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Clarkson's Tax Audit Procedure I & II


When you join our movement, you are of course aware that you have a high possibility of being audited by your friendly neighborhood scum. If you are a tax patriot, you can not use the method or strategy that the tax serfs use, nor can you use anymore some of the procedures developed years ago by the original Patriot leaders. The method described herein should be followed carefully.

The IRS changes their methods, regulations and laws daily and has developed effective counter-measures to combat tactics which we found successful in the past. Below you will find the outline of the basic strategies developed over six years by the author and used in approximately 600 audits. Needless to say, you can use the procedures and guidelines of this article when contacted by any government agent, not just tax rats.

Clarkson's Audit Procedure means simply following a few Basic Principles which need to be understood and studied. Clarkson believes that you should learn the basic, fundamental theory so you can keep abreast of changing conditions.  If soldiers battling the money bureaucracy merely memorize certain steps and procedures, they will be unable to cope with a modern, well supplied enemy with a vast support system and communications network. However, modern day Continental soldier who is well briefed in the basic principles of divi1i~ed guerrilla warfare, can adapt rapidly to changing conditions and beat the stupid, sluggish and slow enemy on his own battlefields.

Basic Principle #1 - Nice Guys Finish Last. We are dealing with THE ENEMY. Nothing more, nothing less, do not expect the scum's or their minions to help you one bit. The enemies soothing manner, friendly smiles, apparent openness is a fašade to trick you into lowering your guard, to expose your flanks. Do not give quarter - do not expect quarter. Do not trust them, not one single bit, keep your guard up and be prepared for dirty, low lying tricks.

Basic Principle # 2 - Good Intentions rave The Road To Hell.

Basic Principle # 3 - Do Unto Them Before They Have A Chance To Do Into You.

Basic Principle # 14-All IRS Agents are Liars, thugs, And Scum (Explained in greater detail in June 80 Cannon)

Basic Principle # 5-Lawyer Delay Wants To Help You. Attorney Delay, the world's best attorney, can be your best friend and never charge you a cent. All you have to do is ask him to help. (The Words And Thoughts of Lawyer Delay" were to be published in last September's issue of The Cannon but which should be submitted soon).

If you receive notification that your tax return is to be audited, whether a constitutional one or an old one, you must realize that you are in for a long and time consuming fight. This is unavoidable, you might as well make the most of it and enjoy yourself. This can be a very pleasing, enjoyable experience as your combat daily the big bureaucracy and actually beat it. Go ahead and line up a good typewriter and learn how to type if you do not know already.

Reply to all letters, using the principles of "Earnest Letter Writing (see Dec 79 Cannon). Simply stated "earnest letter writing means you reply to all correspondence in a direct, cooperative friendly manner. You do not make admissions under any circumstances and you faint cooperation. You simply state "I want to cooperate not "1 will cooperate . You request a conference without a date by saying "I am looking forward to cur conference, not I will meet you on such and such a date . In general, in responsive letters, you:

A. Deny - You deny everything that they have claimed.

B. Appeal - You appeal to a higher office or to the correspondent's supervisor, every decision or thought ad versed to your position.

C. Accuse - You make at least one vile and unequivocal accusation in each letter.

Clarkson has solid and definite reasons to back up his letter writing instruction However, some are not suitable to be broad case in the print media. Call for complete details at 864-225-306

No Admission: Make no affirmative statement. Remember what you say can be used against you.

Basic Principle # 6 - Conserve Resources. Your time and money are not unlimited and great demands may be made upon them later. Therefore, from the beginning you must practice tight control of your limited resources in time and money.

A. Do not send letters registered mail unless you simply have to because this is an expensive proposition as the years go by. Even pennies add up to a large. amount. In general, if you can state under oath that you placed a letter in the US Mail, the addressee is presumed to ~ receive it and has a duty of rebutting that presumption. Very seldom should registered and certified letters be used. Incidentally, certified and registered letters leave a paper trail which you need to remove yourself from anyway.

  B. Clarkson and other knowledgeable Patriots have prepared and assembled various packets with ready-to-use plug-in forms. Do not waste your time and energy typing when a form will suffice. Our enemy has access to a tremendous number of forms, automatic typewriters and computer written letters. If you respond individually to these computer letters, you will soon be worn out. The enemy wants to wear you down and out. The Clarkson basic strategy is to do to them what they want to do to us. Wear the wheels of the bureaucracy down to the flubs, by constant and unrelenting guerrilla civilized-type warfare.

