cases too.
        I was sitting behind them in the court room and couldn't hear well because they all talked so low, including the judge; they did not have a public speaker amplifying system, and the ventilation system made a lot of noise.*
        Even though Richard said he was nervous, he didn't show it. He never let the lawyer or the judge get him upset. He talked slowly, with very well-thought-out answers. Some of the major points that I believe I understood are below:
        The IRS had filled out a substitute return since the fedgov attorney said they could not find Richard’s returns for the years in question, and for a long time he would not respond to their letters in the mail. Richard's Dad, not knowing better, threw the mail in the trash or returned it. Richard had petitioned the court to rule against the phony substitute returns, figures, and conclusions of those returns (when a mailing finally made it past his Dad).
        Richard truthfully told the court at the time of the tax years in question that he lived in a trailer which burned, destroying all his records; so he didn't have the information to file. Also, he filed some of his court papers late, because his typist's husband had cancer and she was unable to get his work done on time; this procedural violation didn't look good for him in the court session but truth was on his side.
        On the other side, the fedgov attorney had tried to get earnings/pay information from approximately four of Richard's previous employers; she only got responses from one of them, and it was not signed in affidavit form (under penalty of perjury) with a notary. The rest of the companies were no longer in business, except for one which refused to give her any facts. So, she had NO valid evidence to give the court.
        Further, the IRS attorney tried to get Richard to say that he had income and to state how much it was. Richard pled the 5th Amendment that the info he gave could be used to make a case against him. The judge tried to reassure him that folks are seldom prosecuted in tax courtbut he held his ground. (The IRS and their Courts regularly lie.)
        The judge didn't like it, but she pressed on. She questioned and scolded the fedgov attorney for bringing a case to court without getting her homework done. (I have to admit that I felt a little bit sorry for her, but I told no one.) Most of the time the tax buzzards really make life hell for some folks, even when the citizens believe they have done everything “by the book” and nothing is wrong with their returns, or maybe there is a simple error!
        There was considerable conversation that I could not hear well enough to understand. But a part I did comprehend was that since both parties came short of meeting the procedural requirements, and each party was unable to establish a proper conclusion (or words to that effect), the judge was going to have to listen to the transcript, make some comments, and probably get both parties to renew their efforts to complete a settlement. The judge said she was not presently going to rule for the petitioner nor the fedgov, and then have the decision appealed to a federal appeals court with all the errors, lack of proper procedure and documentation in it, which would put herself in a position to be criticized by a higher court.
        Richard is considered to have won since the IRS did not prevail and/or attempt to grab his money or property. So, he won this round!!! After court was over, we went to the cafeteria to eat lunch and discuss the case. The government’s attorney's Supervisor walked past, and we spoke to him, but he was mad, looking like he could chew nails, and he didn't speak to any of us.
        Dr. Clarkson sat beside Richard at the Petitioner's table in court, but was not needed. Richard handled himself like a pro. Wish I could have done like that, but I was so nervous to begin with; it took me a little while to calm down!!!

         Dr. Clarkson Comments: Richard took the time to prepare his case and learn the rules. John R has enough experience to advise Richard. Nelson Waller was there that morning to coach Richard as to what would happen and what to say. Nelson has sat through dozens of these cases and knew what to expect.
        I was surprised that District Counsel had not done any preparation and did not have even one certificate or wage statement from any employer. She only presented the 90 day letter, properly authenticated with the gold seal.  Richard let it go into the record without objection; this was OK but it is preferable to object to much that they do.
        District Counsel had no proof at all of "income” to enter into the record, and thus the government had not met its burden of proof. Therefore, the judge should have clearly and distinctly ruled for us. However, she said our pleadings were "belated" and thusly she could not give us a signed, clear cut victory.
        We won this one; but due to the crushing work load on me, I was unable to write the briefs for Richard to file timely. We won, but the decision will be muddled. This is still far better than a loss.
        The Tax Court judge and District Counsel were businesslike, professional, and even courteous toward us. Nobody was bad to Richard or beat up on him when the tape recorder was running. This lawyer to the tax thieves has been rough on us before but has now been taught a lesson.

