Tax (& I.R.S.) Truths

Table of Contents

  1. Poll Shows Majority of U.S. Adults Support Major Tax Reform
  2. Do-It-Yourself Tax Cuts, The Crises in U.S. Tax Enforcement by Economic Policy Institute
  3. Infulencing the IRS; Nearly 500 Companies Influence the Tax Agency
  4. Tax Foundation Poll Shows Majority of U.S. Adults Believe They Pay More Tax than Donald Trump
  5. Tax Noncompliance on the Rise Among IRS Workers (Oct. 2004)
  6. Bush Getting Tough on Tax Cheats?
  7. Confessions of a former IRS agent.
  8. "Not Yours to Give" by Davy Crocket
  9. School Taxes are Vile! One Patriot's letter to his Tax Commissioner.
  10. The Power to Destroy (The power to tax = the power to destroy)
  11. IRS employees among those filing fraudulent tax returns!
  12. Tax Court Reverses Decision!
  13. The Propaganda Machine
    (Mr. Matthews highlights the �sophisticated� and �comprehensive� IRS �media strategy�)
  14. How Congress Hijacked the 16th Amendment
  15. Statement of MAUREEN O'DWYER, IRS Auditor
  16. Quotes From Former IRS Commissioners
  17. Where your Tax Monies Really Go!
  18. Amazing Tax Facts!
  19. IRS Audits May Not Catch Wealthy Cheats
  20. Gaps in the Taxes Collected by IRS
  21. Underreporting Business Income
  22. The Paperwork Reduction Act
  23. Danner Letter
  24. Coleman Memo
  25. Bulletin
  26. SFR Program Explained
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