Forming Your Own Patriot Network Group

  1. Starting Your Own Club
    1. How To Start Your Own Patriot Network Club
  2. General Instructions
    1. How To Operate Your Own Bookstore
    2. Instructions For Club Leaders
    3. Instructions For Speakers
    4. Instructions For Master of Ceremonies
    5. Special Seminars

How To Start Your Own Patriot Network Club

1. Think up a name. Clear this with Dr. Clarkson to make sure no other group has that name. Best, have location in name. and use the title "Patriot", ie Atlanta Patriots.

2. Appoint officers/owners. Best one or two patriots with appropriate title and area of responsibility.

3. Affiliate with the Patriot Network and learn from Dr. Clarkson. Watch Clarkson's video: The Return To Constitutional Government. $20

4. Find location for monthly meeting. Best are a free spot, Restaurants and steakhouses are preferred because they often have an over-flow room that they use on Friday and Saturday nights; rest of week it is empty. Also, eating establishments have tea and coffee all evenings and members enjoy a congenial meal. Members can arrive early and socialize. Very important. 

Family steakhouses are preferred because they have a buffet line (so the waitress won't interrupt meeting to take orders.) are cheap, and are preferred by all of our members. Restaurants with a party room and family steakhouses are hard to find in big cities. 

5. You must actively recruit new people. You do this with the Clarkson video, The Introduction to the Constitution and the Income Tax $20, and primary meeting. Your first project is to sign up members with the introductory video. See "How To of Primary Meeting", page___

New people who see the primary meeting come back and sign up. Those at their first meeting who see another program seldom join.

6. Start an active recruit campaign. "pass-the-buck's". Reach out to friends and co-workers. Attend meetings of other patriotic organizations where people are learning our way, ie Libertarians or Populists Party, John Birch Society, etc. Club leaders should spend 80% of time doing recruitment. 

This article updated by R. B Clarkson November 2003


How to Operate Your Own PN Bookstore

Congratulations: You now own and operate your franchise of Dr. Clarkson’s famous Patriot Bookstore. Since this is a franchise, you must obey the rules, which follow:

1. You must have a book table at all meetings, and it will be handsomely arranged with a selection of books. You should have a group of each book selection, not just one or two, whenever possible.

2. The books and tapes must be approved by Dr. Clarkson, not be offensive and not benefit any Patriot who is involved with fractionalism. Books already listed and carried by Dr. Clarkson are obviously approved. We sell books and tapes at all meetings.

3. How To Order: Look in the front or back of any book you like and you will find the address of the publisher. Often an order blank can be found and a volume discount price. Write the publisher/author and ask for the bookstore discount price. Use the Patriot Bookstore stationary, below.

When you order books and material, you should use the Patriot Bookstore
letterhead so you can get a better price., but be sure to clearly list your address for shipping.

4. Special pricing. Dr. Clarkson buys huge quantities of books from the patriot press, ie Patriots who write and publish books. Therefore, he has negotiated extra special prices, ie lower than anyone else, on many selections. The deal , of course, includes the local club franchises. When ordering, use our form and clearly demand the Patriot
Bookstore price.

Also, do not buy from any publisher during the time Dr. Clarkson is negotiating for a better deal. You could undermine the negotiating.

You will be buying from (1) the conventional book market, is non- Patriots, and (2) The Patriot Press, ie Tax Patriots who are movement people and who also write, publish and sell the books that we are interested in. Dr. Clarkson has no pull with non-Patriot industry, but is familiar with their price, terms and ordering procedure.

When you first start running your club, feel free to contact Dr. Clarkson for help and advice.

5. Ordering. You often can negotiate a better price and learn about specials by calling first. Do call the book sellers, you can learn some new information. Explain that you work with Dr. Clarkson and you want his special price.

After you learn the price, send in your money with a letter clearly explaining what you want and listing your street address for UPS.

