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Robert Barnwell Clarkson is a practical political observer, active in libertarian and patriotic political organizations, and the author of a number of books and pamphlets.
    Dr. Clarkson is a graduate of Clemson University in Economics (1969) and of the University of South Carolina School of Law (1974). He is the Executive Director of the Patriot Network, the nation's largest association of independent political clubs, and editor of The Patriot Cannon He has "untaxed" more than 8,000 of his fellow American citizens and assisted innumerable others in the field of tax freedom and law.

Table of Contents

      Clarkson's Response to IRS's Lying Press Release

      The Path To Victory I

      The Path To Victory II

      Rules Against Factionalism

     Default On The National Debt

     The Meaning Of The Constitution

     Theory of the Courts

Clarkson's Response to Lying IRS Press Release

This is my standard response to the IRS's lies in their annual press release.


11 February 1991

The Editor
The Florence Morning news
PO Box F-11
Florence, SC 29501


A revolution is brewing in our country. The producing people do not get their fair share of the National Economy. And therefore, many are refusing to pay income taxes. This strong force for change is generated by three elements:

Overall taxes -- federal, state, county and municipal -- are much too migh: more than half of all production of goods and services -- a level so intolerable, it cannot continue.

The people, especially the blue collar producers, have lost faith in the government, for example, polls show that more than half of private sector workers believe the gigantic Ponzi scheme, the Social Security System, is bankrupt. They fear the hard-earned funds they have paid into the System having been already spent, can never come back to them in their retirement years. Many believe it is an economic Trojan Horse -- simply another income tax (without deductions) which pours into the General Fund via the IRS, thereby losing its identity.

All levels of government, emulating the federal, have abandoned the concept of social responsibility. Tolerance of able-bodied non-producers is substantiated by creating the notion of 'victim-hood', presumably of society. Mediocrity, or even worse, imcompetence, is accepted casually as a norm. Excessive taxation destroys ecomonically the producers who are forced to support he able-bodied non-producers via the various welfare projects and other boondoggles. More than half the American familes receive a check (or checks) each month paid out of producers' pockets.

The electoral process has been stolen from poducers. Massive numbers of people look to the federal government for their daily bread, and to solve all their problems. These able-bodied non-producers (including all the bureaucrats and civil servants who cater to them) outnumber at the voting polls the producers who work to support them.

Special interests exert undue influence upon elected officials and the endless groups seeking favors (paid for with producers' taxes), are proliferating a a great rate, thus increasing their unjustified control of elections. Distortion of the body politic, and the erection of a Tower of Babel in such a manner cannot continue forever.

A terrifying spectre of doom overhangs our Nation: The National Debt, whether official or hidden "off-budget", or in unfunded accounts for pensions, loan guarantees, etc. The National Taxpayers Union places the true total obligations of the federal government -- and thus, the producers -- at twelve trillion ($12,000,000,000,000) dollars!

A business which cannot pay its debt is insolvent, and so is a government. When the legislative democracy in Washington goes bankrupt, we will become unable to resist foreign aggression, either economic or military. The Soviets are maintaining a high level of military spending despite the chaos throughout their empire. Can you imagine a foreign aggressor just waiting or us to regain financial stability?

The best step a thoughtful citizen can take is to stop filing and stop paying individual income taxes. Remember old Howard Jarvis? "If you don't give it to them, they can't spend it!" True American Patriots are fighting the IRS by refusing to cooperate with that tyrannical agency.


Robert B. Clarkson
515 Concord Avenue
Anderson, SC 29621

N.B. Dr. Clarkson is the leader of the Carolina Patriots' Association, the largerst tax protest group in the Southeast.


By Dr. Robert B. Clarkson - This article is an insert to the Patriot Cannon January, 1989 issue

The left wing crowd in solid control of the federal government are determined to enslave us all. They plan to allocate our earnings and resources, our children and homes however they see fit.

Our goal is to stop these "crazies with their crazy scheme, by preserving our freedoms and Constitutional government. The question then arises: How can the Patriot accomplish this?

The Path to victory is through an active and thoughtful outreach program to our fellow Americans by all freedom- minded Patriots. We are involved in the political process, and by political we mean people, lots of them. Cur War is a people game; the winner is the one who reaches out to the most minds and persuades them in a Certain direction.

The left-wingers or semi-socialists convince people by giving them a government check, free cheese and a host of other welfare benefits. We must reach out with a stronger weapon: The Truth.

