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DOJ: Clarkson a Threat to Tax System
Law Course Coming Up in Anderson
Letter from a satisfied customer
IRS opting not to go after many "scofflaws"
The Constitution Today
PN Leaders Smash Educational Tyranny in Georgia Middle School
Kerry Seeks Gay-Marriage Vote, Marries Teddy Kennedy
How to lose an FOIA appeal...Gennifer Flowers


DOJ: Clarkson a Threat to tax system

The following article is reprinted from the March-April 1995 issue of the Patriot Cannon. We will be reprising other fine articles from the old, hard-copy PC to celebrate the long, effective career of this organization.
        Last year the government mounted a herculean effort against the First Amendment, concentrating all of its wrath in a case against one patriot leader, Dr. Robert B. Clarkson. The lRS fears and hates Dr. Clarkson more than anyone else. He is the most successful patriot leader.
        Special Prosecutors for the DOJ told the U.S. District Court that over the years Clarkson's IRS fighting had had a "severe impact on the function of the IRS in assessment and collection of income taxes," an "incredible impact" of harm; "damaged the credibility of the income tax system;" was a "tremendous drain" on IRS resources, and his lawsuits and untaxing of people had caused "a magnitude of damage to the IRS which is simply unbelievable."
        As indicated by the pleadings of top-level DOJ attorneys against Clarkson in federal courts the government will do anything and violate any law to shut him up. What the IRS is referring to is Clarkson's numerous successful lawsuits against the IRS throughout the court system.
        Many dedicated and true patriot leaders come into a town and give a rewarding untaxing seminar and then go on to their next location. A majority of the new patriots will be untaxed and never be contact by the IRS man; however a small number of people will be harassed. By then the untaxing expert is gone and not available for help.
        On the other hand, when Dr. Clarkson does a tax freedom seminar, he keeps coming back again and again -- teaching, forming and preparing the patriot community for any confrontations that may come up with the tax thieves. And when any of Dr. Clarkson's people are harassed by the wicked tax slavemasters, Clarkson fights back. The Patriot Network legal expert goes into court using IRS rules and regulations, the tax code itself and the U.S. Code to beat the IRS at their own game. Over the years Clarkson has had remarkable success against the IRS. The Patriot Network hangs in for the fight and is remarkably successful. This is where the "magnitude of damage" springs from about which the DOJ is so concerned.
        For example, in one now famous case the IRS tried to attach the financial records of dedicated long-time PN member Casey Henderson. Clarkson and Henderson went into federal court asking for the IRS 7609 summons to be quashed because the document was not "attested" and the Internal Revenue Code (Satan's bible to us) mandated that the document be attested. Ihe IRS and DOJ replied that the attestment procedure was out of date for a modern computerized society with copying machines. The patriots responded that the law was the law and had not been changed: attestment of documents was still required and the IRS had not done it.
        The judge agreed with the "black letter of the law" and quashed the summons for lack of proper attestment. This one standard tax form was instantly out of date and the IRS had to destroy it and millions of others like it in their warehouses at tremendous expense! In this case and others, Clarkson has turned the tax thieves' regulations and laws against them and made them obey their own rules, causing an unbelievable amount of damage to the Treasury. In a day when tax moneys are used in every way conceivable against the American people, this is progress.
        In the annals of history Dr. Robert Clarkson of South Carolina has caused more damage and grief to the mighty IRS than anyone else. Now you have it in the government's own words.
A resounding, bistoric victory is anticipated in the Clarkson case. Meanwhile, our leader is doing what he always does: writing, speaking, taking on IRS agents on radio talk shows, the works!         The tax protest movement is surging ahead; the IRS is in retreat all over the country; resistance to the tax system is increasing tremendously. The two-decade-long efforts of Robert Clarkson, his steadfastness and tenacity have had a severe impact on IRS fortunes.


Law Course Coming Up in Anderson
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For information on accommodations, speakers, scheduling, registration or transportation from
Greenville SC airport, call Robert Clarkson, POB 2368 Anderson SC 29621, (864)225-3061;
clarksonrobt@sbcglobal.net    www.patriotnetwork.info or Nelson Waller 864-225-0882 nwaller@earthlink.net

Location: Patriot Network Headquarters,  515 Concord Ave, Anderson


Letter from a satisfied customer

We are pleased to share with you the following letter from a satisfied customer from the Atlanta Patriots egroup of the Patriot Network:

Subject: [atlpat] Tax Court
        Well....Glenn and I have survived our first round in the Tax Court System.  It isn't over...but Glenn and I received some victories today.  We will share our experience at the next meeting if time permits.
        Robert, The Great One, is extremely knowledgeable and gave us the right tools with which to go into court.  These victories would not have been possible without his help.
        I highly recommend that if you have not been to Robert's law class that you jump on the chance to go.  It will be well worth your time.  We must all be armed with knowlege and truth!
        More than ever we are convicted that this fight is  worth fighting.
        Thanks to all for your prayers and encouragement. Glenn & MerryBelle