R Make the enemy deplete its resources while you conserve yours. As we all know, men with valor, steadforthness, courage can beat a larger number of mercenaries, who are generally recruited from the bottom of society, from slums. However, even scum's with overwhelming resources can be successful. Use the forms in Clarkson's packet, especially the "Patriot Protection Procedure packet ($20 from RBC, 515 Concord Ave., Anderson, S.C. 29629. The forms therein are well horned, developed, time-tested and true.

C. In most cases, do not waste time making lengthy responses to computer letters. A simple, short response is adequate. So often I hear from knowledgeable patriots that they just quit - why? Because they did not have time, they are worn out from prior letter writing. I go over their file and note detailed, well researched responses to IRS form letters. What a waste. The enemy does not even take time to read some responses anyway. So, they are not burdened. So, the Patriot expends his valuable resource, his time on meaningless rituals, and when the call for action sounds, he fails - he allows important letters to go by without a response The anti-statist, or his beloved wife with worn finger-tips, neglects the vital responses.

Basic Principle # 7-Stall, Delay: Do not rush, in response to the audit letter, to the IRS office and take the Fifth. This is an outdated procedure. When you show up to take the 5th, THE IRS WILL HIT YOUR BANKS WITH A ~ 7609 SUMMONS~. Therefore, postpone the inevitable exercising your constitutional rights on your personal books and papers as long as possible to give you time to prepare, to study and to begin extensive work with the FOIA-PA. Use the five basic stall tactics and after four or five years, then exercise your constitutional right to refuse to produce books and records as a Last Resort.

A. The Schedule Stall:

First, simply notify the government that the time scheduled is inconvenient and for them to please reschedule another one. You do not need to furnish any reasons for the first postponement. When the second postponement comes, then have a reason. Simply write a nebulous, equivocating letter saying that you can not be there for a business meeting, or personal reason, etc. Do not lie or say anything untruthful. Remember - you can go to jail for making false statements to federal officials. Actually, you do not have to make false statements, just word your request for postponement very loosely so any excuse will work. You can generally secure two postponements without any trouble. Thereafter, you need concrete reasons, if you have them. Do not take a chance and make out something that is not true. The enemy is unclean, mean, cruel - not stupid generally.

For the third postponement, simply write the auditor and state firmly and definitely that your policy is that you must receive notices of audits two weeks in advance-in writing and no telephone calls. The auditor then will attempt to call you to schedule a meeting. Simply repeat what you have said and stand firm. Do not let them talk you into a firm date. If the scheduled meeting conflicts with another meeting, notify them truthfully in writing.

Take control, just do not agree to a time. Tell them to schedule a meeting and notify you and you would then let them know whether the date is satisfactory. Announce this as your policy - do not explain why - you do not have to do anything, unless you must by law. Be firm, just tell the L.I.R.S. what you want done and say no more. Excuses can be answered, do no give any. When they wise up, proceed to stall Number Two.

B. The Privacy Act Stall:

Send in Clarkson's Agent Questionnaire, which is based on the Privacy Act(e) (3) which states that the scum's must furnish you certain information before you furnish them information. Stand firm here. Do not let them talk you out of your legal rights. By law, you are entitled to know what they intend to do with the information, whether your furnishing it is mandatory or voluntary, the recourse they have if you fail to furnish information, etc.

Read the Privacy Act and understand your legal rights. If they reply in some nebulous, general manner, write back and tell them firmly that you want clear and definite answers to your questions; their response is not correct and that you want to appeal it to their supervisor; that their letter is harassment, intimidation, etc. This should last six months. When the opposition furnishes you adequately with all information to which you are legally entitled under the Privacy Act, then you proceed to stall three. Ask always for more information and their little brochure is "not enough".

C. The Tape Recorder Stall:

Attend the audit with your tape recorder and hold a tea party. Preferably, you should have the audit scheduled at your place of business or residence. Follow carefully the well honed methods of a tea party developed over many years by original patriots as outlined "In Recipe For A Tea Party in Aug 79 issue of The Cannon. The tea party is much fun and the news media certainly enjoys it.

