Explanation of Alias Letter

by Dave

The names C Sherwood and Shelia O’Brien are common names who “print sign” the NFTL’s. Here is the FOIA info on both.. Note that Cheryl Sherwood’s appointment affidavit uses name Cheryl Daniel's…maiden name?...maybe real “legal” name” slipped by?

This girl beats Vanna White at turning letters….Vanna only got $100K…but this girl gets $160K pieces of silver for printing an alias name on a notice.

Take particular note of the comment in brackets on the second page regarding alias or real legal name. They “denied access to the info” even though my first question was “Is C Sherwood an alias”? Obviously they choose to ignore the first question in lieu of duck and cover near admission these are alias’s.

Only a “government not of men” [aka a government not governing over the People] could use an alias signing such affidavits.

Some other things of interest:


Hint: Use these to establish that an Executive branch officer signed the NFTL.and not a judicial branch officer of the court. Maybe helpful with Credit Reporting Agencies? More evidence not a lien. Challenge CRA to prove a judicial officer signed the Notice of Lien when you show them the employee is Executive branch via oath. Hence Notice lien can only apply to same branch employees via separation of powers and you are not an employee of Executive branch…as shown elsewhere by same CRA records…ha ha.

Let’s do a “help each other” contest of ideas and I’ll compile the ideas in one gigantic e-mail and blast out referencing just the first name for privacy purposes. How many ways can you think of to use these in your quest for freedom?

Click here for a response from the IRS on the Request for Alias Letter.