Washington Post: IRS opting not to go after many "scofflaws"

March 22, 2004 (washingtonpost.com) ­ Struggling with rising workloads and stagnant staff levels, the Internal Revenue Service walked away from more than 2 million delinquent tax accounts last year, totaling nearly $16.5 billion, according to the Treasury Department.
        In written answers to Senate Finance Committee questions, Deputy Treasury Secretary Samuel W. Bodman used the escalating delinquencies to renew a Bush administration push to bring private debt collectors into the IRS tax collection process. Many of the scofflaws would pay up if they were simply contacted by telephone, Bodman said.
        "Fundamental fairness requires that . . . we have an effective program to collect outstanding tax liabilities," Bodman said in written testimony. "We owe that much to the millions of Americans who do their best to pay their fair share."
        Last year, the IRS opted not to pursue 2.25 million tax cases, costing the government $14.1 billion in individual income taxes and $2.3 billion in corporate taxes, the Treasury document states.
        The median size of the delinquent accounts was $14,000. The largest account not being pursued involved more than $50 million.
        "That the IRS has deferred collection on more than $16 billion in delinquent tax debt is but another example of one step forward, two steps back," said Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), the ranking minority member of the Senate Finance Committee, in a written statement. "The especially troubling fact is that the agency knows who owes these back taxes, but isn't taking the time to make the 30-cent phone call that could result in hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars in lost revenue."
        In recent days, IRS law enforcement has come under increased congressional scrutiny. On Monday, the Treasury's inspector general for tax administration released a report that found that the IRS is routinely failing to pursue even criminal tax cases in which scofflaws were tried and convicted but failed to pay back taxes, penalties and interest assessments. That report identified 27 convicted tax evaders who failed to comply with the terms of their sentences, costing the government more than $2.5 million in fines and back taxes.
        The accounts in "deferred status" are more routine, said Greg Jenner, the Treasury Department's acting assistant secretary for tax policy. Some filed their tax returns but failed to enclose a check for taxes due. Others began making installment payments on back taxes but then stopped.
        "These taxpayers are aware of their outstanding tax liability," Bodman wrote. "The IRS, however, is unable to continuously pursue each taxpayer with an outstanding tax liability."
        According to government budget documents, the amount of money the IRS knowingly left on the table last year equaled 1.8 percent of the total individual and corporate income tax take expected for 2003. It could have fully covered NASA's 2004 budget, the government's international aid programs, or the budgets of the departments of Commerce and Interior combined.
        But Jenner said the failure to pursue such accounts goes beyond dollars lost.
        "Looking at only the numbers, you could say, 'Gee, is this significant?' But there's more to it than that. Right now we have a tax system that requires everybody to pay their fair share," he said.
        The IRS vowed last year to clamp down on tax cheats, and the number of shelved accounts in 2003 was slightly lower than in 2002. But the dollars lost jumped by $619 million. President Bush has requested an IRS budget for 2005 of nearly $10.7 billion, a 4.6 percent increase that in part would fund the hiring of 2,942 more enforcement employees, according to administration budget documents.
        But few expect that to improve enforcement significantly. Former IRS Commissioner Charles O. Rossotti said before his 2002 retirement that the agency needed 35,000 more workers to pursue just those cases it is aware of, a 67 percent increase over then-current employee levels.
        Bush is pursuing an alternative -- private debt collectors. And after years of resistance, Congress appears ready to try it. The Senate Finance Committee has approved the administration plan as a way to offset the cost of manufacturers' tax cuts in a major business tax bill now before the Senate. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas (R-Calif.) is weighing the plan as a way to offset the cost of his version of a business tax cut this year.
said the private agencies would be restricted to contacting taxpayers who know they owe money and would be easy to find. They would not be empowered to place liens on income or seize assets, and they would be limited to scripted requests for payment, either immediately or in installments.
        Treasury has estimated that the plan would bring in $1.5 billion between 2005 and 2014, a sliver of the total delinquencies. But Jenner said that figure was an extremely conservative estimate.
        "The last thing we wanted to do was overstate this and create too high expectations," he said.
        The plan is strongly opposed by the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents IRS workers and wants the agency to increase its payrolls instead.
        Many Democrats are also skeptical. A pilot program employing private collectors in 1997 failed when IRS computers were unable to match the agencies with the appropriate delinquent accounts. An internal IRS audit found at least 294 instances in which collection calls were placed early in the morning or late at night. In some cases computers used to transmit sensitive taxpayer data were found to be inadequately secure.
        "The question is, who should be responsible for doing the work of the IRS and who should be accountable for it?" asked Colleen Kelly, president of the National Treasury Employees Union. (Jonathan Weisman, DC Times -- via http://finance.pro2net.com/x42956.xml)