The tape recorder stall is not as effective since the scum have developed a counter measure: they allow you to have a tape recorder. If they do not allow you to have a tape recorder, follow the procedures outlined in the Patriot Protection Procedure Section in the Dec 79 Cannon by first requesting a copy of KGB regulations on use of tape recorders and then demanding compliance on their part. If the traitors disallow it; appeal, deny and accuse.

The tape recorder fight could easily last six months. However, if you show up with a tape recorder and they allow you to use it, you need to have a fallback position. Do something they do not like so that they will call off the audit and send you home. Do not call it off yourself. Have your witnesses refuse to identify themselves. If this does not work, have your unidentified witnesses begin to speak for you. This will surely send you home for a rescheduled audit. If this does not work, you can always ask:   " What records do you want, please explain in detail? I do not understand?"

D. The POA Stall:

The IRS will furnish a free Power Of Attorney Form1 Form 2848. Fill out one of the forms and have a friend show up at your audit unannounced with the form filled out incorrectly. The agency will show you how mean, tough and ornery he can be, how much smarter he is, and how well he knows his regulations. He will reject the power of attorney form and reschedule the audit, in two months. You, of course, will refuse his rejection and fight, argue and appeal his decision on the POA. This should last for six months and finally, you lose and must fill out the power of attorney form correctly..

Then have another friend, patriot or anybody walking down the street show up at the next audit with another power of attorney form. Even better, have a friend of yours in another state be your representative, so the lying lizards would have to transfer the entire file to another district and assign a new agent. Anybody can be your representative - not just CPA's, lawyers and enrolled agents.

On the POA form, refuse to furnish the address of your representative, unless he lives in another state. When I began representing taxpayers free, various agents assigned to my cases discovered that I was not filling out their stupid forms correctly. In an effort to punish me and wear me down, they began rejecting the forms even though they had accepted the same ones earlier and acted upon them. At first, I was dismayed and somewhat upset, but then I realized that this was the ideal situation for me. Therefore, as the months went by I fought and argued on the power of attorney form and never got to the real issue of whether my clients owed or did not owe any money. Attorney DeLay began helping me and then I never lost a case on the power of attorney forms.

E. The Lawyer Stall:

After you have used the other stalls or the enemy have developed effective counter measures, go find yourself a disreputable lawyer, preferably one who drinks too much and bathes too little. Pay a minimum retainer with the promise to pay more. If the lawyer has minimum intelligence and maximum desire for more money out of you, he will bring up thousands of excuses to delay the audit until you bring in more retainer.

In my audit, I found a very good lawyer who happens to enjoy a good practical joke. He seemed to enjoy playing a game of cat and mouse with the tax-rats as much as anyone else. Use your imagination here. You can use a CPA, minister, former IRS agents, etc.

Basic Principle # 8 The Dumb Fox Routine: When dealing with the IRS, simply state, continuously: I am not a lawyer, I do not know, I do not understand.

You are not expected to know the intricate and senseless regulations and so you do not. You can never get in trouble by simply asking questions. Therefore ask millions of them. If the agent writes or asks you a question, then state you do not understand that he is to explain his questions in detail. Drag it out, you have more time than money anyway.

Basic Principle #9 - Fight On Procedure at the lowest possible level.

Go through their forms and procedures to find errors. Call procedural errors to their attention, argue, appeal and accuse. Fight each and every nitpicking comment or word in their letters to the very end. Start at the very basic level, on the smallest, simplest issues, as the attorney of attorney form, the date of audit, whether you can have a camera, any little thing. If you are arguing whether your representative must include his address on the power of attorney form and you later lose, you have not lost anyway. You have not lost any money. But, if you fight on substantive issues, i.e. whether you do or do not owe the moneys and you lose, they may collect it. If you do not have toj3cus on the real issue, do not. Simply argue the years away on ridiculous procedural points. The small minded nitwits that call themselves public servants will be delighted when after two years, they made you fill out the POA form correctly. You of course, would be delighted as once again, you have not paid money.

Also, as you wear away their time and energies on the small stuff, they do not have the time to attack others - you have made your contribution to a free society and thrown your monkey wrench into the machinery of Big Brother. The welfare state depends on bureaucracy expediency; simply deny it to them.