6. Supplies. When you start your club, Dr. Clarkson will help you start up by shipping you a case of a mixture of books. This is only a temporary help. The extra labor, shipping and expense does not make this practical. You must order directly from the publisher in large numbers or case lot sizes.

If you cannot move a large volume of a particular selection, then trade with Dr. Clarkson when he comes to town. As he travels to your club, you can buy from him at the discount price. Therefore, when’ you know Dr. Clarkson is coming to visit, save your nickels and dimes in order to make some purchases.

You can also swap books with other Patriot Network Club Leaders. To get a practical price, you must purchase a large quantity. But you may not be able to move large numbers of some selections. Therefore, buy a case and trade with other club leaders.

7. Identification. Every item sold or distributed by a Patriot Network club must clearly list and name, address and preferably a phone number. You must stamp all books distributed by you with your name or your club name, and address and a phone number. You can list your own, or you can list Dr. Clarkson, his organization, his address, his website, and his phone number.

You can order a rubber stamp for this or whatever.

8. Prohibitions. Materials dealing with alternative health are not allowed unless it promotes honey and exposes sugar as unhealthy.

Nothing is allowed about investments or financial schemes except material prepared by the Patriot Network or approved by the Network.

9. Free Material. Club leaders are encouraged to write and request free copies of the US Constitution and other free books and handouts.

10. Dr. Clarkson will issue names and addresses of publishers, their selection and prices. However, these addresses and prices change frequently, and Dr. Clarkson’s list is often out-of-date.

11. Magazines and handouts:
Club leaders are to write newspaper publishers and request old copies to distribute. Handouts are important and impress new people. 

This Notice updated by R.B. Clarkson November 2003


Instructions For Speakers

1. The speaker will teach an informative class on a particular subject. The speaker will not spend the entire time promoting any product, service or campaign. At the end of the instructional class the speaker may give info about his program, product or position.

Guest Speakers are guests at our clubs and our expected to use good manners. Speaker should but is not required to compliment the host and express thanks.

2. Absolutely Prohibited: No speaker at anytime will mention or promote any ponzi scheme, investment swindle or financial scam. Trust can be mentioned only with the permission of Dr. Clarkson.

Speaker will not talk on or discuss medicine, alternative medical treatments, or AIDS.

3. The Rule Against Fractionalism: No one is allowed to bad mouth or belittle any other patriot, patriot group or position. We do not fight among ourselves. No enemies on the right! This is explained in my website button: Patriot Network.

4. Speakers Honorarium: We pay speakers fee and cost only if we agree in advance. If we have not promised anything, we are not required to do anything.

5. Defeatism, negativism, and pessimism are not allowed by outside speakers. Information on the negatives of the movement is the duty of club leaders, not outsiders from afar.

6. We are a Patriotic Club and we teach only patriotic subjects, such as Constitution, tax freedom, free enterprise, etc. We do not have classes on abortion, driver's license, gun rights etc, even though theses are worthwhile subjects. Other fine and good groups cover these subjects.

Speaker will not discuss club administration or finances. Speaker will mind his own business; club management is the responsibility of club leaders.

7. We do not change our schedules. That which is announced is never changed.

8. Speaker will tell host his subject and outline his talk prior to the meeting. Then he will stay on his prior arranged subject. Speaker will teach for 45 minutes, announce a 15-minute break, and then finish their class in not more than 45 minutes. Speaker must arrive on time and be ready to teach. Speaker should arrive early, eat their meal and be prepared ½ hour before classes.

9. No one is allowed to sell any products for future delivery. In some cases the club leader can hold the money until delivery is confirmed. No one can circulate a sign up sheet or collect names and addresses.

10. We do not have open discussion, nor formal Q & A time. Members are free to ask question to the speaker at the break or at end of class. Questions during lecture are tolerated.

Updated April 2004    top

Instructions for Master of Ceremonies:

Make the following checked announcements:

___This is the regular monthly meeting of The ____________________Patriots, a chapter of The Patriot Network.

We meet at this location on the _________ _________ day of every month. We meet at 7:00 p.m. (1:00 p.m. on Saturday's) for our program and at least 6:30 p.m. (noon on Saturdays.) for our meal. Our program ends at 9:00. (4 p.m. on Saturdays) We do not change our schedule.

