Part II Clarkson Sues FBI

  1. Press Release and News Articles
    1. Clarkson Press Release
    2. Article from Anderson Independent Mail (May 3, 2007)
    3. Interview with Robert Clarkson and Anderson Independent (Oct 2, 2007)
  2. Clarkson Beats FBI
    1. Letter from FBI Acknowledging Wrong-doing
    2. Court Order for Return of Stolen Property
    3. Clarkson Motion for Return of Stolen Property
    4. FBI Motion for Extension of Time (Aug 3)
    5. FBI Response to Motion for Return of Stolen Property (Aug 9)
    6. Clarkson's 2nd Motion for Return of Stolen Property
    7. Judge Thornburg Order Jan 29, 2008
      (Govt shall produce evidence pertaining to the continuing need
      for defendant's property)
    8. Return to Judge's Order (Feb 3, 2008)
    9. Reply to Governement's Response to Motion for Return of Property (Feb 19, 2008)
    10. Bad Order
    11. Motion for New Trial
    12. Motion for New Trial Denied (March 11, 2008)
    13. Letter to Agent Andy about missing items (April 8, 2008)
    14. Letter to Agent Russel about missing Liberty Dollar coins (April 19, 2008)
    15. Dr. Clarkson's Motion for Remand
    16. Dr. Clarkson's Petition to hold Agent Andy in Contempt of Court
    17. Summary of Events to Support of Petition for Contempt of Court
    18. Third Motion for Return of Property (Rule 41G)
    19. Clarkson Motion for Rehearing Enbanc
    20. Fourth Motion for Return of Property [letter attached]
  3. Dr. Clarkson's Appeal to the Fourth Circuit
    1. Dr. Clarkson's Appeal Brief to the Fourth Circuit
    2. Dr. Clarkson's Appendix to Appeal Brief
    3. Statement of Corporate Affiliations and Other Interests
    4. Dr. Clarkson's Informal Appeal Brief
    5. Motion to Remand
  4. FOIA Requests for Documents
    1. FOIA to Agent Andy
    2. Important FOIA Request on Illegal Dismant
    3. Response to Production of Blank Dismantling Form
    4. Agreement to Pay Fees
    5. Improved FOIA Request Form (to JD Russell)
  5. Privacy Act Request for Documents
    1. Clarkson to Agent Andy
    2. Clarkson to DOJ
    3. Request for Documents to Agent Andy
    4. Request for Documents to US Attorney, Asheville
    5. Privacy Act to FBI on Dismantling for Request of Documents
    6. Response to Trash Letter
    7. Lady Patriot's FOIA-PA Response to Trash Letter
    8. Request for Documents to James Russell
  6. Expungement Request under Privacy Act
    1. Clarkson Expungement Request to Agent Andy
    2. Lady Patriot's Request for Expungement to FBI
    3. Nelson's Request for Expungement to FBI
    4. Clarkson Correction Request to FBI HQ
    5. Expungement Request to Agent Andy's Boss
  7. Administrative Appeals to Exhaust Administrative Remedies
    1. Appeal of Denial of FOIA Request on Dismantlment
    2. Appeal to FBI on Privacy Act Request for Documents (Response to Trash Letter)
    3. Response to Trash Letter and Appeal (27 Jul 07)
    4. Appeal to FOIA, Washington, DC (November 2007)
    5. Lady Patriot's Appeal Letter
    6. John B. Patriot's Appeal to FOIA
  8. Letters
    1. First Letter to Agent Andy (May 16, 2007)
    2. Research Letter to Agent Andy (May 25, 2007)
    3. Notice of Lawsuit to Agent Andy (July 30)
    4. Lady Patriot's Notice to Andy
    5. Letter to Agent Andy (Sept 9, 2007)
    6. Letter to Agent Andy (Sept 10, 2007)
    7. Letter to Agent Andy (Sept 11, 2007)
    8. Letter to Attorney Jill Rose (Sept 13, 2007)
    9. Final Letter to Agent Andy (Sept 16, 2007)
    10. Letter to Agent Andy; Lost Laptop (Sept 27)
    11. Letter to Agent Andy; Security Breach (Sept 29)
    12. Sunlight Rule
  9. False Accusations of Domestic Terrorism
    1. Letter to Agent Andy; False Accusaton of Domestic Terrorism (June 2, 2008)
    2. FOIA Request to Agent Andy on Accusation of Domestic Terrorism (June 2, 2008)
    3. FOIA Request to Homeland Security (June 2, 2008)
  10. Congressional Referral
    1. Letter to Senator Jim DeMint
    2. Letter to Gresham Barrett