Even if you could win on the substantive issue, i.e. whether you are entitled to this or that deduction, fight hard anyway. Reasons: (1) To keep them from focusing on real issues. If you cooperate on everything, but for instance, business deductions, even the most stupid traitor would know you are weak there. (2) Show them you are a true American, one who fights all the way. Then you have a 50% chance they will abandon your case and pick on someone else. (3) Mad dogs attack those who show fear.


However, be careful. Do not deny the government your records because they can then attack your bank accounts. Incidentally, quit writing checks. The Privacy Act (e)(2) states that the agencies must. get records from you first if they seek to make a determination. So as long as you do not refuse to furnish records, they must continue to seek them from you. The basic principle here is: Do not refused, but do not furnish either. 

Basic Principle #10 No Admissions:

Anything you say can be used against you. Remember this every time you write or communicate with the bureau-rats: DO NOT MAKE ADMISSIONS. You do not have to say anything you only need to ask questions and make minor requests. Do not bother to make admissions, they will not do you any good, whatsoever, under any circumstances and might (will) harm you later. You do not have to make a definite, firm statement, so do not. It is so simple.

Basic Principle #11 Write Your Congressman

The L.I.E.R.S. (Lying IRS) from stupidity, slovenness will sooner or later make mistakes. They will send a threatening letter, contact your minister, make false accusations, make at least one slip. Exploit this; hammer away; jump up and down; scream and shout. Write them again and again reminding them of their errors. Force them into a position of admitting harassment tactics or denying the same, in spite of your clear and convincing proof. Then, write a clear, fully explanatory letter to the agent demanding a complete apology. Then send a carbon copy of this letter to your congressman with a cover letter.

The cover letter to your congressman should always be to ask him to do something definitely, state that a copy of the letter is attached which is self explanatory and ask that he not simply pass on the letter, but request a full investigation or explanation.

It is unlikely that your congressman will see or be informed of your letter, but one of the staff members will forward this to the IRS congressional liaison.


This is insert of pages 10-15 of Clarkson's Tax Patriot Handbook.

Clarkson's Law-Course (continued from Audit Procedure I)


1. Request a Decision (continued)

Well, think of all the tricks "public servants have played on you for years, the insolence, the arrogance, the uncooperation, unbending refusals to be reasonable- now here is your chance to turn the tables. Think of their delaying tactics, all of them you have suffered for years and use them slowly, one-by-one, as the months go by, on your auditor.

Ask your auditor for a decision: "to whom can I appeal your refusal to accept my three year old child as my attorney.

Now, seldom does a tax serf want to appeal the agents' refusals, so the tax collector does not know to whom you should be referred to - and that takes an (ugh) decision on his part. Let him spend weeks agonizing on that point.

Not only request decisions, but try to pin them down; ask: "Is this definite. Now, have you ever heard of a bureau-rat committing himself, making a definite decision. If he refuses, appeal to his supervisor.

Make them fear you. Every time you appeal over his head to the supervisor, you degrade your opponent. Continue, Continue.

12. Tape recorder and witnesses:

If anything in life is certain, you are dealing with dirty lying scum's, what type of person would work for un-American, ungodly, unjust agency as the IRS?

Why are you a Tax Patriot - because you know the system is wrong. That the income tax system was created to make honest men growl before stinkers; to make us lie on a stupid tax form; to place fear in hearts of brave men.

Now, with that in mind, why expose yourself. Always have tape-recorder and witness with you when you contact scum's, or if on telephone, have it taped.

The IRS now, after several court decisions allows us to use mechanical means of preserving the record.

However, in continuing harassment campaign, the scum's claim that since they are using a tape recorder, they must have the name of your witnesses.

Just a year or two ago, the American KGB tried to stop our recording and also witnesses now they have accepted that, but as always trying to cause trouble.

However, in spite of protestation, have your witnesses refuse to identify themselves or say "My name is John Doe, D-O-E."  If  s.1.a.t object, appeal to supervisor and appeal higher if necessary.

13. No information:

Do not furnish information to your enemies, just do not do it. Do not even let them know you are a god-fearing, honest, law- abiding Constitutionalist.

If you are a non-filer, do not use Agent or Public Servant Questionnaires, FOIA-PA request until they know you are one of us. If you file 5th or "Are You Required , vow of poverty return, your enemy knows you exist and you must fight to defend your freedoms. So you have nothing to hide - go after them.

