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Clarkson's Error!

The Honorable Justices of the South Carolina Supreme Court
have corrected Robert Clarkson's mistake.





Disclaimer: “ Robert B Clarkson is not a lawyer. He is not licensed to practice law in South Carolina or in any other state or jurisdiction.”

Robert Clarkson made a big mistake and was caught!!!

As Patriots we should always take the high road, be honest and obey the law. Our political enemies take the low road, lie and violate The Law. We must never stoop to their low level on conduct. Clarkson was once a member of the SC Bar Association and was a practicing attorney, he was suspended in 1978 for refusing to pay the bar dues because of the wrongful, immoral and illegal expenditures. Clarkson paid his last dues under protest because the Bar was spending mandatory dues on alcohol, charitable contributions and political activities.

Then Clarkson refused to pay dues at all and continued practicing law for a few years. Finally, the Bar tossed him out but Clarkson was too busy on other political activities to file his lawsuit challenging this illegal spending. Other lawyers did contest this wrongdoing in court and won.

Clarkson is not a licenseed attorney and therefore, he would be breaking the law for claiming he was. He is not allowed to use the terms “lawyer” or “attorney”. But he did.

On the back cover of his book Tax Collectors Manual 1, Dr Clarkson refers to himself as ”Attorney and Tax Procedure Expert”. This is not true. It was a typo error- but Clarkson saw this and did not correct this error. Therefore, he broke the law and deserved the punishment. This is no minor wrongdoing - it is false, fraudulent and consumer fraud.

What our friend meant to say was “Tax Procedure Attorney and Expert”. But this is equally wrongful and illegal. Patriots know that the terms “Constitutional Attorney” and “Tax Procedural Attorney” means Patriot Paralegal. However, this is grossly misleading to the public. Misrepresentations are lies, which we all must avoid. Again, we all must take the high road no matter what the other side does.

Incidentally, our author forgot about this misstatement and voluntarily furnished the damning evidence against him. Lesson learned: correct errors when you find them.

In February 2003, the SC Supreme Court brought charges against Clarkson for a website which appeared to be his. The website falsely claimed that Clarkson was a famous attorney, had a Bar license in several states and could go anywhere to represent clients - and even listed a fee schedule. Clarkson never saw this site, did not even know it existed and did not participate in it.

A friend of his in webmaster school, did this years ago as a school project and by mistake posted it on the world wide web. Our Patriot leader fully cooperated with this long and torturous investigation. Finally, their investigator admitted that they had no evidence connection Defendant to this fraudulent posting.

To show that he was not involved, Clarkson gave them his real website. Unfortunately, valiant Patriot did not know this had several pages where he supposedly claimed illegally to be an attorney. Actually, this was an error, which Clarkson had promptly found and had erased. However, the deleted terms keep reappearing due to a web program error. The prosecution keep this error secret and sprung it on defendant after the trial began. This clearly violated the due process requirement. Finally, the victim of this sneak attack was able to collect and file statement to prove this was a computer error and not a pattern of wrongdoing.

However, the persecutor was not punished for violation the notice requirement and for giving Clarkson a doctored exhibit.

On May 25, 2004, the SC Supreme handed down a sentence of six months, suspended upon Clarkson publishing on his website a disclaimer stating that he was not an attorney. Really, our Patriot leader should have done this on his own without prompting from any Court.

The Patriot Network website also has much outdated information and some of this is misleading. The Network is correcting this but is really moving too slow. The information that has a recent date is up-to-date and correct.

The order of the Supremes has factual errors and accuses Clarkson of some acts which he does not know about, but is fair and basically correct. No appeal is planned. The opinion itself: The Court's Official Document.

The correction sought by the Bar Association reads now:

Disclaimer: “ Robert Clarkson is not a lawyer. He is not licensed to practice law in South Carolina or in any other state or jurisdiction”.

Further, Dr Clarkson is not licensed or authorized now to represent anybody or appear for anybody in any court. Any implication otherwise is wrong. Other than a drivers license, he is not licensed anywhere on anything and is not favored by any government agency or authority.

Clarkson admitted that he was clearly guilty (in the Tax Collectors Manual), and asked that his punishment be in accordance with all the facts. The SC Supreme Court agreed with Clarkson and sentenced him to 6 months jail, suspended upon posting a disclaimer on his websites. Over 25 years, our friend has published dozens of books, tapes, articles and an immense amount of material. One illegal word uncorrected in all that material is not evidence of evil intent or a pattern of wrongdoing.

However, Clarkson knew better and deserves his punishment if not more. Let us all remember, our political views are most unpopular with The Establishment and they are looking for any error. We must be careful, truthful and honest at all times. Let make sure that during our trials and tribulations, we can say to ourselves and Our Creator that we were honest, fair and just at all times, regardless of the manifest wrongdoing of our persecutors. When we are wrong and have violated The Law, let us admit it and accept our punishment.

In fact, the Court mostly ordered Clarkson not to do what he was not doing anyway. The disclaimer to be posted on the website is fair and appropriate because Clarkson is not a member of the Bar Association and should not be misleading anyone in any manner in any event. Even though not ordered by the Court, Clarkson is posting this article and many disclaimers or clarifications in many places on his websites.

At the beginning of this case, Clarkson was treated very harshly by the prosecutor and the Supremes. They scheduled a sentencing for him without a trial. They even denied his motion for a trial and an attorney. The Bar Association accused the Patriot of filing frivolous motions even though the Supreme Court granted them all, eventually.

Finally, the Court began reading Clarkson’s pleadings and granted his request for a trial. At trial, the presiding Judge treated our Patriot fairly and with respect. Nelson Waller and Brother Larry gave excellent testimony at the trial and Nelson destroyed a phony charge sprung on the Defendant the day before. A local attorney was appointed to assist Clarkson and he did very well at trial and at the hearing before the Supreme Court.

Justice was rendered in this case and can be in more cases. Patriots must follow correct procedures and not give up on our Court system which was given to us by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the blood of our forefathers.



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