* Mumbling is the hottest new trend among judges—see our prior comment from Tax Court in March 2006 at http://www.patriotnetwork.info/PC_Vol_4-2.htm.

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2. Your tax dollars at work

To fund a new Iraqi economy and government after the March 2003 invasion, the U.S. Federal Reserve shipped 484 pallets of shrink-wrapped U.S. currency, weighing 363 tons, totaling more than $4 billion, and, according to a House of Representatives committee staff report in February, most of the cash was either haphazardly disbursed or distributed to proper channels but with little follow-up tracking. By March 2007, The Times of London found bank records revealing, for instance, that two unremarkable Baghdad small-business men (appointed to the defense ministry) eventually deposited over $1 billion in private accounts in Jordan, and that U.S. efforts to buy state-of-the-art equipment for the Iraqi army were seriously undermined because middlemen purchased only cheap, obsolete Polish munitions and pocketed the savings. [ABC News-Reuters, 2-6-07; The Times (London), 3-11-07]

e-PC editor comments: Again, newsoftheweird.com has provided info for "fun" or "shock" purposes which is actually a blistering indictment of the fedgov's massive criminality and hypocrisy. Most people reading it will probably say "Funny, isn't it, how even the government sometimes slips up!" But we ask you, how could this outlay possibly have been anything but a love gift for Washington's "insider" counterparts in the country they supposedly hate the most?
        There have been many accountings of what the money spent on war could buy—schools, ambulances etc. Here's what the Patriot Network could do FOR THE TRUE DEFENSE AND IMPROVEMENT OF THE COUNTRY with even ONE TENTH OF ONE PERCENT of $4 billion: set up and staff a tax freedom/Constitutional institute that would help 100 times the tax rat victims we do at present; overturn the Sixteenth Amendment; go on to smash other shibboleths without end; educate enough Americans to stop the wars that lead to such debacles as described in the above brief!
        Note the sources given for it: ABC, Reuters, the London Times—a trio of topmost news bureaus. The next hundred people you meet who still think restructuring, running or raping Iraq is a reasonable American goal, throw this up to them. Oh, and keep it handy for the next "Pay Your Fair Share Day"— April 15, 2008.


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3. Jesus on Taxes

Right: Shekels of Tyre

Introduction by Robert B. Clarkson

The Lord Jesus says "Render unto Caesar..." What are we supposed to do? Fly to Rome, dig a hole in the graveyard and drop 45% of what we earn into the ground? NO! "Render unto Caesar" means pay unto the government.

Who is the government in our country? Which political party? Is it President Bush or President Clinton? No, the government in our society is THE PEOPLE, through the Constitution. We are supposed to pay to the government what the Constitution requires, not what the politicians want to steal from us.

Pay to Caesar (the civil government) what is his and pay to the Lord what is His and keep the rest for yourself and your family. However Uncle Sugar wants you to pay to the government what is rightfully yours and the church's. This is what we are fighting."

Commentary by PN Secretary

Although one could perceive the following in the sense it was meant, if you pull out your King James Bible, it indicates “Jesus declined to give tribute” not “Jesus failed to pay taxes.”

Taxes can be another word for tribute, but tribute can also mean "worship."

I suggest using your King James Bible or earlier translation, to establish a full account of Jesus' teaching.

Giving taxes to Caesar was proper as he was king of the nation and it was his law.

Tax collectors "may" have left their post to follow Jesus as the writer below suggests, but so did fishermen—does that outlaw fishing?

Tax collectors were (and are) notorious for stealing.  Jesus was teaching "thou shalt not steal." He did not preach "thou shalt not pay legal taxes to the king." In Matthew 17:27 Jesus tells Peter to cast a hook into the sea and take the first fish and in its mouth would be a shekel to use as payment on the tax Peter had volunteered his Master to pay.

Are taxes in the USA legal?? Some are and some are not. The PN recommends you pay the taxes you owe, don't pay the taxes you don't owe and learn the difference.

