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The Patriot Network has investigated the following Service Contractors and found them to be reliable, dependable, reasonably priced and competent. They can assist you in your quest for freedom.

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This is a tremendous new source of patriotic books and videos! We have informationto show you how to safely, easily, and effectively separate you from the hated IRS, wasteful income tax and the bankrupt social security system. The information provided has been used for years. It is proven effective, and inexpensive.

We have the complete collection of the Irwin Schiff classics including a 3 videoset of the famous Schiff explaining the Federal Mafia. Schiff books include:

Other Titles

See for even more titles and ordering information.

Looking for work as an independent contractor?

Employee leasing has many benefits for employers and employees.

Dr. Clarkson has an associate who has a employee leasing company (or labor service company). You can sign up with the temporary agency and they will bill your employer for your work. Then our associate will send you your entire paycheck, less a small fee. The temporary labor company will make you an independent contractor and therefore will not subject you to withholding and other types of theft.

This type of employment is the best way to save on taxes and protect your privacy. If your company will not hire you as an independent contractor, they will frequently contract with an agency for your work.

Dr. Clarkson has used this employment agency for years and has found them very reliable. Contact PN Secretary for more information. 864-225-3061 Email

Estate Planning

Our top expert on Estate Planning is Mark. Mark's expertise will help you protect your children's inheritance. He can provide you with the strategy needed to ensure your assests are secured for the next generation. Mark is competant, reliable and thorough. For more information send PN Secretary an e-mail.


The nations premier expert on LLC and other entities, Jeff Smith, has available for you turnkey, ready to use corporations, LLC's, corporation soles, etc. These are moderately priced package deals with Jeff's expertise to assist you. Jeff's asset protection products are superb, the best in the business. We have known Jeff a long time and know for a fact that he is competent, reliable and easy to contact. We hear nothing but praise from our friends who have used Jeff's programs and expertise. For more information send PN Secretary an e-mail.

Increase your wealth, protect your assets and leave a family legacy!

For generations America's most prominent families have used the "Private Family Foundations" to increase their wealth, to protect their assets, and to leave a legacy while fulfilling the principles and values they believe in.

Whether your looking to maximize your charitable efforts, work for your charity, take advantage of the many tax benefits the IRS allows your foundation, or all of the above, the foundation is the tool of choice by America's most prominent families.

A family foundation is a tax-exempt charity that is funded and controlled by an individual or a family. It is for that reason that private family foundations are considered the "Gold Standard" against which other types of charitable organizations are measured. No other vehicle can match the unique combination of flexibility, control, asset protection, and tax advantages offered by the family foundation.

The private family foundation is not only recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a separate legal entity formed as a trust, or nonprofit corporation under state law, a private family foundation has also obtained status as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the tax code.

To set up a Family Foundation, email PN Secretary.

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