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Vol. 7, #1 April 2009                                Nelson Waller, Editor                      PN Secretary, Assistant Editor

Dr. Robert Clarkson, Publisher

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  1. Jeannie Patriot Beats IRS Siezure on Home
  2. Law Library Workshop & Clarkson's Law Course
  3. Randy Patriot's Report from Tax Court
  4. Tax Resolution Companies
  5. Annual Dues Donation
  6. Baby Patriot is on the Way!


1. Jeannie Patriot Beats IRS Seizure on Home


Freedom Fighter Jeannie, in Tampa, has been harassed by a particularly evil tax collector for years. After our Patriot heroine beat them in an audit and collections case with the help of PN Advisory service, the wicked over-zealous agent caused the DOJ to bring suit in federal court against her for a foreclosure on her home.

Jeannie, one of the best student paralegals and legal writers, fought back every inch of the way. The judge was lied to by the US Attorney and made numerous erroneous rulings.

Then the IRS auctioneer flew in and he found out that the appraisal on Jeanie's property was incorrect. Plus Jeannie did not even own the real estate in question. To keep from being sued for damages, the auctioneer withdrew the seizure and the IRS agreed to leave her alone. Jeannie Patriot's magnificent pleadings are found on the PN site under Collections.

Many patriots can win their cases if they follow the rules and exploit the IRS' numerous procedural errors. The low-level agents who deal with small tax matters have no experience and are unwilling to learn. The more experienced agents who do not make so many dumb mistakes, have moved into higher management positions or are now retired. Dr. Clarkson's 30 years of experience and institutional knowledge will beat these low level agents every time. All tax collectors retire after 30 years.

Pleadings for this case can be seen on the Patriot Network website under Collections, outline number III-K.


2. Law Library Workshop & Clarkson's Law Course

Date: May 15-17, 2009

Location: PN Headquarters, Anderson, SC

        Friday:    10am - 12 noon   Registration
                  12 noon          Lunch
                  1pm - 6pm        Clarkson on Civil Procedure. $60 includes lunch at noon.
                  6pm - 9pm        Simpsonville Patriot meeting, dutch treat meal at restaurant. PN policy on meals is on lower half of our regular meeting page. Click here.
        Saturday: 9am              Breakfast Saturday morning. Registration all day.
                 10am - 6pm        Legal Research and Legal Writing.
                                   ($120.00 includes breakfast, lunch and supper.)
        Sunday:   9am              Breakfast
                 10am - 5pm        Law Library Trip
                                   ($60. Includes breakfast. Lunch and dinner not included.)

Classes include: How to use a law library; Legal Research; How to write a legal brief; Legal methods — how the courts work; How to represent and defend yourself, Civil Procedure, trip to law library, et al. Question and Answer period each evening.

Speakers: Dr. Robert Clarkson, Brother Larry on Self Representation, PN Secretary on Discovery, and more.

Cost: Cost includes some handouts, meals, and instruction. Family, returnees -½price.  Free CD text for advance registration.

For more information on speakers, scheduling, lodging, transportation from the airport, or registration, contact Robert Clarkson, 864-225-3061 or Nelson Waller 864-225-0882.

Come meet your fellow Patriots from the southeast, have good food and learn lots. Regular Meetings in Greenville, Columbia, Simpsonville, SC; Atlanta, Norcross, GA; Charlotte, Asheville, NC.

We have started an e-group for law course attendees for your information and questions. Please join if you are thinking about attending the law course or have attended one in the past.

Subscribe to PN-LawCourse

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Law Course Materials

For law library workshop, preparatory materials include:

These are available from The Patriot Bookstore. Order now so that you may study them in advance.


3. Randy Patriot's Report from Tax Court

A Clarkson tax patriot chronicles the IRS's slippery footwork regarding the location of his hearing.


My Motion for Change of Venue under Rule 140c was filed on December 12, 2008. My reasons for wanting the Change of Venue were to change the  location to Columbia, SC from Dallas, TX so that I could have my expert witness in Tax Liability, Dr. R.B. Clarkson present. Motion for change was stated as being for the convenience of my witness as he was unable to travel to Dallas, and since IRS has facilities in Columbia, SC as well as Dallas, TX, this should present no additional expense nor problem for IRS.

Upon being called by Judge Paris, I took my place next to District Counsel Garber. I thought that I was as prepared as one could be, expecting a simple YES or NO ruling. Mr. Garber made his opening statement in which he expressed that he had no objection at all to a change in venue. I thought for sure this would assure a grant of the motion all uncontested. However this was not the case.

Although Judge Paris sounded as though she was going to grant this immediately, she then became hesitant and was overly concerned whether I was aware that I would have to travel to Columbia myself. She stated that she also would like to see more documentation of negotiation between myself and Mr. Garber. She went through this two complete times and she asked me three times if I was fully aware that I would have to go to Columbia, SC for the trial at which I assured her that "Yes! I am aware of that!" (Keep in mind here that going to SC was my whole purpose for this motion to begin with.)

Noon break was upon us and Judge Paris would not rule on this motion, but rather insisted that I meet again with Mr. Garber and that we would reconvene on Thursday January 29th in session. I should add that I was not prepared at all for this, her ruling caught me entirely off guard as I was naïve and complacent in thinking there would be a simple cut-and-dried ruling on this. At this, Mr. Garber and I met in an outside room, and I think he was as puzzled as I was. It was there that we discussed a Stipulation of Facts to present to Judge Paris on Thursday. We also agreed to correspond by email since I live over 135 miles from Dallas.