The Path to Victory includes educating our fellow citizens about the meaning of Liberty and the safety in the Rule of Law. We only need to put our message out, our Truth is self-evident and people .once exposed, will believe us.

The steps to victory are varied, there are so many activities that it's next to impossible to name them all. Almost anybody could think of a few things that would further the cause of Liberty; and, he should then do them.

The key to Victory is for every educated-in Liberty Patriot to carry Out those steps he feels are necessary, not just sitting around and talking about it. Unspoken words and constant complaining are no good. They get us no where. Action by each and every one of us is what's necessary.

Every Patriot I have met has an idea, an idea that will lead to Freedom in our land. That is good, now let us put the ideas to work. A Patriot told me that the way to beat the IRS is with letters to the Editor. Yes , he is correct, that is a step in the right direction. Another well-meaning Patriot posts little stickers all over town and tells me that it's a good way of' reaching out. Yes, they are both right, their actions do lead in the right direction.

The above are ideas of the beholders and should be encouraged to continue their efforts. This is one of the duties of leaders in our movement: to encourage and aid Patriots to incessantly chip away at the IRS. Lots of little chips add up to big cuts. But the principle here is for everyone to do his own thing as much as possible.


(and the Rules Against Factionalism)

By Robert B. Clarkson - This article is an insert to the Patriot Cannon Spring 1989 issue

We will have The Return To Constitutional Government when we Organize and reach out to out fellow Americans. The enemies of freedom are legion. They are organized effectively and therefore exercise power greatly out of proportion to their numbers.

To defeat those who seek to enslave us, we must form groups. This was explained in the last edition of The Patriot Cannon in the "The Path To Victory, Part I . Organizations are essential for us to accomplish our purpose and for associations to exist, certain rules must be obeyed.

The most important rule in Patriot organizations deal with the largest problem, our greatest handicap, which is, Factionalism. This is the tendency of the Tax Patriot leaders to continually bad-mouth, belittle each other and to avoid cooperation with the other Patriot groups at all cost.

To succeed, we must work together, form large organizations, even cooperate. Yet across the country, the various groups will not cooperate, and the growing organizations are continually split by the leaders infighting and back-biting each other. We can never succeed with fractious, jealous, irritable, petty activist.

Therefore, the Patriot Network has faced our toughest obstacle head on; we prohibit membership and association to the Factionist, those who let petty jealousness and spite overcome the Cause of Liberty. The Patriot Network is open to all who take an oath to Support and Defend the U.S. Constitution. However, those leaders and members who engage in Factionalism, back-biting and unnecessary criticism are expelled and not allowed to enjoy any benefit from our association until they petition for rehabilitation. This is the:

Rules Against Factionalism

We do not allow our groups to squabble and bicker with other Patriot groups or denounce other clubs or leaders from our podiums or newsletter. As the other Patriot and anti-statist organizations fight with one another, we do not become involved in any way.

Also, as others sling mud with their dirty hands in our direction, we do not fight back. If others criticize us, we can deny false statements but we cannot bad-mouth them back - that is a form of Factionalism and also a cause for expulsion from the Patriot Network. Any form of mudslinging is destructive, harmful for the movement even if the other side is a vicious backbiter.

All members of our National Association of Independent Patriot Clubs must support the Rule Against  Factionalism and not support or aid anyone who is a factionist, engages in rumor mongering, gossips or attacks against other Patriots or who has been expelled from our association for Factionalism.

Our goal is to drive the socialist, unAmerican vote- buyers out of our country's capital. In order to do that we must educate millions of Americans and that means we must be organized. To form and operate a group of people, we must have leaders. For clubs and leaders to be effective, they must have the support of members and not be subject to a continual barrage of negative criticism.

Factionalism destroys to exist, our clubs must combat it. The infighting is the largest problem  facing the Freedom Movement; not the IRS. Therefore, we must face the most damaging enemy, our disgruntled and misguided fellows and drive them away. Factionists cannot be tolerated. Those who practice it must be expelled. 

Our nation, our freedom, our families are threatened by the powerful enemy who controls our government. Now lets get busy and solve the problem, not fight among ourselves.

When you put a group of left-wingers, pinks and liberals in a room together, they immediately find areas with which they agree and then proceed to form alliances and work together. When you put a bunch of hard-headed Patriots, Conservatives, anti-statist in a room together, they immediately find which idea they disagree about, then proceed to fight one another.

