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  1. Victory in Tax Court! IRS must start over!
  2. Numerous victories!!
  3. Thank You Mr. American
  4. Your Tax Dollars at work!
  5. Texas Tax Court
  6. Finally, Government admits some of our huge numbers

1.Victory in Tax Court! IRS must start over!

By PN Secretary

As we all know, the tax service makes many mistakes. Lee Roy Patriot has been fighting the many-headed IRS beast for several years because of a blunder of theirs.
Lee Roy faced the IRS in court and made them admit that they were wrong, and the Judge made them withdraw their erroneous default assessment against him.

This case began when the IRS issued a 90-day letter to a wrong address and Lee Roy did not receive the required copy. They continued to send important paperwork to an incorrect address even after Lee Roy notified them of his correct residence. When Lee Roy finally received mail from the IRS it was a Notice of Lien—also with an erroneous address on it. Lee Roy immediately contacted Dr. Clarkson who told him to petition the Tax Court.

In his petition, Lee Roy noted to the court how the mail was addressed incorrectly and supplied his correct address. No one can explain how Lee Roy received some of the mail from the IRS that was improperly addressed. Apparently it depended on whether an acquaintance of Lee Roy’s was working at the post office when the mail was sorted.

With the professional typing skills of the PN Secretary and the expert advice of Dr. Clarkson, Lee Roy also wrote to the ACS Support office and threatened a lawsuit if they did not remove the lien.

District Counsel then filed a Motion to Dismiss Lee Roy’s case. Since Lee Roy was the Petitioner and the one bringing action against the IRS, he did not want his case arbitrarily dismissed because then the IRS would reinstate the lien and steal his hard earned money. Lee Roy filed an Objection to District Counsel’s Motion to Dismiss and the Judge ordered a hearing on this motion to be scheduled for the Tax Court session in Columbia.

Lee Roy attended Dr. Clarkson’s Tax Court seminar and thusly was well prepared and knew what to say in court. Lee Roy pointed out to the Judge the numerous times the IRS had sent mail to the wrong address. When the Judge asked the IRS for an explanation of this mistake, District Counsel stuttered, as he had no justification for the error.

The Judge then ordered the case dismissed in Lee Roy’s favor and told the IRS they must start over by sending a new 90-Day letter to Lee Roy’s correct address.

This is not the first time the IRS has had erroneous information and mailed paperwork to the wrong address. Following The Great One’s advice, several other patriots have won their cases for the same reason.

United States of America, Plaintiff
Vernice Kuglin, Defendant

This case is no cure all but it is definitely a major milestone for tax freedom!

All Patriots need to be aware of this case and the victory it achieves for the movement. 

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2. Numerous Victories!!

We are winning dozens of small issues in tax court. These procedural victories are too minor to be reported separately. The judges on the tax court are just fed up with the IRS’ bullying tactics, insults to the courts and ignoring the rules.

We are winning many cases on procedural grounds, when the judges simply turn down the IRS’ orders or remand the cases to a lower level. These one-sentence orders are smashing defeats for the thieves, even if they do not seem like much to the tax victims.

We will continue to report on the clear victories which everybody can understand. Court decisions on the minor procedural points are also very important, but not so immediately exciting.

3. Thank You Mr. American

A Somali arrives in Minneapolis, a new immigrant to the United States. He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says, "Thank you Mr. American for letting me in this country, giving me housing, food stamps, free medical care and free education in my language"! The passer-by says, "You are mistaken, I am Mexican".

The man goes on and encounters another passer-by. "Thank you for having such a beautiful country here in America"! The person says, "I no American, I Vietnamese".

The new arrival walks further, and the next person he sees he stops, shakes his hand and says, "Thank you for the wonderful America"! That person puts up his hand and says, "I am from Middle East, I am not an American".

He finally sees a nice lady and asks, "Are you an American"? She says, "No, I am from Russia".

Puzzled, he asks her, “Where are all the Americans"? The Russian lady checks her watch and says...

"Probably at work"!

4. Your tax dollars at work

Inspector General Says IRS Wasted $3.5 Million on ID-Card Program

Left: J. Russell George, Treasury Inspector General

By Jim Abrams
Associated Press

e-PC editor comments:Government waste is legendary, and extremely galling -- especially when found in the very agencies that vampirize the people for the supposed good of the country, e.g. IRS and Treasury.

If the IRS is caught throwing money out the window in this relatively small aspect of government work, how much is it blowing on bigger things? And how much of the time do the people even hear about the tax agency slop?

The Internal Revenue Service paid a contractor $188,000 to provide one person to do clerical work over 11 months.