Jesus on Taxes


Two Great Books about the

Uniform Commercial Code

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Redemption Explained

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As an added bonus, this CD contains information on Redemption and your Straw Man as well as Commercial Lines—a powerful weapon

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4. Instructions for Pocket Summons Case

By Robert B Clarkson


The nasty buzzards at the tax service have served upon you a piece of paper entitled “Summons” form number 2039. They order you, a free born American citizen, to appear before an administrative agency to answer questions and surrender your private personal papers.

When the bank robber robs the bank on his way out of town, does he stop by the Sheriff’s Office and fill out the 1040 bank robbery form? Of course not. Why not? Because the bank robbers, thieves and other hoodlums have protections and guarantees under the Bill of Rights, including the privileges against self-incrimination.

The question is: do you, an honest law abiding American citizen also have the “right to remain silent” and other protections under the Bill of Rights? Of course you do. You have the right to not answer questions or produce anything to administrative bodies, state, federal or local, that might be used against you in a criminal case. This is explained more in Clarkson’s introductory video, Introduction to the US Constitution and the Income Tax, which is available from our bookstore. (Click here to order.)

Therefore, when you meet with the tax agents in the administrative branch of government, you can exercise your Constitutional right not to give evidence against yourself. However the Judicial branch has a different set of powers, one of which is the power to compel. By the word “power,” I mean the ability to force you to do something under threat of punishment. For not carrying out judicial orders, the Judges can penalize you, sometimes severely.

The IRS personal summons, generally referred to as a Pocket Summons, in and of itself has no power. However, it sometimes leads to a court involvement, which can be a serious problem.

For further instructions, see our Members Only section Sue the I.R.S. - (Pocket Summons) This is a password protected area. If you have a pocket summons, call Dr. Clarkson for assistance and to access this information.

5. Law Library Workshop and Clarkson Law Course, spring 2007

By Bob Fondry

Left: Patriot Network HQ. Nelson Waller teaching at Clarkson Law Course.

Have you ever wondered how lawyers do what they do? What they know that you don’t know? What’s their secret?

Lawyers, like the medical professionals, have a mystique about them. If you spend any time in the medical profession, you soon learn that there is a different vocabulary and a set of rules (procedures) to follow to be successful. It is the same with lawyers. If you learn the vocabulary and the procedures, you can be successful in whatever you do working within the law. You need to strip away the veneer, take the lawyers off their self-imposed platform and realize that they put their pants on like everyone else, one leg at a time. Once you learn the vocabulary and the procedures, you can wield the law like a sword and vanquish your opponent with impunity. Dr. Clarkson has many victories that his students have won. Dr. Robert Clarkson's students have won many victories. Check out www.patriotnetwork.info for details on numerous examples!

You ask “Where can I get this knowledge?” This is what Robert Clarkson’s Law Course is all about. Dr. Clarkson teaches this course about twice a year to sold-out classes. He just completed another session that was overwhelmingly filled with knowledge and interest. The outstanding faculty drew upon diverse experience and taught about different legal jurisdictions. This ensured a general overall exposure to the way of the courts.

Topics of instruction included:

  • Legal Methods
  • Legal Writing
  • Legal Research
  • Civil Procedure
  • Strategies to Prevail
  • Your Opponent’s Strategies
  • What’s New
  • SNT (Sneaky Lawyer Tricks)
  • Student’s did actual legal research and wrote original legal briefs

Above: Brother Larry and Dr. Clarkson Above: Brother Larry teaching.

What recent graduates have said.

Outstanding course. Best use of my time and money.” Patriot Dave

Learned a lot. Great Instruction.” Patriot Donna

Built my confidence to a level where I no longer fear going to court. I know what I have to do.” Patriot Bob

Dr. Clarkson’s next Law Course will be held in the great state of GA in the Fall of 2007. Look for more details in the Patriot Cannon as the time approaches.

6. Our condolences to Henry Patriot of Greenville

The Patriot Network extends its deepest sympathies to Henry Patriot of Greenville on the recent loss of his dear wife. Henry Patriot is a true freedom fighter. Read about Henry in Tax Court at link below (also noted above in the footnote of article 1).


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Right: e-PC Editor Nelson Waller

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