Jeanne Patriot wins in District Court!

Skilled legal writer, Jeanne Patriot was attacked by the evil tax collectors who wanted to steal her home. She signed up for the Patriot Advisory Service and contacted the famous Dr. Robert Clarkson.

With Dr. Clarkson’s 30 years of experience and Jeanne’s own legal writing skills, she traded motions with the US Attorney for several months. Finally, the Magistrate ruled against her. OOPS—the Magistrate does not have the authority to issue Orders.

She appealed to the District Court Judge who ordered the case to be returned to the Magistrate, so that the Magistrate could issue his Recommendation, which he does have the authority to do.

This is a victory because the Tax Division of the DOJ was slapped down, which they have justly earned! Jeanne did not give up, she stayed in the fight and she prevailed.

Pleadings for this case can be seen on the Patriot Network website under Collections, outline number III-K.