Part III Clarkson vs. SCDOR

  1. Background
    1. Clarkson Charged with Contempt of Court
    2. Order of Contempt
    3. Letter to Judge Gossett (Sept 29, 2007)
    4. Gary Patriot’s Letter to Judge Gossett
  2. DOR Case
    1. Clarkson's Motion for Reconsideration
    2. Clarkson's Notice of Appeal
    3. Motion for Rehearing
  3. Bar Association v. RBC
    1. Clarkson's Reply to Petition on Contempt
    2. Motion for a Hearing
    3. Request for Disclosure
    4. Return to Show Cause Order
    5. Decision Deferred (Article by RB Clarkson)
    6. Clarkson vs. Bar Association before Supremes (e-PC Vol. 6-1)

Part IV Round II on Promoter Injunction

(See Round I under menu item Clarkson Whips DOJ 2005)

  1. Letters To DOJ
    1. First Response Letter to Department of Justice (Jan 29, 2008)
    2. Second Response Letter to Department of Justice (Feb 3, 2008)
    3. Third Response Letter to Department of Justice (Feb 8, 2008)
    4. Fourth Response Letter to Department of Justice (Feb 14, 2008)
    5. Fifth Response Letter to Department of Justice (Feb 25, 2008 )
    6. Feedback Letter (March 5, 2008)

  2. Other Promoter Injunctions
  3.  Free Enterprise Society
    1. Order on Government's Permanant Injunction and Sanction Motions
      (Large PDF File)
  4. Promoter Penalty under 6700
    1. Robert's Complaint for Refund in Promoter Penalty
    2. Request for Production of Documents


Sunlight Rule

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously said

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant."

Indeed some of the most malignant growth of our government has been nurtured under a cover of darkness. Sunlight and clean air kill harmful bacteria. Likewise, the exposure of wrongdoing kills illegal government conduct.

Dr. Clarkson has included this pargraph in most of his FOIA lawsuits.

Clarkson Charged with Contempt of Court

Sept 26; Columbia SC: Brave Patriot Gary Chapman stands up to powerful SC Department of Revenue [DOR], presents his case without missing a beat and faces down able chief counsel for DOR at tax case before SC Admistrative Law Court [ALC].

Judge finds Dr. Clarkson guilty of writing briefs plus assisting Gary today and thousands of other Patriots over the last 30 years. The government had an easy case to prove as Clarkson’s website has hundreds of briefs, motions and pleadings that he obviously wrote. He openly admitting writing possibly thousands of such in Federal and state cases. Generally, his style is easily identified and everybody knows what he is actually doing.

DOR had an exceptionally able head-lawyer who served in the Army with First Lt Clarkson years ago. He was able to put the facts on record quickly so that our fearless Patriot was finally accused of what he was really doing, not the imagination of some archenemy.

Even though it was Gary’s case, Dr Clarkson was tried without notice for contempt of court. However, he was allowed to testify on what he did and how he did it.

The Administrative Law Judge [ALJ] was an attractive young lady who listened carefully and clearly defined the actions of our paralegal-in-chief. Then she found him in criminal contempt and fined him $500.

After years of operating in a gray area with genuine fears, this issue is now headed to the supremes so the laws on paralegals helping pro se litigants can be updated. Preliminary research leads our brief-writer extraordinaire to believe that he will prevail and the statistics are overwhelmingly in his favor. More developments later.

Patriot Chapman proceeded alone with his advisor muzzled. However, he had done his homework and his presentation was magnificent. His objections were timely and skillful. He protected the record and set the stage for a smashing victory against the hated tax collectors.

When he complained that he was a helpless carpenter, the ALJ observed that he was doing very well. Later the opposing counsel agreed. Sounds encouraging but they smartly killed our best point for our later appeal.