The Constitution Today

        They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq.
        Why don't we just give them ours?
        It was written by a lot of really smart guys and it has worked for over 200  years and we're not using it anymore...  (Anonymous)


PN Leaders Smash Educational Tyranny in Georgia Middle School

Guest editor comments: This news is truly HOT off the presses -- more precisely, on its way TO real presses in GA, PA and elsewhere as we finalize this issue of the ePC. Below is the exclusive story of how Dr. Clarkson and his associates rallied to the cause of educational and cultural freedom in a Georgia school. The subject is one that causes liberals and some well-meaning yet tragically misinformed conservatives gross discomfort: Southern heritage. This is the debut of this subject so dear to the hearts of many PN leaders and members the ePC.
        Media scribblers call the Confederate flag etc. "CONTROVERSIAL," meaning it clashes with their utopian "bleeding heart liberal" schemes for world domination! However, we are confident our readers will enjoy reading of this LEGAL breakthrough, because the MAIN issue is actually whether all students in TAX-FUNDED PUBLIC SCHOOLS are to be treated with true "equality before the law," or SOME liberally-targeted students are to be sacrificed on the altar of GODLESS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS by these same FedGov indoctrination centers. 
        This article is in the form of an entry from Nelson Waller's "Dixie Diary" monthly feature in a sister publication of this newsletter (thus it's written in present tense), followed by a link to "mainstream" news coverage of the event.

March 19 -- Sometimes our aplomb surprises even us. Today it’s a comeuppance for a harpy presiding over Toccoa (GA) Middle School. Our Patriot Network (dot info) club there has a member named Darren, a working man with the solemn intensity of a true Confederate, has a 14-year-old son, Michael. Two weeks ago Principal Brenda Kelley ordered Michael to turn his shirt inside out and take off his belt because they were Confederate flag-themed. She demanded that other kids do likewise even though their Southern themes were negligible -- Jeff Foxworthy etc.
        The witch had tried to "purge" the school's mascot (you guessed it -- Colonel Reb) was defeated. Many believe that this latest outrage was her revenge. Two other kids had claimed they were offended by the Southern motifs, and the educrats fell like dominoes into “please don’t hit us” mode!
        Darren went to talk to school officials. Madame was suddenly not available, but two of her male underlings confessed all. She had publicly denied the persecutions but they said it was all her doing -- unbeknownst to them, on tape!
        Our folks started some protest action as soon as the crisis came up. They scheduled an emergency rally Friday, March 19, half fearing what the turnout might be small because it would be in the middle of a weekday..... but it’s a smashing event! 50 or 60 participated from several states. The media were out in force. Our forces lined up along the road smack in front of the school during afternoon class time. School buses were rerouted so as to miss our demo but we split into two groups and cover both routes.
        NOW the school claims there was never an actual ban on the shirts and this whole thing’s a gross misunderstanding. A simple application of people power has led to the public exposure and the overturning of criminal discrimination against students by a school. This will shore up Col. Reb’s status too -- and from there the sky’s the limit. Darrell wants the schools to start teaching real history across all grade levels, based on Conner’s The South Under Siege, 1830-2000, and the two assistant principals heard him out about this at great length while he was in their office.
        Our leaders craftily scheduled the rally for the same day as our third-Friday Patriot Network meeting in Toccoa so we heard numerous reports on the event that evening -- plus the tape of Darren's confrontation of the asst. principals. He perfectly modeled the crucial objective of keeping the discussion on point despite all obstacles. Another of our number was arrested for smarting off at police when they pressured our folks to “just give us your name, just give us your name....." as they habitually do in the 9/11 era. Since he is not a criminal and this was not the scene of a crime (thought it had been falsely claimed that somebody threw a rock at a school bus), he felt that his name was his business.  Who knows where a list of names will end up in the age of digital surveillance on innocent people -- especially us? We have witnesses to the proceedings and expect the case to go nowhere.
        Robert Clarkson, our law commentator in chief, explained how beautifully all of today’s action gums up the works of the NWO. Police and courts must now deal with patriot exposing their attempts at entrapment; educrats and a heritage-crushing governor (#3 in a series) must deal with the wrath of a political hornet’s nest they’ve been playing “catch” with. Every time it seems like it can’t get any better, it does!
        Whoever you are, wherever you live, why not call the school and ask Ms Kelley to explain how youth and parents can make these complaints if (as per news coverage) she claims she never persecuted the students as described and has no idea what they're referring to. Let us know what you hear.

