Eight out of eight!!

Paul wreaks havoc with IRS !

Paul is an old friend in Washington State who has been harassed by the IRS for years. He turned to some other patriot activists for help and they gave him information that was not procedurally correct.

He filed a CDPH Request that was Constitutionally sound but, alas, it was classified by those dirty bums at the IRS as “frivolous.” The high and mighty appeal officers, who think they know everything, issued a determination notice against a true and faithful patriot.

Paul exercised his statutory right by appealing their wrongdoing to the tax court. Paul again used information from loyal American citizens -- even though it was highly unpopular with the tax court. He was on the verge of losing his case and being another needless victim of the tax collectors.

Then he contacted The Great One who was able to save him. We discovered that one sentence in his CDPH request form could have met the criteria established by Congress in Internal Revenue Code §6330, the part guaranteeing due process during tax persecution. The PN had won a similar case in NJ but it was too small to be reported. (Would that we had time and space to report all PN victories!)

We used the famous Marett case whereby the chief judge of the tax court ruled that the CDPH request was valid if it was covered by even one Congressional provision even though the rest of it was unpopular with the evil, wicked tax collectors.

In Patriot Paul’s case, the District Counsel carefully read the pleadings written with the help of Dr. Clarkson. These are all in the CDPH section of PN website. Then the District Counsel saw that the IRS position was hopeless and agreed that the case should be remanded to the appeals division. The case is to be reopened so that the freedom fighter can introduce his collection hearing particulars.

With DC and tax victim both asking for a remand, the judge quickly granted it. Therefore the case is back in the appeals division so Paul can receive full benefit of his statutory rights. The judge’s order had some errors and we had to move for a rehearing, but we don't expect this to be a problem.

Go to CDPH part II under Members Only to see the winning pleadings filed in Paul's case.