Now that audit season is near, Tax Patriot cooks using this recipe can entertain their community delightfully at the expense of collectors.


1 Patriot, dedicated, with family
1 Bible, well worn
1 American flag, respected
1 TV Camera covering for local station
3 reporters and news photographers


1 Tape recorder and cassette tape
2 IRS agents feeling big and mighty
1 copy of the U.S. Constitution
10 neighbors, friends and relatives




Spread tape recorder, Bible and American flag on table, set tax rats in front, take pictures, spread questionnaires on agents.

Sauté Pledge of Allegiance and appropriate prayer-scripture reading. Season with control of meeting and positive stance.

Mix thoroughly news media, Bill of Rights and Patriot principles, Blend Constitution, agent questionnaire and tax-rats, Bake in news conference the idea of private citizens standing up to supposedly omnipotent government.

Option: Sprinkle water on uncovered agents via lawn sprinkler or rain clouds. Other flavorings may also be added.

Serve on "guest numerous questions, request for immunity, and various dilatory procedures, Hold Privacy Act, 5 USC 552a in reserve.

Remember: Never say never, Make no admissions nor affirmative statements.
Yield: Two embarrassed, degraded IRS agents.



The purpose of the "Tea Party is to control the audit, to force the tax collectors on the defensive, to turn the tables. The "Tea Party technique can be used at any meeting between government agents and a citizen. You can use the procedures reported here when confronted with harassment from OSHA, BATF, EPA, etc.

We can halt the growth and power of Big Government by simply standing up by refusing to cooperate, by exercising all our legal rights. The welfare state depends on bureaucratic expediency - and claims for due process is a monkey wrench thrown into the machinery. Let's deny the bureaucrats what they want most: fear and cooperation from a subdued populace.

The procedures used by Clarkson in this article were perfected through years of trial and error. For more information on how you can host a "Tea Party , contact R, Clarkson, 515 Concord Ave., Anderson, SC 29621 (864-225-3061, or order the Audit Procedure Packet for $25 from The Patriot Bookstore, P0 Box 2368, Greenville, SC 29621 or purchase the Clarkson tape "Audit Procedure $5 separately.