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These dedicated patriots deserve recognition for their allegiance and steadfast loyalty to the cause through the best of times and the worst of times.

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Vol. 4 Iss. #6 (Nov. 2006) Brother Larry
Vol. 4 Iss. #5 (Oct. 2006) Mark Mosley
Vol. 3 Iss. #3 (Aug. 2005) Steve Cremedy
Vol. 2 Iss. #6 (Oct. 2004) Gene Chapman
Vol. 2 Iss. #5 (Sep. 2004) Dean Allen
Vol. 2 Iss. #4 (May 2004) Peymon Mottahedeh
Vol. 2 Iss. #2 (Mar. 2004) Robert Clarkson
Vol. 1 Iss. #3 (Dec. 2003) Jimmy Ramage
Vol. 1 Iss. #2 (Nov. 2003) Nelson Waller

March 27—Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), M.D., is of 535 members of U.S.

Congress the only one to routinely articulate conservative positions on major issues and to remain in office term after term.

He is proof that it is possible to live in the real world and legislate in the fantasy realm known as Washington DC.

On March 27th, our kind threw a banquet in his honor in Columbia, SC. Most of the state's leading nationalist figures are there.

In the midst of it all, Robert Clarkson, old friend of this column and this publication, is accorded one of the rare moments of well-deserved recognition he's had in 30 years of full-time activist leadership the hosts of the event acknowledge him as having gotten more people out for the event than anybody else (he brought an entire table worth) and having virtually founded Libertarianism in SC, as his brother (who was also present), did in GA.

(Dr. Paul calls himself "libertarian congressman" in the link for his site,


October 2003—RW Moore,
President of Toccoa Patriots and RW is also the Publisher of the Truth Newspaper

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