We must learn to bury our differences, forgive and forget. We must give a little to gain a lot. Our leaders must overlook rumors, slights, criticism, and jealousies, and our members, must learn not to repeat hard comments, rumors and bad-mouthing.

In conclusion, we must focus our energies against our enemies, not one another and we must expel and punish our people who engage in Factionalism. We must ignore the differences among ourselves and concentrate on the real objective.


Default on the National Debt!

by Dr. Robert B. Clarkson -

Can the United States economy sustain a l5 trillion-dollar-plus national/ debt?

Can the taxpayers pay interest of over $300 billion a year?

The Federal government's indebtedness is so huge that the actual figures are unknown, but the massive obligations added together are reasonably estimated to be between 15 and 20 trillion dollars, a figure far greater than our Gross National Product, the sum of all goods and services produced by the entire country in a year.

The interest payments and other service costs already are the second largest expenditure of the Federal government, surpassed only by burgeoning welfare spending. Interest payments already exceed defense spending, and the true cost of borrowing is not actually figured into the U.S. budget but is hidden and continually rolled over!

The debt and interest are crushing the economy, swamping the taxpayers and stifling any economic gains of the populace. And this painful burden is expected to become worse and worse, especially as the tax burden to service the debt stifles capital growth, industrial expansion and the monetary motivation of working people.

So much money leached from the production-consumption chain will cause people to produce less, causing the tax load on a shrinking economic basis to increase percentage wise, which will then cause less production--a destructive cycle that curves downward at every swing.

The only solution:

The sole escape hatch for the crushing weight of the national debt and its attendant cost is DEFAULT! The Federal government should just cancel the entire debt by executive and legislative fiat.

The rationale

The reasons for a debt repudiation are manifold, reasonable and just:

#1: Inevitable.

First, default is inevitable, a certainty in the future, anyway. Economists agree on few subjects, but economic planners from the left, right and center are acknowledging that the national debt is so large it can never be paid, ever.

An institution or a family that cannot pay its debt is classified as insolvent. Why not acknowledge the inescapable fact: the United States Government is bankrupt!

The President can merely acknowledge a known fact and formally declare the bankruptcy that has existed for years anyway. The Congress would quickly pass the necessary legislation and continue its wasteful spending programs. The fools who trust politicians would purchase new Treasury Bonds and thereby finance the welfare state, so the groundwork for the next repudiation could begin.

Financial advisors have used a simple rule of thumb that a debt burden of three times annual income is too high, and cannot be paid. The U.S. Federal indebtedness is five or six times greater than Federal receipts from all sources.

The true national debt is so large that the figures are difficult to comprehend, so hidden and buried in the budget that the public is largely unaware, so split and varied that economic and Federal officials claim not to know the actual figures. The bonded debt, i.e. Treasury Bond, -bills, savings bonds etc. are at almost 5 trillion. The unfunded liabilities, 

guarantees, obligations, etc. total $10 trillion.

The national debt of over $15,000,000,000,000.00 includes:

A. Unfunded Social Security commitment: over 6 trillion, or $6,000,000,000,000.00.

B. Public debt, ie. Treasury Bonds, bills, etc.: almost $5 trillion.

C. Unfunded military pensions and lifetime health care: over $2 trillion.

D. Unfunded portion of Civil Service retirement: $1 trillion.

E. Department of Agriculture guaranteed loans: $1 trillion.

F. Loan guarantees, national and international: over $1 trillion.

G. Cash in circulation: $112 trillion.

H. Accounts payable, claims, contractual obligations, etc.: over $2 trillion.

On a per capita basis, every man, woman and child in the U.S.A. owes over $200,000.00. As one half of our population is now dependent on the government, and thus cannot pay their "share", the per capita burden doubles on the workingman. I for one will not pay my share, and neither will millions of other patriotic Americans or their children and spouses. So those who advocate paying out of their own pocket (unlike the politicians) have an impossible task ahead of them.

Default is inevitable--it is only a matter of time. The inevitable always happens.

Our Federal government is on a kamikaze course of default spending. The level of deficits doubled during every five year period between 1951 and 1975. It has tripled since then and will triple again during the first half of the 90s. This simply cannot continue. It certainly will worsen. Excess Federal spending financed by open borrowing will total $2 trillion in the next five years.

