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 Dr. Robert Clarkson, Publisher


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  1. Another Bounty Hunter Victory!
  2. Clarkson's Tax Court Law Course
  3. COINTELPRO Chronicles
  4. Hillary and the Black Panthers
  5. Show us the Law
  6. The Sensational Snipes Case

1. Another Bounty Hunter Victory!

IRS returns stolen $1800

A Patriot and old time friend of Dr. Clarkson in Florida merely threatened the IRS with a lawsuit over their illegal collections, and shortly thereafter a full refund was received. Using the preliminary letter found under Statutory Bounty Hunter on the Patriot Network (PN) website, Cheryl Patriot modified it to her circumstances and filed a request for return of illegal collections with a threat of a §7433 lawsuit.

The IRS returned all of the stolen money in about eight weeks but did not pay interest. The return of the illegal levy was an admission that the levy was wrong. This will be an easy victory in federal court.

Our friends have received help from true and dedicated patriots outside the PN for years. However those good-hearted patriot paralegals did not fully grasp effective procedure, the PN’s trademark and the key to effective action, and Patriot Cheryl soon lost on everything under their guidance.

The wicked tax collectors levied her paycheck and she contacted the hero of innumerable tax freedom victories, Dr. Robert Clarkson, who advised her to file a fake bankruptcy. As usual the IRS ignored the injunction from federal court and continued the now illegal levy for months.

Upset by the IRS ignoring the federal law, Cheryl retained an expensive tax lawyer who did absolutely nothing. Finally some agent in authority read the letters that Dr. Clarkson had her send in. The illegal levy was immediately stopped.

In September 2007 she began sending in her preliminary letters slightly modified from samples on the website. To examine her preliminary letter, go to our website and click on Statutory Bounty Hunter.

The tax collectors may hate us, the legal system and the Constitution, but when we follow the rules they always lose. Knowing that they had no chance of winning against Dr. Clarkson’s work, the tax thieves caved in and returned the money.

However they did not pay the interest or damages for the year-long loss of Cheryl Patriot’s money. The administrative claims will be filed soon. The unauthorized tax collections suit will follow in six months.

2. Clarkson's Tax Court Law Course

In Conjunction with Advanced Civil Procedure Seminar given by special guest lecturer

March 15-16, Columbia, SC

Saturday - Advanced Civil Procedure Seminar

This day-long seminar will provide you with an overview of civil procedure, discovery, brief and lawsuit writing, and more.

Saturday, March 15
Time: 10am to 6pm

Sunday - Tax Court and Civil Procedure Seminar

By Dr Robert Clarkson

Sunday, March 16
Time: 11am-6pm, followed by Q & A session

On Monday, March 17, we will have a large number of Patriots contesting the evil, wicked IRS at a session of the US Tax Court in Columbia, SC.

Therefore on March 16, the day before, we will have classes on How to Handle Your Case and on Civil Procedure which is how you will conduct any court action. We will explain what you can do and what you need to do.

This day-long seminar will explain how easy it is for the students to win if you stand up for yourself and follow the rules. We teach you what to say and how to assert your rights.

This administrative tribunal has simple procedures which victims can easily learn. The routine is elementary and anybody can learn what to do in a few hours.

On March 17th, the day after the classes, you can have a practical exercise on what the IRS counsel does and how you can counter their evil machinations. Dr Clarkson will be there to support all litigants.

At 10 am, the session will open with a roster meeting for everybody and then each case will be scheduled at a semi-convenient time for tax victims. All Petitioners must be at this docket conference. Most cases will be scheduled Monday and Tuesday.

You can stay and watch the first few cases so you will know what to do/say when your case is called. All of the sessions are open to the public.

Seminar information

Tax Court Session


Jameson Inn, I-77 X US 1N. Reserve room by March 4 for discount. Our price $80 plus tax. All suites. Ask for Patriot Network or code PNetwk. Call now: 803-736-6666 Directions: Jameson Inn is on 7525 Two Notch Rd, US 1 N. Take I-20 exit 74. Go North. From I-77 exit 17, go 2 blocks North. Click here to see map.

We strongly recommend that you study the Advanced Civil Procedure Course recorded in November and December 2007. The Advanced Civil Procedure Course DVDs can be ordered for $200.

For more information on pre-registration, contact Robt Clarkson 864-225-3061; e-mail or Rae e-mail.

Please send a blank email to PN-taxcourt-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join the egroup for updates on this weekend and tax court preparation.

