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  2. Sovereign American Radio
  3. Lewis News
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Please note: Several of the radio links we provide will only work during the live radio broadcast. To listen to the shows outside of normal broadcasting times, please see the archives links as appropriate on the host sites.

The Investigative Journal / RBN

Greg Szymanski hosts the radio show The Investigative Journal. He shines the light on important issues such as how our government and our media have failed us, turning our protected Constitutional freedoms into nothing more than words on a page without any meaning. Greg discusses with callers how our government lies to us on a daily basis about the real cause of 9/11 and the real reason for the invasion of the Middle East. He expounds on our civil rights being taken away from us by The Patriot Act in the name of the war on terror and how our jobs are being stolen from us by a systematic corporate takeover orchestrated by our own government.

Listen to Greg Szymanski�s The Investigative Journal Monday-Friday, 11:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST.
Call-in Number: 800-313-9443
Click here to listen dring live broadcast hours or listen to archived shows here.

Also visit Greg�s website.

On April 17, Greg was joined in the first hour by Robert Clarkson of The Patriot Network, who talked about how the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Constitution make income tax voluntary. A good interview if you want to learn how to deal with IRS treachery. To Listen to this interview, go to Greg's archives and click on Monday, April 17th.



Sovereign American Radio (SA)

Many Americans across this country have discovered a venue through which they can educate themselves, actively address, unitedly take action and once again become the power over government.

Turn off that tv, take responsibility, ACT and tune in every Tuesday 7pm MST on Sovereign-American internet radio broadcast.

Click here to listen during live broadcast hours.





  1. The LewisNews delivers full world news coverage, opinions, letters to the editor and many independent columnists.
  2. Radio LewisNews gives a voice to ordinary people whose voice is considered an annoying noise by the mainstream media.
  3. Internet LewisNews TV will begin broadcasting this winter with real people discussing and reporting on the real American Landscape that is so foreign to today's politicians and press.
  4. AND!! LewisNews can equip you to utilize this powerful, news infrastructure, to add your voice of reason to that of other concerned citizens to restore integrity to American government, law and life.

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