However, if you are a non- filer for any reason - HOME Church, Equal Exchange, Jurisdiction, whatever, the tax-rats do not know whether you are a tax patriot or any average guy who just did not file.


You have two choices of initial dealing with IRS if you are a non-filer (for whatever reason) 

A. A Patriot Protection Procedure, i.e fighting back like trained tax patriots.
B. Delay, Faint cooperation and fear, like normal scared tax-serf. 

A. Disadvantages of the attack

Tips IRS off to who you really are. Once classified as a "tax protestor by IRS, you will be marked for special handling, speeded up processing.

Your best weapon is delay - but once you revealed your strategy, (i.e. anti-statist status) your enemy can change tactics, i.e. just issue 90 day letter.

Also, if the IRS thinks you are run of mill non-filer, you have a 5O'/~ chance eventually they will tire of your stall, abandon your case - in order to spend time attacking labeled "tax resisters , who only have 25% chance of being ignored once horns are locked.

Often the individual scum is simply overworked (seldom in Federal bureaucracy), often overwhelmed with hundreds of assigned non- filers. If you do not cooperate -your file just ends up buried on his desk - as any application for government aid lands so often. Next tine your file is brought up for review, the Statute of Limitations has expired - presto (1) you not pay taxes to socialist morons (2) you are left alone.

However, if you sit complacently expecting to be passed over, you may be wasting valuable time to launch  FOIA-PA request, complain to Congressman, build legal foundation.


When dealing with snakes and IRS agents, if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone.


If you are a non-filer (for whatever reason), you may take a low profile position, reap benefits, i.e. higher chance of being abandoned, but Must realize the disadvantages:

Fighting for Country: Rockefeller does not pay taxes - is he a Patriot? No, a Patriot is one who stands up against evil, actively contests tyranny, not one who creeps by, taking advantage of decaying system being destructed by vocal Constitutionalists.

Education: If you announce to Internal Robbery Squad your true stance, and they still do not ignore you, (if even here, you have 40% chance of being passed over) you are in for an exciting ride. You will become educated on our court system, the Constitutional awareness of top government officers, the honesty of US Attorney's, the impartiality and independence of Federal Judges. 

By necessity, you will educate yourself of intricacies of federal procedure, how' to fight and win. You will emerge scarred, but educated - as government drops countless man hour and a few hundred thousand FRN's in combating you.

Unfortunately, your many Patriots, hidebound in theory, allow themselves to be cornered by the computers. Knowledgeable men have been so misled by "Patriots for Profits" and latest theory that they forget the vital procedural or technical requirements and proceed to their doom after putting all their hopes on one thin thread of some outdated, long-forgotten court decision.

SOLUTION: Always have a backup defense posture.

15. No Cooperation:

Do not cooperate with IRS unless to your advantage - if you are new, do not take a chance in guessing whether an action or statement is to your advantage, just do not.

Faint cooperation: Continuously tell bureau rats you want to cooperate and ask plenty of questions so you "can help more."

When asked for information, reply "Tell me exactly how you want me to provide it. I want to do it just right."

Dr. Al Steever, 203 Shore Rd., Linwood, NJ 08221 (609-927-2320) is expert in this - while being audited he argued for one year over location of conference.


Lawyer Delay (World's Best Attorney) says to cooperate occasionally.

1. The extension of time:

As you drag out the audit, the civil statute of limitations expires. Therefore, as that closes in, the lying lizards will ask you sign the "Special Consent to Extend the Time" Form 872-A which we call "The Green Sheet."

Now, if you do not sign, they do not forget you - but will issue forthwith the "90 day letter , & kick you into tax court. Result:

You lose chance to delay for years.

You gain nothing by refusal to cooperate here and lose an opportunity to s-t-r-i-n-g out the audit. This is the only known time when Clarkson' s (via Lawyer Delay) suggests signing an IRS Form.

WARNING: Contents in this law Course and others goes out of date. Do stay in contact with your local counselor or Patriot Advisory Service. Call 864-225-3061 and furnish member number. 

TACTIC: When you receive green sheet, write write a few earnest letters, run through dumb- fox routine, pin enemy down as exactly what letter means.

After extracting all mileage, exchanging a few letters, best to make corrections, sign and return their form.

However, cooperation is generally deadly, violates all of Clarkson-Meyers precepts, but then again Lawyer Delay has been so successful and he says to cooperate with Form 872· Nothing succeeds like success, but do check with your trained counselor first.


