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VOLUME  #  1             Issue # 1                                               September 2003

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Patriot Cannon Goes Digital

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Patriot Of The Month
Interview With R.W Moore,
Publisher of The Truth Newspaper


Who is R.W Moore?

I am the publisher of The Truth Newspaper located at 1478 Highway 106 in  Toccoa, Ga. 30577.

How did you come to found the newspaper?

I'm 73 years old and I got to the point where I could remember, at one time, a better world that we were living in and I wanted to do my part to make it a better
world today, or at least try to. I just couldn't stand what they were doing
to our country. We have a great country but nobody gives a d***. I'm a
problem plugger, I see a problem, and look around and ask people, "hey, why
don't you help me." -- They usually talk a good line but... do little or nothing.

Give us some examples please.

Here in Stephens County they were trying to pass a law to give the county
government control over land use. [This is a major problem in counties across the country but gets little coverage -- NW.]

We formed Take Back Georgia (most of the work was done by me) and we beat them 994 votes in the ballot box although they had already sneaked land use through before the vote was ever taken.

So many times I've heard it, till it's coming out my ears, "I don't see what one person can do." We were having fires in the 1960s and I organized the first volunteer fire department in Eastanollee. Then pilots from Florida and other places were losing their lives in the mountains up here. ( The mountains will rise up and smite you, you know!)

On Oct. 20 1976 I organized the Civil Air Patrol here.

What is the main point of the Truth Newspaper?

It really is a God and country publication; we cover freedoms and liberties being taken away. We're not a religious paper but we deal in religious subjects. For instance I've gotten the 10 Commandments into three counties (Franklin, Madison, Habersham) -- got them to sign a resolution saying that the county government has the right to display them in public buildings. In most cases they have.

Habersham County is being sued by the ACLU on behalf of a preacher named (Bo) Turner. Some time ago I went down to Decatur and gave a deposition to the ACLU attorney. That's where his office was. I was subpoenaed to go there.

After so many years in activism, why would one found a newspaper now?

I looked around to try to determine what I could be most effective at and reach the most people with the minimum amount of resources. It got to the point that I had to do something for my own sanity. My sanity's debatable, but I can lay down in bed tonight and feel good about what I'm doing. We mail papers to people in 40 states.

What other current projects do you have?

This Tuesday I'll be presenting an anti-Patriot Act and -Homeland Security
resolution to the county commissioners in Stevens County. They love me -- I'm among their favorite folks.

Where do you differ with them?

They passed a resolution which causes the citizens of this community to have to pay a $25 fee for a permit to assemble. That is a direct opposition to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. But the county lawyer says this is based on a law that was defeated by the U.S. Supreme Court -- there was an issue over a park in Chicago. Interestingly enough, Chicago is one of the 112 cities that has opted out of Patriot Act I and II as well as Homeland Security Act.
(See for a list of these cities.)

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"If the American People ever allow 'private banks' to control the issue of currency...the banks...will deprive the People of all their property until their children 'wake up' homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."
                    Thomas Jefferson

Patriots Win CDP Hearing

Patriots and "The Great One" show off a Constitution, a pile of IRS forms, and a
winning attitude before going in for CDP hearing. 

A young man whom we shall call Joe recently joined the Patriot Network and said he was being chased by the tax thieves. Dr. Clarkson advised him to take the option which the IRS or Instant Robbery Squad offers for a "collections due process hearing" (CDPH). PN members and friends looked forward to this latest opportunity to simultaneously educate the Service and study its machinations.

On the date of July 29th a hardy crew of our people gathered at the entrance to the IRS office on Roper Mountain Road in Greenville. We talked over a few angles of the challenge and sharpened our tactical fangs. About 15 minutes after the hearing was scheduled to begin, a woman came out of the door to the torture center -- the Orwellian area inside the office where agents were "serving customers" from behind Plexiglas panels. She announced herself as Mary Green -- almost certainly a pseudonym of some kind. Joe explained that he was there to settle the matter with witnesses observing the proceedings. Suddenly it was obvious all over again: there's a war going on!

At the first hint that their "mark" knew something about his rights, the agents' backs were up. They became agitated and hostile. What started with about two of them quickly grew to four or five, all surrounding one patriot armed only with the truth.

"I will be recording the hearing," George added. "We're sorry”, quashed Mary, that will not be permitted since you did not give us ten days' notice."

George was adamant about taping, though, as backed up inimitably by The Great One himself. He aptly cited the recent Keene case in support for taping rights. The agents flatly refused. Another member present, "Jack", asked the disputants to speak a little louder and pointed his micro cassette recorder right at them. The agents realized two recorders were already on, and the stuff really hit the fan!

"Turn those recorders off!" barked one. "We have our rights!" cried a PN member we shall call Jack. THIS HEARING IS CONCLUDED!" shouted the agent -- but "Mary" went right on with it! Jack asked if the recorders were permitted, and The Great One -- ever a stickler for procedure -- advised that taping was indeed not allowed under the circumstances. The machines were turned off -- but not for long!

"Mary Green" demanded to know who The Great One was, and he responded quite truthfully, "I am `person.'"

"Are you an attorney? He's allowed to have his attorney here."

"I'm just `person,' and I have the right to come in advise him regardless!"

"I have witnesses," Joe added. "Well," said Mary, "you're not going to have more than one representative and one witness." We fought that claim tooth and nail. Jack demanded to know what section of law or policy allowed these restrictions, but got no answer worth mentioning.

Mary gave Joe a choice between having the hearing under these draconian restrictions or going home and leaving the agents to have the hearing without him. Here he threw in the main ingredient by stating that he was there to discuss "collection alternatives" but wasn't being accorded a fair chance to do so. Once this was on the record the IRS's case was as good as dead. He now has the chance to sue the agency and drag the case out like they like it. This amounts to a "checkmate" of the evil, disreputable tax mafia. 

Above, the enemy retreats -- two of the maddest IRS agents you ever saw charge out of the foyer back toward their lair after failing to shout down well- citizens armed with facts.

Seeing the patriot could not be budged the agents (one of whom wore a badge of some kind) stalked back into their own torture domain. Two of them, wearing looks of total devastation, came out the front doors to peer at the patriots getting into the cars. Our merry band departed for a delicious buffet lunch at their accustomed first-Saturday meeting location, and to savor the victory in progress.
     A week later The Patriots were notified that they had won the CDP hearing and the collection activities were dismissed.


Valiant Warrior Certificate

Patriot Network President, Robert Clarkson and PN Secretary Nelson Waller have designed a new award certificate for Valiant Warriors -- those who have been in the freedom fight (i.e. not filed) for ten years or more.

The Patriot Network believes in recognition of freedom fighters who have been earnest in the cause, especially for decades of service to one's country.

The ten-year designation for the Road Paver certificate is out of date now, so we have promoted it to be the 20-year pin and may soon be the 30-year award. A Road Paver is one who came early and prepared the route for others to follow.

At the monthly meetings and at the annual convention, Dr. Clarkson will be presenting the Valiant Warrior certificate for those who have been steadfast in the
cause for ten years or more and the Road Paver certificate for two decades.

The "Federal Reserve" [bank] is a "privately owned, foreign controlled" central bank.  Are You Homeless, Yet?


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