Clarkson's Law Library Workshop

Dr. Clarkson lectures at Law Library Workshop in Anderson (Oct. 04)

Law Library Workshop and Clarkson Law Course

Date: TBA
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In General…

The Law Course teaches you how to represent yourself, protect your rights, how to defend yourself at law, how the courts operate or Legal Methods and how to keep your lawyer from cheating you.

The Law Library Workshop teaches you how to use a law library, legal research and write a legal brief. Trip to Law Library includes practical exercise on legal research on your own subject, then writing a legal brief, all under expert direction. Official certificates for those who complete course (most do).

This is an important and useful class for everybody. You will really learn a lot. A difficult and complicated subject will be condensed and simplified so that everybody can learn.

Chief Instructor is Dr. Robert Clarkson; J. D., Assistant Instructor; Brother Larry on self representation, Howard on Electronic Research and others.

Cost: $120 per full day, $60 per 1/2 day. Includes instruction, handouts and meals. You can attend one or more days. Family and returnees 1/2 price.

Location: TBA


Date: TBA

Location: TBA

Friday: 1 to 6pm. Clarkson on Civil Procedure. $60 includes lunch at noon. 6pm-9pm Simpsonville Patriot meeting

Saturday: 10am to 6pm. Legal Research and Legal Writing. $120.00 includes breakfast, lunch and supper

Sunday: 10am to 5pm. Law Library Trip. $60. Includes breakfast, includes classes on how to use a law library, Legal Research, how to write a legal brief, legal methods-how the courts work, how to represent and defend yourself, trip to law library, civil procedure, et al.

Speakers include Dr Robert Clarkson, Brother Larry on Self Representation, etc.

Cost includes materials, meals, and instruction.  Family, returnees price. Breakfast Saturday morning at 9 am. Free book for advance registration.

More info: Contact Dr. Clarkson

Typical Scheduling:

Friday 1-6pm Clarkson on Civil Procedure
  6-9pm Simpsonville Meeting
Saturday 9am Breakfast
  10am - 6pm Class by Dr. Robert Clarkson
  Noon Break for Lunch
  6pm - until Supper & Q&A
Sunday 9am Breakfast
  10am-7pm Brief Refresher Class and Trip to Law Library

For law library workshop, preparatory materials include "How to Use Law Library" $20, Law Dictionary $30, and Clarkson's videos-DVD "Legal Research I" and "Legal Research II" $30 each. These are available from PN Secretary or from The Patriot Bookstore. Prices are subject to change, call PN Secretary for information.

For more information on speakers, scheduling, lodging, transportation from the airport, or registration, contact PN Secretary, 864-225-3061 or Nelson Waller 864-225-0882.

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Come meet your fellow Patriots from the southeast, have good food and learn lots. Regular meetings in Greenville, Columbia, Simpsonville, SC; Atlanta, Norcross, Toccoa, GA; Charlotte, Asheville, NC. Regular Meetings.

We have started an e-group for law course attendees for your information and questions. Please join if you are thinking about attending the law course or have attended one in the past.


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