On Tuesday Mr. Garber had sent me a Stipulation of Facts to sign, as that (in his words) would indicate negotiation and "progress" between us to give Judge Paris on Thursday. He also said that if I returned this document signed via fax and email, and also in original hard copy via U.S. Mail, he could present this to Judge Paris in lieu of my presence. I was not thrilled at signing this document, however I believed this was necessary in order to assure granting of my original motion. Once again, Mr. Garber specifically told me the he had no objection to a change in location.

Mr. Garber was present in court again on Thursday, showing Judge Paris my faxed copy of the signed stipulation document, but again there was no decision as he had not yet received the original hardcopy. His email to me that evening said the hardcopy was in fact in his office mailbox that afternoon, and that he was to again appear before Judge Paris on Tuesday, February 3rd.

It is February 24th, almost a full month since my Change of Venue hearing on January 26th and no decision nor word yet. I have been assigned back to the Appeals Officer in Dallas, Texas for the purpose of reaching some settlement, yet no decision has been made regarding my change of venue motion.

Standing by.

March 3, 2009 — Today while under the impression that I was working with Appeals and District Counsel in Dallas, I received a Court Order from Judge Elizabeth Crewson Paris of the Tax Court signed back on February 3, 2009 granting my Change of Venue motion. However this document was not mailed to me until February 26th arriving at my home on March 3rd.

I was in total confusion on this as I had been told I was back with Dallas District Counsel. I wrote a letter to the Dallas office, and some other person then informed me that my case had all been sent over to Columbia, S.C. as per my Change of Venue. I have now been instructed to wait until I hear from S.C. It is now March 16, 2009 as I write this.


4. Tax Resolution Companies



I receive many questions about the many law firms, accounting firms and companies that assist over-taxed Americans with their tax problems. Since so many millions honest, hardworking American citizens are unable to shoulder the horrendous tax burden, many are being pursued by the collections division of the IRS, perhaps including you.

What should you do? Should you contact one of the companies offering to save you, and what do they charge?


A. The cost. These companies advertise heavily and guess who pays for the advertising? In general they overcharge their frightened, vulnerable and susceptible customers.

They generally do Offer in Compromise (OIC) so you can settle for pennies on the dollar. This is quick and easy for them to do and they do not need to charge so much. But you can do this yourself with the advice of the Patriot Network staff, or any knowledgeable advisor.

B. The quality of work. Most of the time these resolution companies do horrible work because they do not show the client how to become judgment-proof prior to filing the OIC form. Of course, they may be prohibited from furnishing this type of useful advice.

Generally, these settlement firms just help you pay taxes that you do not owe in the first place. Then they charge you excessively for the little amount of time they spend on your case. However if you already have no assets, the OIC works just fine and these helpers do an adequate job.

C. Transfers to avoid creditors: in many cases you can transfer your assets or spend all your money prior to the compromise. This is a tricky situation and only a few advisors know what to do. In most cases this maneuver is right simple and 100% effective.

D. The numbers: The number of Americans who file their tax returns without sending the money is staggering, more than on half on April 15. The number of non-filers is more than 60 million. Even though only a small percentage is harassed by the tax collectors, the number of taxpayers is more than the IRS can handle. Therefore each year, more and more tax victims have found it advantageous not to pay. As a result the tax collectors' problems are compounded, and you can expect tax resolution companies to pop up with a corresponding increase in advertising.

E. Patriot John's research: He sent one of the largest compromising companies in the nation a message to contact him. A sales representative then contacted him. She could not answer his questions and did not even know what a CDPH was. She then transferred John to an analyst who asked more specific questions of the tax debt patriot John allegedly owes.

F. Some alarming things noted by John about these people:

1) they did not know what CDPH stood for

2) When John explained it, they did not seem concerned that the IRS was moving into collections on our accounts before we had a day in court. (In other words, they did not jump up and down and scream like Dr. Clarkson does, "They can't do that!")

3) They were all too eager to:

4) They were not eager to stop the collection activity. They were going to work on that AFTER the above steps were followed. Needless to say, John decided to stick with the Clarkson method. 

Due Process


6 Sessions - 5 hours

DVD $30 Order now from The Patriot Bookstore


5. Annual Dues Donation

Have you kept your Patriot Network Membership up-to-date?

The tax thieves have stepped up the tangle of paperwork that we must wade through in order to win. More patriot cases are coming across our desks than we can handle. By necessity we have had to take on additional staff to help with the workload.

If you have not yet renewed your membership for the year 2009, please send your donation today.

The recommended renewal contribution is $200 annually. The suggested initial donation for new members is $1,000 but temporarily discounted to $800. We request you send in your payment early before it becomes due. If you have not finished making your initial installment contributions, do so quickly before we cancel your membership. Try to send us your membership number with your payments so your account will be appropriately credited.

Due to the crushing work load on us, we will be unable to assist those who are behind in their contributions. We appreciate those who have already remitted or made arrangements to do so.


6. Baby Patriot is on the Way!

The Patriot Network expresses well wishes to Brother Larry and his wife, Rachel on the joy of her pregnancy. Baby Patriot is due to arrive in September. We'll keep you posted!

Brother Larry and Rachel were wed in September 2007, see A Marriage Made in Heaven...with Help from the PN in our November 2007 newsletter.


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