President Clinton has inherited a Federal government characterized by outlays persistently outgrowing revenue. Since 1975, Federal expenditures have increased at 12% a year, well above the 10% annual tax increase. At this rate, the annual deficit will exceed $600 billion in 1995 and $25 trillion in the year 2000. If inflation, taxes etc. continue to rise, these figures will also increase geometrically.

#2: Teach' em a lesson.

The second reason the debt repudiation is reasonable and just, is to punish the perpetrators of this crushing burden on all of us! Those who bought government bonds, accepted Federal loan guarantees, depend on one or more government unfunded pensions, etc. caused the problem.

Governments cannot run deficits unless someone purchases the bonds. The moneylenders encourage the politicians' wasteful spending programs and allow foolish vote-buying boondoggles. Somebody has to suffer the consequences of the massive insanity in Washington for decades; why not those who willingly participated? Why should the workingman be punished? Why not let the foolish receive nothing for what they purchased--worthless bonds from a bankrupt institution?

The piper has to be paid

Anybody with an iota of intelligence would have realized for years that no person or government can forever spend more than it receives. Yet the liberals, farmers, welfare loafers, etc. continued dreaming and spending. Those who throw away the results of our productivity should be punished, not the frugal and careful. Those who approve the welfare state's borrowing to finance worthless giveaway programs should pay the price.

Someone, somewhere, sometime must pay for years of political promises. Everything eventually must be paid for--it is inevitable. Somebody will eventually suffer--the only question is who. Let the people who purchased the Treasury bonds lose their savings--after all, they enabled the foolishness to continue.

#3: Stop it.

The third reason that default is necessary and positive is to prevent future generations from being beset with the foolish dreams of social planners.

A definite default on a 15-trillion-dollar debt will warn thrifty, hard-working people not to trust officialdom and not to lend the results of their hard work to the type of people who seek public office.

If no one buys government bonds or dreams of retirement on unfunded pensions, the bureaucrats cannot operate on a spend-now-pay-later-basis. Therefore, future generations on this earth will not be cursed by the twin evils of "public' debt, its interest, nor the socialist money-wasting schemes that they finance.

A debt repudiation by the U.S.A., a guaranteed success, would cause a chain reaction by other states both free and totalitarian. In any event a $15-trillion default would scare the wits out of other bond pushers. When they see people in other countries quit buying new bonds and also demand private insurance company pensions, other insolvent central banks would be unable to continue rolling over debts that cannot be paid, and would be forced into default.

In a few years the entire free world would be liberated from socialist spending sprees and the bloodsucking international bankers.

The treasuries of the major industrial free nations, not only the U.S., have loaned billions and billions of dollars to communist dictatorships and worthless underdeveloped countries to preserve and promote socialism. Those who financed this human tragedy should suffer--suffer enough to deter others from encouraging it again.

#4: Pin the blame.

The fourth reason for a general repudiation of national obligations pertains to the free world's current political crisis: for decades, the democracies of the west have experienced a "debt curse.' This is a political phenomenon that occurs as leftist administrations rack up debt and political favor and the conservatives pay debts and incur blame.

When in power, the labor party in Great Britain, the Socialists in Jamaica, Canada, Australia, etc. will spend lavishly, pour out the free lunches, public housing, business subsidies, loan guarantees, fat pension promises etc. This spending program, without a compensating tax increase, results in favorable public opinion, especially to those who benefit directly and indirectly. These "buy-the-vote" schemes pay off handsomely at the polls. The special interest of money recipients also reward the politicians with reciprocating campaign bribes or donations.

The cost of the year-long Santa Claus is not financed by unpopular "revenue" enhancers but by borrowing from an unsuspecting and gullible public and promises of comfortable future pensions. In the short run, many benefit and no one pays.

Vote-buying is the curse of democracy. The taxpayers and producers later must pay, but by then the thieves and cheats in office have long departed, leaving a mess for others to pay or lie their way out of.

Even in the short run, the economic threat is realized and/or felt by enough of the electorate, and the socialists are defeated in spite of the money-throwing policies. The conservatives then find themselves in control of a debt-burdened economy and a populace used to lavish welfare- state spending, low taxes and deferred responsibility. The political leaders who understand economics, such as Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, begin to correct the errors of the past by lowering government benefits to the free-lunch crowd, cutting subsidies and loan guarantees to outdated industries, and raising taxes to pay for the popular programs the recently defeated leftists sponsored (and used to pick up voter support). Yet the sensible conservatives wonder why they are crushed by falling popularity polls and lose elections. The big spenders a la Juan Peron are remembered fondly by the voters. Conversely the responsible elected officials are hated and despised.