Tax Collectors Manual and Bankruptcy on the IRS

Actually a legal book for tax collectors, this book shows what the tax rats can and can not do and how they operate. Useful tool for Patriots!

         All 3 Volumes for $20 or $8 each.

Order now from: The Patriot Bookstore 515 Concord Ave, Anderson, SC 29621

3. Clarkson/COINTELPRO Chronicles: the Black Panthers

Below: Bleeding-heart liberal cartoon showing FBI playing one literal black panther against another.

The fedgov's ruse of reviving COINTELPRO under a more coldly clinical name—dismantlement—as a means of harassing Dr. Clarkson and other top patriotic leaders shows the fedgov’s duplicity as well as its uselessness. Now, some further proof.

If you think we at the ePC throw accusations around and call bureaucrats names too freely, rest assured we stand by it all unless we are responsibly advised otherwise. Supposedly our worldview is a wild and crazy “conspiracy theory, but you know, major sources of news and opinion vindicate us time and again!

If, for instance, you'll go to Youtube.com and search the word COINTELPRO, the first file that comes up (as of this writing) is an eight-minute program on the Black Panthers, the subject of our sensational Hillary article (#4, below the following ad). Warning: the Youtube program and other matter on its page contain extreme foul language! We cite it only as further evidence of the total corruption of three supposedly idealistic parties that are in fact sworn to the eradication of American freedoms: the federal government, Hillary Clinton, and the radical ethnic gangs emblemized by the Black Panther Party.

The Youtube file boasts that the Panthers have embraced socialism, Maoism and Leninism—by name. It alleges that via COINTELPRO (short for Counter-Intelligence Program) the fedgov murdered several Panther leaders way back in the "civil riots" era. The dead are made out to be paragons of youthful innocence, but one wonders how accurate this can be when the essential modus operandi of communism is to lie about everything.

The gutter-mouthed speaker in the footage doesn't give his name or connection with the Panthers (if any), but his spiel is approved in all of the first three Youtube pages worth of comments on it (many of them gutter-mouthed). The presentation jives with the article on the Panthers at Answers.com, a major online encyclopedia.

The Black Panthers were one of the things that made the 1960s a nightmare of social turmoil. Did the Permanent Regime in DC do something right for a change in hassling them? It's possible -- the Regime has indulged in numerous modes of window-dressing to give it an aura of legitimacy with the sheeple.

But based on what we've seen with other radical factions of right and left, it seems far more likely that the fedgov that gave us COINTELPRO sponsored the Panthers or manipulated them into a "revolutionary" force for its own cynical communistic purposes.

COINTELPRO...... "red scare"...... perpetual "war" against Iraq! Think what it would be like if government would deal with the most dangerous and diabolical tyranny in the world today—its own—instead of forever harassing the Great One and his fellow freedom warriors!

Legal Research I
By Dr. Robert B. Clarkson

Learn your rights to protect your rights
Dr. Clarkson explains…

2 hour DVD -R Video $30 + $10 Shipping

Order now from: The Patriot Bookstore 515 Concord Ave, Anderson, SC 29621

4. Hillary and the Black Panthers: any truth to it?

by PC Ed

Once upon a time much of the surface of the globe was dominated by communism, an "ideology" consisting of a bold new plan for handing world power and loot to the lowest scum of the earth—criminally insane agitators. From the early twentieth century on, the scum in question perpetuated “the United Soviet Socialist Republics,” or USSR, a bastard entity cobbled out of Russia and many of her formerly sovereign neighbors. In the hellish 75-year lifetime of this state, something like 55 million internal citizens were brutally and sadistically murdered for purely political economic or ethnic purposes by the scum. The government of the laughably misnamed People's Republic of China admits to having killed over 80 million of its citizens for the same typically communist reasons.

Communism, the first brand of tyranny to ever threaten the entire globe simultaneously, was in fact the cause of the Vietnam “war”, a 16-year travesty perpetrated by America, the USSR and other feckless national governments. It was this undeclared but drastically miserable conflict which in turn caused U.S. Army platoon leader Dr. Robert Clarkson to dedicate his life and being to the fight for freedom.

Vast parts of the globe were turned into a hell on earth by communism. This scourge still makes life torment for over one out of every five people on earth -- and yet, strangely, you have to look long and hard even to find a mention of this satanic scheme in the daily press today. Ah, but there’s one place communism still thrives in putatively free countries: in the hearts of today's western intellectuals in all of society's institutions! This mania is commonly referred to in code as LIBERALISM in this country, and is most stunningly epitomized by the life and career of Democrat Party goddess Hillary Clinton.