Another knowledgeable well-known patriot leader advises in his newsletter and seminar flyer:

A. Send in Public Servant Questionnaire Clarkson says: Agent Questionnaire based on Privacy Act is better, but the PSQ is excellent dilatory step.

However, a non-filer who has not yet been labeled as "Tax Protestor by illegal tax collector, should not tip him off of stance.  Once PSQ or AQ goes in, Revenue may change tactics.

B. Send in Demand For IMMUNITY

Clarkson says: Not a cure all, but can be dilatory. Best: Ask agent to go through channels (all of than) to request immunity from DOJ which does has that authority - lawyer Delay says: 1st ask your agent which agency has the authority to grant immunity. Second, ask your agent to explain to you the procedure for your requesting immunity, from the proper party. 

C. "Schedule A Tea Party.

Yes, great fun, wonderful recruiting tool. However, Hal "Defense Foundation Willis points out possible harm here.

Tea Party would definitely blow cover. But, Clarkson does recommend the tea party routine (see recipe for a Tea Party in Dec 80 Cannon).

D. "Take Witnesses" :

Yes, do take witnesses. This tactic could of course, for non-filer, mean coming out of closet. Non-filers in some cases could avoid known tax patriot procedure as:

1. Tape recorders (when possible) & witnesses 
2. Tea Party, prayer & pledge
3. Request for immunity
4. FOIA-PA request

In order not to be labeled as "tax protestor' & subjected to special procedures. However, once Revenue discovers your political stance, then fight back with above.

The IRS use to disallow witnesses at conferences - but now allows everything but picture taking of them (do it anyway). However, if your agent asks your witnesses or the TV camera crews to leave than you balk, contest, appeal and postpone.

E. Read Rights:

Yes, if your agent reads to you your Miranda rights, ask questions, just do not understand, ask him to please explain. Or, read him his rights.

"You have a right to remain stupid. Anything you smell can be blamed on you. You have the right to an incompetent, overpriced bar-association attorney. If you can not afford one, we will appoint one even more  incompetent for you.

F. Do Not Make Threats

Yes, threats do not do any good; can harm you in many ways. Also, no fisticuffs.

G. Take Fifth:

Yes, but not now - wait five or six years, then exercise your rights. If you take 5th, you lose opportunity to delay for years. So, take Fifth Amendment years from now, or when forced to - seldom.

The tactics and responses promulgated by Clarkson's Network do change.

When we develop a successful strategy to a problem,  the government then develops a counter-strategy. We then invent a counter- counter strategy . SOLUTION FOR YOU:

Attend meetings - check with your local counselor who attends training sessions frequently.

However, most of our procedures are only useless fear-mongering as vast majority of us are simply left alone

19. No Attorneys:

Stay away from lawyers - most attorneys deal with divorces, transfers of property, etc. not with IRS and as a result just have no idea of real situation. Or worse, your local attorney reads in legal periodicals of trouble and turmoil's of tax patriots (often from misleading IRS press releases) but do not hear of success stories for obvious reasons. (see "of Patriots & Attorneys , Oct 79 Cannon).

When I first started helping tax patriots, I was simply horrified over all immense problems I was faced with - then later I realized: ONLY those with problems were contacting me. The other thousand who were getting the free ride were being left alone - and not calling or appearing in Appellant court decisions.

However, when I began traveling and speaking, I was then exposed to thousands of Patriots who absolutely violated every step of Protection Procedure - but were succeeding!!

Now, that problem is faced by the courageous attorney who help us. RECOMMEND: Stay away from normal attorneys and ignore the fears of our lawyers until they receive wider exposure.


When you deal with any power packed adversary, be firm, do not show fear. Be careful - do not rush or be pushed into a decision or course of action. DO as they do: Do not commit to any course, do not make decisions. 

If your agent asks for a decision, reply: "I must consult with my attorney (or my wife or my boss) and then I'll let you know." 

Just do not allow the trained official to box you in a corner. Engage in conversational fencing, be cagey- indefinite.

Think now how "public servants for years have answered your questions: see my boss, ........we will let you know . . . ..... later.

After all, when IRS is trying to get your money for you, what is the rush?  Remember, Lawyer DeLay has a friend who is a judge on the Tax Courts who always rules in our favor: JUDGE INFLATION.

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