Yes, a sensible economic policy is to cut out handouts and have the government pay its own way with taxes. But the political heat of raising taxes on the middle class supporters of the conservatives erodes the needed voter support. Cutting food stamps and business subsidies increases the opposition's activity and ability. Paying the bills for intentional wrongdoing of others is sinful and encourages the evildoers to contiune their wastefulness at an increasing rate.

Reagan, Bush, Thatcher etc. voluntarily took the blame for the senseless socialist schemes of prior administrations and paid the price on election day. The ONLY solution for and escape from this never-ending cycle is debt repudiation.

If, when assuming office, President Reagan had announced the fact that the U.S. could not pay either interest or principal on past government debts, his administration would have been saved the expense of 20% of the Federal budget and passed down a 20% tax cut, pronto. The GNP would have responded to the tax cuts, and with the resulting economic growth launched an unprecedented boon.

Instead, Reagan continued the policy of paying for past errors, increasing taxes again and again, allowing inflation to raise income tax rates and allowing the Social Security tax increase to go into effect.

The national debt is increasing. Sooner or later an American president will repudiate it, thereby earning accolades as some type of economic genius. Why should not a conservative president reap the political goodwill for his party? The default is inevitable and some political party will eventually reap the political hay.

But no. Reagan tied himself to the burning stake, taxing his supporters to pay for past wasteful spending by the Democrats. As he had in California, Reagan laid the groundwork for a succeeding Democrat administration to recklessly buy votes with the money saved by the Republicans' new taxes.

As a result of conservatives' suicidal programs of debt policy, free people all over the globe are driven to support the most undeserving of politicians, who only worsen their sorry economic programs. What more can you expect from people who seek the easy way out--to spend now and pay later?

#5: Save money.

The fifth reason that non-payment of past obligations is both inevitable and beneficial to us all, even to those who lose their life savings, is that the interest cost is so great that it is destroying the national economy.

According to the 1992 national budget from the Office of Budget and Management, the Federal government spends 17% of its funds on "net interest. Adding to that, payments on defaulted student loans, defaulted bank loans to communist Poland, the U.S.S.R., Czechoslovakia etc., unfunded life pensions to military retirees, etc., the real service cost of unpayable obligations constitutes well over 30% of Federal tax dollars. An unbelievable burden!

Payments on the foolish spending programs of yesteryear are draining the lifeblood out of the national economy. The workingman realizes too little from his labors to keep on working. The after-tax gains to the businessman are not enough to support growth and expansion. The entrepreneurs' share of the profits will not motivate risk-taking, the essential element in a free economy!

The tax burden of paying for past spending programs is driving millions into the underground economy or to tax protest groups. In 1992, the Federal deficit gobbled up almost all of the net savings of the American work force. No capital accumulated means no industrial expansion, no increase in productivity, no new factories, no new machinery, no new jobs. The Reagan deficits added to the interest payments on the debts of past presidents are stifling the economy, throwing workers out of their jobs, preventing young couples from purchasing homes, and destroying the economic incentives so vital to a free people.

The dead hand of the past is killing the present. If we do not destroy the national debt, it will destroy us. Today, with a desire for self-preservation and patriotism, millions of honest, loyal Americans are refusing to pay the income tax. Their untaxed dollars circulating through the economy are what is keeping it alive.

The cost goes up. The present $400-billion deficit, the continuing overspending of the Social Security Administration, the growing "Pension Bourbons, etc. are enlarging both the current $15-trillion debt and the cost of its service. Soon public funds diverted to past obligations will reach 50% of the Federal budget, especially as the medical industry prolongs the lives of people drawing three Federal pensions at once. Then either national defense will be cut more (a deadly and unthinkable gamble), vote-buying programs ended, or "uncontrollable entitlement programs reduced, or politicians quit promising and the tooth fairy pays in gold, or taxes are raised enough to obliterate production and working. The current welfare state cannot last much longer. Economic collapse is around the corner. Debt repudiation is the best alternative, if not the only one.

#6: The free market.