The contract was one example of financial waste contained in a government report on the tax agency's involvement in a program ordered by President Bush in 2004 to develop more-secure identification cards for federal workers.

The Treasury Department's inspector general for tax administration also said the IRS needlessly spent almost $2 million on a computer security system that the tax agency doesn't plan to use.

The IRS was responsible for developing and implementing the program to provide identification cards to about 150,000 employees at the Treasury Department. The projected cost of the program was $421 million over 14 years.

To provide one person for a clerical support job updating contact lists, assigning and tracking equipment, and processing trip reports, a contractor was paid $128 an hour.

Auditors for the inspector general's office were told by IRS program managers that the work could have been done by an employee with a ranking of GS-7, eligible for a starting salary of about $38,000 a year plus benefits. The contractor and the temporary worker it provided were not identified.

Of the $30 million the IRS has committed for the project, about $3.5 million was spent on acquisitions that should have been avoided, the report said.

"The IRS accepted this responsibility for the Treasury Department," said the Treasury inspector general for tax administration, J. Russell George. "It must change its present course and proceed in an efficient, cost-effective and responsible manner."

Steve Ellis, vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, a private budget watchdog group, said it was "staggering" that more than 10 percent of initial spending for the project had been wasted.

"If any agency should be responsible for our taxpayer dollars, it should be the IRS," he said. "They are in the front lines of collecting revenue from our citizens, and you want them to be careful with every dime they spend."

The IRS, in a statement yesterday in response to the report, said it agreed with the inspector general's findings and had acted to ensure more rigorous contract management and oversight. It noted that last May it shifted from a stand-alone approach to using General Services Administration solutions in issuing the new identification cards.

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5. Texas Tax Court

PN Secretary Comments: Dr. Clarkson helps people all across the nation. It is impossible for him to be everywhere at once. When a faithful Patriot was scheduled for Tax Court in Texas recently, The Great One sent a few of his assistants. Following are comments from Patriot John P. from Atlanta who was able to travel to Texas to help this brother in the cause.

This was my second tax court visit. Both of which were for supporting other like-minded Patriots. One of the first things that I was impressed with was the huge amounts of effort and monies spent in this country on victimless crimes like tax deficiencies. Millions of dollars are spent on plant and equipment and salaries which alone could be better spent elsewhere. What a huge waste of resources to say the least. Where is the outrage!

Another thing that struck me was the fact that a large percentage of the attorney's were female which was especially true at the Dallas court. Why is this?

This one thing I do know: patriot helpers who were required to attend these convocations were encouraged, very encouraged, by our support in attending this court appearance with them. Who wouldn't be encouraged by having someone in their corner when confronting these govt leeches who have got nothing better to do than suck the life out of hard working Americans? I hope that someone will attend my day in court!

Robert, you are a very good source of help and support for all of us in this thing. Thanks for what you do, Sir!

One last thing, and that is the friendships that develop attending these appearances. It's nice to know that we're not alone in this battle of the ages of GOOD vs. EVIL!

John P.

6. Finally Government admits some of our huge numbers

Frivolous....... to whom?

The latest celebrity uproar has one foot in the real world: movie actor and producer Wesley Snipes, who has his own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, has made new headlines in the New York Times et al as a tax resister.

Your editor prides himself on knowing nothing about current movie trends and did not recognize this name. The story gets more incredible by the minute: The best we can discern, Snipes linked up with Eddie Kahn, a tax maverick based in Florida for many years now. Kahn turned Snipes onto the highly-regarded "861" argument. Snipes also filed back tax returns which caused him a lot of trouble. Dr. Clarkson could have told the guys what was going to happen if they'd asked -- but for some reason, rich and famous people never do!

Snipes’ biography at answers.com is impressive, demonstrating the importance to the IRS of reeling him in. A paragraph from the www.thesnipestrial.com describing some of the officials connected with the case should make your day:

Government Witness: Shauna Henline works as a Senior Technical Advisor at the Frivolous Return Program in Ogden, Utah and is an 18 year veteran at the IRS. She testified: There are so many tax denier letters (100,000 per year) and federal income tax returns that make frivolous legal arguments (20-30,000 per year) that the IRS has had to set up a centralized department to do nothing but handle these filings.

This shows the Freedom Movement is causing a major headache for the enemy. — NW

The news media also stated:

“The Justice Department, on the heels of a split verdict in its tax evasion prosecution of actor Wesley Snipes, is claiming a crackdown on the so-called tax protester movement.” (A frequent claim, but never implemented--Ed.)

The protesters, or tax deniers, assert a constitutional right to avoid federal taxes, relying in part on century-old Supreme Court decisions. Their ranks are growing to include white-collar professionals, and they are costing the government millions in revenue, officials say.”

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