Ray Patriot
1776 Freedom St
Concord, NC

June 13, 2007

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
1973 N. Rulon White Blvd.
Ogden , UT 84404

RE: Tax Payer ID Number 123-45-6789

Tax Year Ending 2003

Dear Mr. Dennis L. Parizek:

You sent me a thirty day letter dated May 25, 2007, a copy of which is attached. I dispute your computations. I disagree with the content of your letter and deny any tax liability. Please schedule a day for me so I might show you my books and records for the year in question. I had unreimbursed business expenses and deductions including charitable donations, medical expenses, local taxes, etc. I had tax return preparation expense.

I want to obey the law and do whats right. I want to pay all the taxes I owe. Your letter 1862 simply is not correct. I had many business expenses for that tax year and I am entitled to claim them. Your Income Tax examination changes did not give me credit for my withholding as well as deductions, expenses, illegal telephone tax credit of $30, etc.


Ray Patriot