The sixth reason justifying an otherwise un-Constitutional act of repudiation is to revitalize the free economy, remove the need for our own government to steal from people who work in order to pay vast sums to those who do not.

The end of the debt would free capital to flow to activities where it is needed, to finance business, new homes, automobiles, educations, medical operations, etc. A new era of prosperity would put more money into the pockets of producing people who then would spend their own money which would result in jobs for workers and sales for manufacturers, i.e. those who deserve the blessings of the free market because they work hard, save their surplus earnings, and plan for the future, not mulcting from the government the fruits of others' labor.

Less Federal competition in the capital markets would allow business to borrow cheaper and new entrepreneurs to launch new endeavors, thus ~creating competition which would really drive prices down.

Every single person in this country would benefit from increased business activity and a higher standard of living, plus decreased taxes, inflation and welfare state programs. Yes, those who foolishly invested their money to government indebtedness would lose a little. But somebody has to pay for our national insanity and the belief that our government could borrow forever. After all, the inability of Disneyland on the Potomac to pay vast debts has been known to every American who can read newspapers. At least descendants of those who hold repudiated bonds and pensions will not buy public debt so future Congresses cannot spend more than taxpayers will let them collect.

The biggest losers in a general repudiation will be bankers who loaned billions of dollars to tyrants around the globe with Federal guarantees. Let them and their stockholders suffer for their financing of totalitarianism. Think of all the suffering they have caused! Other losers will be those who trusted such bankers with their deposits. Those who trust thieves and scoundrels should receive their just rewards.

Those who reap the so-called benefits of the welfare state will be forced to savor the taste of freedom in a free economy- -to enjoy the material and spiritual benefit of working and paying their own way.

The politicians would not emerge as enlightened statesmen, nor would they be expected to stop pandering to those who seek the easy life at the expense of others. But at least they would not spend a cent more than the voters would tax themselves at any time.


Robert Barnwell Clarkson is a practical political observer, active in libertarian and patriotic political organizations, and the author of a number of books and pamphlets. Dr. Clarkson is a graduate of Clemson University in Economics (1969) and of the University of South Carolina School of Law (1974). He is the Executive Director of the Patriot Network, the nation's largest association of independent political clubs, and editor of The Patriot Cannon He has "untaxed more than 8,000 of his fellow American citizens and assisted innumerable others in the field of tax freedom and law.




Robert Clarkson
P.O. Box 2368
Anderson, S.C. 29622
(864) 225-3061




Written by Robert B. Clarkson This article is an insert to the Patriot Cannon April 1982

I.. The Supreme Law of the Land

The U.S. Constitution by definition IS the final authority on any legal matters, all other laws within the Nation' s boundaries are secondary to it.

Black's law Dictionary defines:

Constitution: The organic and fundamental law of a nation or state, which may be written or unwritten, establishing the character and conception of it's government, laying the basic principles to which it's internal life is to be conformed, organizing the government, regulating, distributing, and limiting the functions of it's different departments, and prescribing the extent and manner of the exercise of sovereign powers. A character of government deriving it's whole authority from the governed. 

The acts of Congress, like by-law of an organization or corporation, deal with lesser matters, are easier to change, need not apply to all the participants.

The United States is not a democracy where every citizen votes on every issue as in the ancient Greek city-states, but a Republic, i.e. representative government where the citizenry elect representatives for a term of office as spelled out in the governing document. The delegates of the people in the republican form of government decide on the laws and budgets without direct approval of the electorate within a certain framework.

In our CONSTITUTION REPUBLIC, the assemblymen and Congressman are bound by the terms of the foremost authority and can ONLY legislate within its limits - and must return to the people for any additional powers, i.e. a Constitutional Amendment.

At elections, state voters arc enmeshed with a bewildering area of proposed amendments - for good reason, the legislature has run out of power and must return to the source-the people. All fundamental rights remain the prerogative of the people, any burden thereupon requires their assent by overwhelming margin, generally two thirds.

Likewise, the Federal delegates in Washington are bound in by the terms of their written prescriptions, i.e. Article I, U.S. Constitution and Amendment X. Thusly, to expand their powers, the federals must return to the source, the states via Constitutional Amendment - no other method exists for anby change or increase in authority for the federal government.

The Constitution Republic system acknowledges that the people cannot watch the day to day mechanisms of the legislatures and cannot trust them with unlimited power. The people have bound their delegates to only limited authority in limited areas under the terms of their respective Constitution, state or federal, and any change requires consent by those affected.

