Report on Face to Face Conference

By Patriot Tim of Colorado
RBC Note: After eight years, a member of the PN actually had a real, in-person CDP hearing. This is Tim’s report of what happened:r />
In my original Request for CDP Hearing I addressed some of the issues with an attachment to the form 12153, with the most important ones being (1.) proof that I received the Notice of Deficiency  (90 day letter); (2.) as well as the proof that I received The Notice and Demand Letter.  Also I Requested this information after receiving the appeals officers’ tentative schedule of a hearing on September 3, 2008 . The only thing that was sent in response to my request was a Certificate of Official Record.
I responded with another letter again Dated Sept. 8, 2008 asking for the proof of the two notices stated above before the re-scheduled hearing on September 24, 2008. I have not had any response at all on this.
On the Certificate of Record I notice it does not state if the NOD was received of sent back. It does not even show that The Notice and Demand Letter was even sent, but it does show that I signed for the Notice of Intention to Levy & Collection Due Process Notice With Returned Receipt signed.
 I have always tried to respond and cooperate with IRS and I have a few years of correspondences with the IRS and I have always had forwarding address changes filled out with the post office. I am not trying to hide from the IRS and I never will, and I believe that some procedures have been violated and that I have not been given the proper Notices to adequately defend myself.
I have all necessary paper work to comply with the Law and OIC, but I am not willing to release anything until the IRS complies with what was requested of them such as proof or receipt of the two documents stated above, in accordance with the Law.
As many of us out here know, a CDP Hearing sounds very intimidating. I have just accomplished my first meeting on September 24, 2008. I live 4 hours from the IRS Appeals office.  After a month or so of conversing with what I thought was an appeals officer, we had a scheduled day for a face to face hearing. I reviewed with Robert on many short phone calls. I was beginning to feel like I was bothering him, but in fact I found out that this really charges him up. Thank you Robert for your help and support.
          I go for the journey over the mountain to Denver CO. for my hearing with the IRS. I was not to nervous I had lots of prayer from my bible study group as well as my men’s accountability group, but as I got closer the nerves really started to work on me, and I started to perspire a little. By the time I reached the Federal Building I had to make a phone call again to Robert to calm me down a little, and he did. His words: “do not let them push you around!” which echoed through my mind, and a few more phone calls for prayer worked.
          I was ready to face my giant. I walked in no perspiration and introduced myself to the secretary, and said I was here for my hearing. I was a bit early so I sat and waited and waited until finally 10 minutes after the scheduled hearing the officer comes out, and says we do not have a scheduled time. I produced my official notice that stated the date and time of the hearing, and I was correct. Well I have to say I got a lot braver after that. I finally had the hearing, and it went exactly how Robert said it would go. From fumbling around to find a recorder to still not having the paper work I requested. It was a complete joke!!!
         I guess what this all comes down to is I stood my ground with the help of Robert and the Patriot Network. I am battling the IRS not by myself, but with all the other patriots who see our once great country losing ground to Greed, and an unjust government. IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!!!!                                                                    
T Thank You Again Robert for your help and support!
Tim Patriot        >