Hillaroid (as legendary commentator Alan Stang calls her) doesn't apply the C-word or even the L-word (liberal) to herself.  But the fact is that she and her agenda (not to mention her husband’s) are fully communist and poised to make America all the more fully communist.

The subject of her communist origins and training have, fortunately, been the subject of much inquiry in the rightist press through the years -- even in some quarters of the neocon media. Specifically, the record has it that Hillaroid defended the Black Panthers (a violent black-supremacist gang) when they had tortured a member to death for suspected disloyalty in the 1960s. In 2000, Insight magazine published the most high-profile report seen to date -- reprinted here:


But the best prize on this subject is an exposé written last August by one of the Clintons' own topmost people, Dick Morris. Morris is "credited by many with engineering Clinton's re-election to the Arkansas governorship after a humiliating defeat at the end of Clinton's first term" (Answers.com) and was dubbed "The Man Who Has Clinton's Ear" in a 1996 Time magazine cover story. Eventually he joined the ranks of Clinton foes. In fact, he seems to have undergone a "Damascus road" conversion re this pair of world-wreckers: his article on Hillaroid is devastating!


Snopes.com, is a website which vets wild allegations in an "urban legends" context. It is very liberal and would no doubt like to shoot down Morris's accusations, but all only musters an “Undetermined” status on them:


Thanks to the miracle of the internet, though, all doubt is removed on many  a major subject. Lacking the space to give you all the gory details on commie Hillary, we now give you the two main Google searches on the subject.



More results are obtainable with simple keyword variations:

Neither this writer nor the Patriot Network endorses or approves all the above links or the content in them. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of knavery and vulgarity in society today -- as epitomized by all too many informational webpages. We pray for the day when all people will be free, and all will act their age!

Silver & Gold Explained
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Silver & gold


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Why investment silver                                  Save money on taxes

Real security and protection                         Why hard money

Prepare for the future, protect your family

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 The Patriot Bookstore

5. Show us the Law

by PC Ed

It's 2017 AD. World Emperor Gorge Mush has declared war on 50 countries simultaneously, many of them for refusing to join his “Coalition of the Killing” a decade ago. This has resulted in total war, worldwide.
Billions are dead. Many survivors in ameriKa have reached the end of their food, but Pamela Patriott, young mother of 5, decides to go pick through the ruins of a rural grocery one more time. With her wounded husband minding the babies and her two eldest kids riding shotgun in the trusty pickup, Pam drives down in the early morning.

As she’s tugging intact cans of asparagus out of the rubble, an edgy voice approaches the group from behind: “So it’s you, eh? I knew I’d catch up with you sooner or later!”

“Hey,” Pam replies, “How ya doing?”

“#$@& terrible, like everybody else,” the other woman snaps. “I guess we’re lucky we live in a gated community way out in the country, so we missed the really bad stuff, but we’re out of grub, and #%$%$ hungry!”

“And we on our little farm out in the county," answers Pam, "we don’t have much. What we raised is gone, partly to feed friends who weren’t as prepared as we.”

“Wait a minute,” Pam adds, “now I remember – you’re Rita Ripofsky, the IRS agent who tried to ruin us over a crummy fifteen dollars on a 12-year-old tax return! I guess all women are really created equal now, huh?”

“Not a bit of it,” cackles Rita, “The IRS had everything backed up on computers in four different states, so you will hear from us again about that year's return.”

“Hah!” laughs Pam. “Civilization gone, and you’re talking about bringing the IRS back from the ashes! Tell you what – let’s you, a tax voodoo agent, and I, a harassed nontaxpayer, have this out right here once and for all!”

“Whaddya mean,” Rita scoffs in her all-too-familiar Brooklyn accent. “I could slug you with one hand tied behind my back – ”

“No, not that strong arm stuff. You don’t have your armed goons behind you now, and I’ve got Mac and Susie here anyway.

"What I mean, Rita, is this: SHOW ME THE LAW. Look, you and I may be among the last million people on earth. I promise you you’d never get a dime out of us even if you could wave your wand and resurrect the IRS.