More so, the bureaucracies are limited by the terms and spirit of the respective governing documents. Problems arise when either the politician, the bureaucrats or both usurp their power, assume others and violate the basic law.

Our government is a piece of paper! Do our Presidents take an oath to preserve and obey the Queen of England? The politburo of the Soviet Union? No, they swear to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United "States."

II, Why a Constitution?

Government by document has three principles aspects:

A.  Written:  The fundamental law is written down for all to read, i.e. The Rule of law, not the Rule of Man.

B.  In English:  Not only written, but Constitution are spelled out in the everyday language of its subjects, needs no interpretation, every man can see for himself exactly what it says. It says what it means; means what it says.

The U.S. Constitution grants to no government branch or special authority the power, exclusive or otherwise to define or to interpret its meaning. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land, no the Supreme court.

C.  No Changes  The legal framework of the nation does not change for popular whims, pretend emergencies, or desires of the powerful. The Constitution provides in Article V an elaborate and complicated procedure for any amendment. Our basic law has remained fundamentally unchanged since the beginning, predictable, not bending with the tides.

Except for the Bill of Rights which were a precondition for adoption, i.e. really a part of the original writing, our government document has suffered only 16 changes.

The 18 Amendment (Prohibition) and the 21st (Repeal) cancel each other. The 24th (Poll Tax) was a punitive, anti-southern passage of no meaning, because no state had required such for years. The 17th Amendment (direct election of Senators), 19th (female suffrage) and 26th (teenage suffrage) change authority reserved for the states and these alterations had already been placed into effect byt he states, so the federal amendment were superfluous!

The 13th (Negro freedom in northern states); 14th (dues process further elaborated), 15th (Negro Suffrage) were producers of the reconstruction era of little practical meaning. The 20th (early inauguration), 22nd (two term Presidency), 24th (DC Electors) 25th (appointment of VP) were really of little consequence and debatable need.

The only amendments to the U.S. Constitution of any consequence were the 11th and 12th amendments and were adopted quickly when the constitution was first being used. They corrected the ONLY possible flaws of the framers! Not bad for 200 years!

NO OTHER AMENDMENTS EXIST!  No other method exists for amendment except as Article V provides neither civil war no economic depression, in spite of popular belief can change our Constitution.

Not nine Supreme Court judges, but at least 300 congressmen and about 3000 state legislators can change our Constitution.


Theory of The Courts

The purpose of this law course is to help the local counselors and to protect their individual rights as well as their membership rights. Furthermore, this law course is a unique course due to the fact that it is not an advanced course in itself, but is the basic principles to be used in all courses against our contemporary Violators of The Law, or as intended in the beginning with the U.S. Constitution, or using the Rock Smith classification "Law I". Then you have what our bureaucratic dictatorship now evolved "law II". For the most part Law I and Law II are antagonistic to each other whereas they should be harmonious. The letter of law and the intent of the law is the determinate factor and not the interpretation by the Judges of what the law should be according to their individual judges� personal whims. Now, in our country the law has been so perverted and distorted from the original intent of the founding fathers that it has become virtually impossible to decipher the law from the i11egal statutes that are pretended or passed upon as law.

The law changes from day to day with such radical proportions that in time I would conclude this Law Course would be absolute. At any rate since it would be an exercise in futility to attempt to teach you law, I would direct my attention to Basic Principles. Now one reason of law is predictability, static and not constantly changed, you know what the future holds. You make plans because you can read the written rules.

A maximum that our judicial system reminds us of frequently is the clich� that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Unfortunately, the rules change constantly by the political judges, so no one knows. We do not have the benefit of constant, legal, just judiciary, but a never ending changing system where a citizen never knows whether he is law abiding or is violating.

The manner and the proper means of changing law in our country is in accordance with the Article V of the U.S. Constitution. A call for a Constitutional Convention for that purpose and later ratification by 3/4 of the states is too cumbersome for the establishment, so instead they resort to expediency, assuming upon themselves the power to alter the government by implementing, utilizing the conflicting laws in the courtrooms, making major structural changes in the national government.

If I wasted my time and yours in teaching you the current: law, by the time I finished the course the law would for all practical purposes be changed. The purpose of this course is to teach you Principles, not law.

