From: Dr. Tom Patriot

August 10, 2007

To: Employer


You notified me that you were intending to turn over my personal records, my personnel financial information to a government agency. You stated they made a simple request to you for documents on me.

I request that you obey all laws, including laws pertaining to my privacy. The United States Congress has passed a number of laws on privacy and financial privacy. You can have your attorney contact me and I will assist him locating these statues. Your attorney can explain to you what you can do and the adverse consequences to your company if you violate your employee’s privacy rights.

The IRS is entitled to my financial records if they follow the procedures of the Internal Revenue Codes and obey all laws. For financial records, they must give you a third party summons clearly stating what they want pertaining to whomever. You can request a summons from the IRS or a subpoena.

If you surrender my privacy or violate my rights without statutory authority, I can seek legal council to see what steps I need to take.


Tom Patriot