"What have you got to lose? C’mon, GIVE us the IRS’s real final answer, the one they always refused us, the people – ”

“Oh, I get ya,” says Rita. “Back to that `patriot’ stuff again, huh? G’wan, how many times did we tell you, the IRS has ruled over and over on that – “

“You didn’t hear what I said, Rita: SHOW ME THE LAW.” Susie and Mac are now leaning into the conversation, their gun barrels pointing just over Rita’s head.

“OK, OK, you want the law, the law, here you go. The totality of FEDERAL COURT JUDGMENTS in tax cases say you OWE THE MONEY, that’s what we go by –”


“Arright! Arright! You wanna be difficult about it! I’m gonna give it to you straight! You know where it says in the 1040 booklet what `every person liable’ has to do? That’s you! You made money, you had income! You signed ten or fifteen 1040s before, and that’s how you established that YOU CONSIDERED yourself liable! YOU signed up as IRS customers -- prove you didn’t!!!”

Old,” replies Pam, “I actually didn’t do that, because I didn’t understand as a young wage-earner years ago that INCOME TAXES ARE VOLUNTARY, as your own commissioners have always admitted. We, the people, are not as dumb as we used to be. SHOW US THE – ”

“Awright awreddy!” hisses Rita. You want `we the people’? I’ll give you `we the people’!!! You want to know the truth? You patriots had it right the whole time when you accused us of working by tacit procuration – getting you rubes to accept birth certificate, marriage license, driver’s license, fishing license, a permit to renovate the inside of your house. You fought each other for years over whether it really made you `U.S. government property,’ and guess what? It DID, you ARE, by your own choice – forever!”

“So the whole thing was a total fake,” Rita muses. “All this time we were right, even when fearing we weren’t…..”

“A fake?” Rita rasps. “You want law, you’re bound by contract law by your signatures (or your parents’) on all those things! And THAT is a FACT!”

“Not so fast,” counters Pam. “You forget something else we asserted 1,000 times, straight from the law: contracts are void from the first if both parties did not enter into them deliberately, knowingly, and with all terms fully spelled out. You call it tacit procuration, we call it constructive fraud!

"`Contract’, my eye – you bureaucrats enforced these things at gunpoint! There you have it! Finally, definitively, right here, we the people asked you to show us the law and you couldn’t!”

“Look,” screams Rita (getting right in Pam's face), “The %#$&% law is what we say it is! We need money and can get it however the %#$ we want! We couldn’t go into all that with you chumps because you wouldn’t know what to do with it – you’d just foul it all up. You’re like children! That’s what they told us! THERE’S YOUR FINAL ANSWER!!!

“Besides, I have a house, a boat and two cars to pay off, OK? Hey, you’re walking off with the last food in the whole town there! You gotta give me some of it – ”

“No we don’t,” says Pam. We worked for a living, we got here first, and this was my husband’s uncle’s store by the way!”

“Selfish!!!” screams Rita. “That’s how it always is with you #$@%# racist anti-government Christian extremist NUTS!.....What the #$@% is my family supposed to eat?????”

Pam eyes the rubble once more, steps down from the jeep, and has Mac lift a battered grocery shelf to liberate a dozen flattened Twinkies and Devil Dogs.

“Let ‘em eat cake?” she suggests—and her party wheels out of sight.

6. The sensational Snipes Case

Tax freedom has been given a boost with the recent furor over superstar Wesley Snipes. The 45-year-old move star, producer and martial artist is probably the most famous person ever to discover tax freedom and apply it to himself -- come what may.

The mere fact that this has occurred is worth 2"-high headlines in the national press. But because he substantially beat the IRS in the fight that resulted, everyone in the country (and many around the world) now know that some of their main heroes agree with supposed "right-wing anti-government wackos" that INCOME TAXES ARE VOLUNTARY. This is worth ten times the headlines.

Many of you are wondering what to make of it from a PN perspective. Our view, based on long years' experience and penetrating study, is of course that it is best to simply exercise the right to challenge tax thieves' depredations on the basis of their own procedural carelessness. Defenses based on legal theory vary highly as to their quality; Snipes tried a very popular one that may have caused some people problems -- but they prevailed on a number of important counts.

An online encyclopedia sums up the mostly exciting outcome of the phenomenally high-profile case: "On February 1, 2008, Snipes was acquitted on the felony count of conspiracy to defraud the government and on the felony count of filing a false claim with the government. We'll forbear to spoil the moment by repeating the ugly, bigoted things Mr. Snipes said about the South in relation to his trial -- but you can get there in a hurry if you Google ocala snipes racist.


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