Contact info for the principal of the school:
Stephens County Middle (6-8) PO BOX 219 Eastanollee, GA 30538
Brenda Kelley Principal 706-779-2211 bkelley@stephenscountyschools.com
Jason Kaup Assistant Principal 706-779-2211 jkaup@stephenscountyschools.com
Tony Crunkleton Assistant Principal 706-779-2211 tcrunkleton@stephenscountyschools.com

Caution: includes baldfaced lies by an individual paid from funds extorted from GA taxpayers!


Kerry Seeks Gay-Marriage Vote, Marries Teddy Kennedy
BOSTON - Looking to snare the surging gay-married-couple vote, Democratic hopeful John Kerry flew to Boston early this week and exchanged wedding vows with fellow Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy.
       Moments after a brief same-sex civil ceremony, the couple appeared on the steps of Boston's historic State House. Kerry and Kennedy seemed radiant as man and, well... husband and -- uh... Senator and
other Sen -- ah... married homo couple, and felt confident they were sending a message of hope, validation and vote-grabbing across the country.
       "Today is a special day," monotoned Kerry, "not just for Teddy and myself, but for all homosexuals yearning to join together in the sanctity of holy matrimony. Well, maybe not holy, 'cause there wasn't a priest there, but if we could have found a queer priest it would've been -- and believe me, Ted and I are devout Catholics, so we're confident we could've found one -- anyway, we're happy to join in the god-given -- @#%&, that's not right... well, we're just happy to be here."
      When questioned about the legality of same-sex marriages in Massachusetts, both Kerry and Kennedy said they were certain that, given the state's recent ruling that a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, the
courts would recognize the union as legal.
       "To all the queer couples across this great nation," said Kennedy, "and let's not forget the Lesbo ladies out there, I say the time has come to cast off the shackles of God, nature and self-dignity. Same-sex marriage is good for America; it means more jobs, better schools, increased national security, elimination of the deficit and just about anything else you can think of. It's a God-send... well, a court-send, and that's pretty good, believe me."
       Asked if the couple was in violation of the state's bigamy laws, Kerry said, "Absolutely not. Those laws are clearly written for different-sex marriages. But believe me, so long as laws, ANY laws, exist that recognize unions of opposite sex, the fight will go on."
Insiders admit that both newlyweds are aware of each others past indiscretions with extra-marital affairs. Kennedy reportedly required Kerry to sign a nuptial agreement that protects the Kennedy family fortunes, and Kerry has told close friends he's insisted on a designated driver during their honeymoon at Chappaquiddick Island.


How to lose an FOIA appeal: Gennifer Flowers

(United States District Court for the District of Columbia)


A U.S. district court granted the IRS's summary judgment motions concerning an individual's initial and perfected FOIA requests, concluding that the court lacked jurisdiction over the first request for failure to exhaust administrative remedies and for the perfected request. The court found that the IRS had shown that its searches were reasonably calculated to uncover responsive documents and that the IRS fully complied with the perfected request.
   Gennifer Flowers sent a FOIA request to the IRS for all documents and files relating to her and requesting that the documents be sent to her attorney at Judicial Watch. The IRS responded that the request didn't meet all the requirements for a FOIA request.
    Flowers didn't perfect her request. Eight months later she filed suit alleging that the IRS subjected her to retaliatory audits and other actions during the Clinton administration. She sought a declaration that the IRS's refusal to disclose the documents was unlawful and an order directing the IRS to release the documents.
    After a court-directed meeting, Flowers submitted a perfected request for documents from 1992. The IRS directed the IRS offices involved to identify and locate any of Flowers's records. The IRS determined that the 1992 files were destroyed in 2001, under the record retention procedures. The only documents left were the transcripts of her account. The IRS filed for summary judgment arguing
that the court lacks jurisdiction over the initial request and that it complied with the perfected request.
    U.S. District Judge Ricardo M. Urbina granted the IRS summary judgment on Flowers's initial request and noted that the request was procedurally deficient and didn't agree to pay the fees or seek a fee waiver. The court, given Flowers's failure to perfect her initial request and premature request for review, granted the IRS's summary judgment motion. The court, construing Flowers's
request for discovery as a challenge to the IRS's searches, concluded that the searches were adequate and that Flowers offered no evidence to rebut the presumption of good faith accorded the IRS's affidavits, which provided that the documents had been destroyed under the IRS
published document-retention schedules. Judge Urbina dismissed the attempt to investigate why the IRS chose Flowers for audit as not a proper subject of a FOIA discovery request. Judge Urbina granted the IRS's summary judgment motion for Flowers's perfected request. Finally, Judge Urbina noted that Flowers "virtually preordained" the outcome by waiting eight years after her 1992 audit before filing the "error ridden" FOIA request and that had she taken minor steps to perfect her request in 2000, she might have the documents she sought.