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Table of Contents

  1. Clarkson's Response to D.O.J.
  2. Uncle Sam sues tax revolter
  3. D.O.J. Injunction and Complaint
  4. Clakson Objects to Jurisdiction of the Court
  5. Motion for Extension of Time
  6. Request for Production of Documents and Interrogatories
  7. D.O.J. Complaint Against Chuck Conces
  8. D.O.J. Files Injunction against Kotmair and “Save-a-Patriot Fellowship”
  9. Answer in Injunction Case
  10. Tax Shelter law-code IRC §6700
  11. Motion to Dismiss Part 1 Rule 9b
  12. Reply to Response Jan 29, 2006
  13. Motion to Dismiss Part 2
  14. Motion to Dismiss under Rule 4
  15. Law Review Article on 1st Amendment- protecting patriot books and websites
  16. Motion for Reconsideration on Seperate Counsel
  17. DOJ Complaint Against Schulz - We The People
  18. Schultz-- We the People Injunction Aug 07
  19. Government's Motion and Memorandum
    1. Motion
    2. Memorandum
  20. Motion to Compel Answer of Production of Documents and Interrogatories
  21. Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment
  22. Motion for Extension to File Objections
  23. Second Request for Production of Documents
  24. Schultz Memo to Dismiss on Commercial Speach
  25. Objection and Appeal of Report of Magistrate
  26. Report and Recommendation of Magistrate Judge
  27. Judge's Opinion and Order July 03, 2007
  28. Court bars local man from advising income-tax dodges
    (Greenville News July 6, 2007)
  29. Patriot Network leader told to stop anti-tax activities
    (Anderson Independent Mail July 06, 2007)
  30. Motion for Rehearing
  31. Certificate of Compliance

Clarkson's Response to DOJ-IRS

Clarkson Responds to DOJ-IRS

Robert Clarkson, President of the Patriot Network, Anderson SC ( has been battling oppressive and illegal government activities for almost 30 years. Clarkson has assisted over 10,000 people with IRS audits, collections, tax court, etc…

Clarkson produces videos and books that show working people how to deal with administrative agencies, administrative courts, and federal courts. Clarkson has an audit service whereby he assists, advises and coaches harassed American citizens who have a conflict with a federal or state tax authority. He also manages support groups for middle income citizens who are battling bureaucratic agencies, in particular the tax area.

Clarkson has personally had numerous battles with the IRS, and they seek to shut him up and stop him from giving the average person the same chance in court as those who can afford the expensive professionals. The Department of Justice even told one court that “Over the years the amount of money he has cost the IRS is simply unbelievable… he has undermined the credibility of the tax service…In conclusion, the magnitude of damage that Clarkson has done to the IRS is unimaginable…”

Needless to say, the Department of Justice would do anything to muzzle this champion of working people. The IRS has tried, unsuccessfully, for years to shut down Clarkson’s website . The Patriots believe the DOJ will lose this time as well.

Clarkson’s claim to fame includes attending IRS hearings with taxpayers and wreaking havoc on their harassment systems. Accompanied by otherwise frightened taxserfs and media, Clarkson has turned many an audit into a public spectacle.


In their battles with the IRS, Clarkson’s unrelenting supporters often take with them their friend known as The Great One. This is a genuine superhero that comes to the rescue of the average person who is oppressed by the tax agencies. With his huge red cape and bright sombrero, TGO is not afraid of IRS agents and he is actually making fun of them.

Pictures of TGO are found on the home page of Clarkson’s website and accounts of confrontations with the IRS, Tea Parties, etc... are found on the website, under the section labeled Audit Procedure.

The DOJ requests an injunction under IRC§ 6700 to stop the sales of tax shelters by Dr. Clarkson,. This will be easy to accomplish because Clarkson has never seen a tax shelter– let alone sold one. Most of the remedial action sought in court pertains to other people or activities that Clarkson has no knowledge of and has never participated in. The DOJ also seeks for Clarkson to turn over SS # of his friends and associates. Since Clarkson does not collect SS # or other “Marks of the Beast,” most of the court case is just plain phony.

The Defendant will vigorously contest that part of the law suit that deals with Clarkson and his friend TGO going to IRS offices, and the section trying to stop him from making speeches about the U.S. Constitution.

For more information, contact Robert Clarkson or Nelson Waller.


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Uncle Sam sues tax revolter

By Nicholas Charalambous Anderson Independent-Mail
October 20, 2005

An Anderson man who is a leading member of the ultra-conservative "patriot" movement is in legal trouble with Uncle Sam.

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a civil suit in federal court in Greenville against Robert B. Clarkson of 515 Concord Ave. to stop him from selling alleged tax fraud schemes, according to a news release.

The complaint alleges Mr. Clarkson uses the Internet site,, to sell materials with instructions and tactics to help customers illegally evade federal taxes, the release said.

The complaint also seeks a court order for the names, telephone numbers, mailing and e-mail addresses and social security numbers of his customers.

Mr. Clarkson did not return phone calls to his home Thursday.

The Patriot Network Web site on Thursday still prominently featured Mr. Clarkson's role in the "tax freedom movement," with its slogan "Taxes are revolting. ... Why aren't you?"

The disbarred attorney, who the justice department said has twice been convicted of federal tax-related crimes, has posted a disclaimer telling site visitors he is not a lawyer.

Mr. Clarkson, who describes himself in his biography on the site as a "writer, organizer and general trouble-maker," stepped into the local limelight during protests against the lowering of the Confederate battle flag from atop the South Carolina Statehouse dome.

The complaint states that Mr. Clarkson sells how-to guides on evading taxes for $55 to $300. One guide, the "Un-taxing Packet," contains form letters to government officials that customers are told can be used to remove tax liability, the justice department said.

On the Patriot Network Web site, a tax freedom movement manifesto states "the quickest and easiest path to Constitutional Restoration is a good, old-fashioned TAX REVOLT, a massive refusal of the productive sector of the population to support the unConstitutional taxing and spending programs of the national government."

Eileen J. O'Connor, the Justice Department Tax Division Assistant Attorney General, said the suit was part of an effort to stop tax scams. The Justice Department has obtained injunctions against more than 100 promoters and tax preparers since 2001.

"Any plan purporting to eliminate your obligations under the tax laws is a scam," Ms. O'Connor said.

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