___Pledge and prayer:
Select a volunteer for the pledge and a volunteer for the Prayer before the meeting and inform them IN ADVANCE. Announce: "Everyone please stand for the Pledge of allegiance and opening prayer." ______________ will lead us in prayer and _____________will lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

___We have 10 clubs and meetings every month in the South East. Do attend other meeting and network with other patriots.

___Special Events:
___A. Clarkson Law Course and Law Course and Law Library Workshop.
___B. ____________________________________________________________.
___C. ____________________________________________________________.

___Restaurant courtesy:
We appreciate this fine restaurant for our meeting room. It is our policy that everyone must purchase a meal or pay a $4 room charge. Be sure to leave a tip for the waitress.

___Introduction of Dr. Clarkson: Robert Clarkson graduated form Clemson University in 1969 in economics, served in Vietnam in the 25th Infantry Division and graduated from the University of South Carolina Law School in 1974. He is the founder and president of the Patriot Network.

Updated March 5, 2003       top

Instructions for Club Leaders:

1. Club leaders are to obey the rules and regulations of the Patriot Network until they have the experience to make their own decisions.

2. The Rule Against Fractionalism; No one is allowed to attack, bad-mouth or belittle any other patriot, patriot group or non-taxing approach. Fighting, gossiping and bad-mouthing is simply not allowed. (This is explained on my website buttons: Patriot Network.)

3. Our clubs are not to be used for any investment purpose, ponzi scheme, financial scam, or any fraudulent activities.

No trust or multi level marketing programs are allowed at our meetings without permission from head quarters.

4. Outside Speakers: Non member is allowed to speak behind our podium without permission from head quarters. Club leaders are financially responsibility for any wrongdoing of any speaker who speaks at our clubs without permission of the Patriot Network Head Quarters.

5. All announced programs are to be carried out without any change from the announcement. If your plans are not iron clad; do not make the public announcement.

6. We never change announced schedules for any reason especially good ones. We do not change our meeting times, locations or dates. Do not ask.

7. All monies given to the club are donations and nothing else.

8. No one is allowed to sell any product for future delivery. However in some cases the club leader can hold the money and upon delivery release the money to the speaker. No one can circulate a sign up sheet or collect names and addresses.

9. We are a Patriotic Club and we teach only patriotic subjects, such as Constitution, tax freedom, free enterprise, economics, etc. We do not have classes on abortion, driver's license, gun rights etc, even though these are worthwhile subjects. Other fine and good groups cover these subjects.

Updated March 2003  top

Instructions for Special Seminar:

The Patriot Network is delighted to host a special seminar for you or to assist you in any matter. We have some procedures that we have learned over the years will help you a great deal. We cannot assist you if you cannot follow the instructions that we feel are mandatory:

1.   NO cancellations for any reason. No changes on announced schedules allowed. Therefore you must plan your activities ahead of time.

2.     Great Flyer: You must publish a good paper and electronic flyer. This would include:

A. Contact person which means a name, address, phone number and email. You can use ours if you prefer.
B. Clear and simple directions to the location, especially directions from the interstate with the exit number.

3.     All financial agreements must be in writing.

4.     The Patriot Network or local club leader will get a copy of the mailing list and also makes all necessary announcements. Club leaders receive free admission.

5.     The Instructions for Speakers apply, when appreciate. See my website: button: Patriot Network.

6.     Robert Clarkson has final decision on all matters without exception.

For your seminar, we recommend and prefer:

7.     Club leader collects all admissions, monies and disburses as agreed upon earlier.

8.     The club leader serves as MC and makes announcements.

9.     The host has a book table and literature table.

10.  Speaker appears on radio and talk shows.

11.  Prior to the seminar, the speaker should appear to all clubs and promote the seminar.

Updated April 2004  top


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