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  1. Tax Court (Tax Liability)
  2. Sue the Banks - 7609
  3. Sue the I.R.S. - (Pocket Summons)
  4. Sue the D.O.J.
  5. CDPH Part II
  6. Your rights and the FBI
  8. How to Win an IRS Summons
  9. Current & Recent Issues of the e-Patriot Cannon

Cases We've Won!

  1. CDPH Cases We've Won--Magnificient Clarkson Victories!
    1. Sherri's Case before the 11th Circuit Court
    2. Noel's Face to Face Hearing
    3. Tax Court Rules In-person Hearing is Mandatory
    4. Marett Order for Face to Face Hearing
    5. Circuit Court Rebukes District Court and DOJ in Atlanta
    6. Patriot pro se beats DOJ in Circuit Court on CDPH Appeal
    7. Paul's winning order
    8. Vidya's Winning Victory!
      1. Judge's Abatement Page 1
      2. Judge's Abatement Page 2
    9. Vilas' Winning Order
    10. Tim's in-peson CDP Hearing
  2. Winning Pocket Summons Victories
    1. Don's Mighty Conquest
    2. Dr. Tom wins again!
    3. The Henderson Case