We received from the IRS copies of their own training manual which revealed that the agents were instructed to lie and hide their lies whenever possible. The incredible tricks and under-handed gimmicks that those people will result to. The training manual even instructs the agents how to answer the judges when they are caught in wrongdoing. That is the state of our government today, training the bureaucrats and agents to be liars in cahoots with the corrupt courts in violation of the system that God gave us to protect our freedoms.

The Constitution was written by men inspired by God. What have the politicians and bureaucrats done - tossed our Constitution to the winds. Real Constitutionalists want law and order, justice, the Rule of Law and the Rule of Men. Ronald Reagan said a few years ago about government: "if you lay down with government, I can promise you that you will get more than a good night�s sleep." No, we believe in the Constitution, its separation of the powers, an impartial legal system.

What are the bureaucrats doing today - teaching themselves to pervert and destroy our systems of government. Will we quietly sit by and allow them to destroy us? No,� Will we meekly allow usurpation of powers? No. Will we continue allowing our enemies to degenerate our government to tyranny that will. eventually enslave our children and our grandchildren? No!

The solution is public education and protection to those aware who undertake action. The following Basic Principles by Clarkson are to teach Freedom Fighters what to expect and what not to DO!

Basic Principle #1: Our enemy the establishment perceives us as a threat, a threat to their positions of power, prestige and privilege. We the People insist upon the government that obeys the law which they see as Enemy #1.  Realistically, we the people are "counter-revolutionists. We are advocating a return to an original system, ie Constitutional government. Who are the revolutionists: The establishment, our enemies the politicians and bureaurats fear and hate us!

Basic Principle #2: They do not obey the laws not even their own laws. Our laws have been supplanted by the "Three R�s". Rules, regulations and Requirements which our enemies disregard anyway. The way to victory is to have them to obey the law.

Nevertheless, that good patriot, Rock Smith, a true friend of Executive Director of the Network, Dr. Clarkson, says that what the IRS and the other government practice is Unlaw! �Unlaw"is obviously the reverse of Law -  opposite of law, pretended legislation, masquerading as law which our society has been duped or intimidated into accepting as law. But the law the IRS does not obey is the law, not their own rules, regulations and requirements. The bureaucracy changes the rules for its own expediency.

A citizen can not play the game today by the rules and win because rules are changed too frequently to suit those in power who want to destroy us, the threats to their way of life. We need to be comfortably aware of the fact the powerful are law violators.

One must recognize the problems that face us in our struggle for the Restoration of Our Constitution. So, when you confront your opponent either in the administration arena or in the courts bear in mind those two basic principles. They do not like us and do not obey the law. As well known by now, Dr. Clarkson�s expertise is the area of procedure, fighting the enemy with procedural traps invented to throw up obstacles and defeat the enemy at his own unlawful game. The folks in the patriot movement need to be procedural experts as well as political activists.

Dr. Clarkson, the premier practitioner of procedure explains the difference between procedure and the substantive law thusly: if you are proceeding on a trip, the route you will take is law or why you are making the trip originally. On the other hand, once on your trip, you drive in the right lane in the highway, go slow on curves, this is procedure. Procedure is how you do it, what steps to take to accomplish an end.

The procedures that are recommended here can be used in any and all the Patriot positions expounded in the patriot community. Of course, we all realize that some theory must be utilized in planning our strategy. You must have some fundamental charter course in planning and operations.

Once picking an overall strategy, we become procedural fighters to accomplish our strategy. The Basic Principles are procedural requirements.

Basic Principle #3: NO INFORMATION: Do not give information about yourself to your enemies. Remember information is necessary to destroy an enemy. You must not furnish the enemy any sort of information. Camouflage yourself, hide in your foxhole and seek all the information possible on the enemy.

For example, the first thing that a mafia hit man needs in order to carry out his contract is information, he needs a picture of his subject, his address, whether or not the contact carries any weapons, etc. etc. The more information the hit man has at his disposal, the better assurance that he has that his mission will be successfully accomplished. The moral of the story is that the less information provided to your enemies, the less likely you are to be hit.

Nowhere is a more storehouse of information available to our enemy than the banks. Every time we write a check, we supply our enemy, the bankers with the most intimate, personal and private information available about ourselves. That knowledge stored in the banks, i.e. microfilmed copies of all checks, is for all practical purposes available to any and everybody.

June-July Issue 1982 of The Patriot Cannon



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